Images Revealed as LeFrak’s Five-Tower Project Heads to Jersey City’s Planning Board

2 Sixth Street Lefrak Proposal Newport Jersey City 2
LeFrak’s proposal for the Sixth Street Pier in Newport, Jersey City. Rendering by Arquitectonica via the application.

Newport’s transformation from an area rife with abandoned rail yards into a modern neighborhood ranks as one of New Jersey’s largest revitalization efforts ever and an ambitious plan looking to bring almost 2,000 new apartments and townhomes to the southern tip of the community could soon move forward.

Jersey Digs broke the news last summer about plans for an 8.5-acre pier at 2 Sixth Street. The structure was originally built by the Pennsylvania Railroad as a low water timber relieving platform but has remained vacant for many years under LeFrak, the current owner.

The company had initially pitched an office development for the site but scrapped that proposal last year in favor of a mixed-use residential project. Our exclusive reporting from September showed that LeFrak submitted plans regarding the project to the Department of Environmental Protection, who will need to sign off on the project for it to advance.

2 Sixth Street Lefrak Proposal Newport Jersey City 3
The Sixth Street Pier, Newport, Jersey City. Aerial view courtesy Department of Environmental Protection.

The company will soon be seeking local approvals that could massively reshape the neighborhood’s skyline. Drawn up by New York-based Arquitectonica, LeFrak’s plans for 2 Sixth Street include three total structures and five high-rise towers that are set to include a total of 1,998 residential units.

Per an application submitted to Jersey City, the development’s westernmost building would have two offset 33-story towers connected by an eight-story podium base. The first five floors would consist of a parking garage sporting 349 parking spaces, while the sixth floor of amenities would include an entertainment room, a 7,500-square-foot terrace, health center, indoor pool, club lounge, yoga room, and game rooms.

The central building of the proposal would also have an eight-story podium base but feature one 33-story and one 39-story tower. The base of the middle structure would include a full eight floors of parking with 660 spaces, and both the central and westernmost buildings would feature two- and three-bedroom duplex townhomes that wrap around the taller portions.

2 Sixth Street Lefrak Proposal Newport Jersey City 4
The multi-use development would include five towers. Rendering by Arquitectonica via the application.

Both podiums at the first two components would feature roofs that double as outdoor terraces for future residents with greenery spanning over 35,000 square feet. The first two portions would additionally include a combined 1,096 spaces for bicycles within both garage facilities.

The easternmost portion of the property would be home to the final and tallest building under the plan, as a stand-alone tower that rises 51 stories is envisioned. The structure would be connected to the middle component via a third-floor sky bridge and include a single 3,185-square-foot retail space on the north side of the tower’s ground floor.

To facilitate the property’s development, LeFrak has proposed extending Sixth Street westbound from its current terminus near the start of the pier. The road would run along the pier’s southern portion and three loops to access the buildings and parking garages would be constructed within the development.

2 Sixth Street Lefrak Proposal Newport Jersey City
The proposed future of the Sixth Street Pier in Newport. Rendering by Arquitectonica via the application.

The proposal would add over half a mile to the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway throughout the entire perimeter of the pier plus some additional open space between the buildings. The exteriors of all the buildings are slated to utilize vision glass, metal canopies, and stone cladding components for a modern look.

The 2 Sixth Street property falls mostly within Jersey City’s Newport Redevelopment Plan but has a small portion under the jurisdiction of the Harsimus Cove Redevelopment Plan. LeFrak will need variances related to minimum yard and multiple structures on the same lot to move forward, as the property is currently not subdivided and remains one giant parcel.

The latest proposal from LeFrak is tentatively scheduled to be heard by Jersey City’s planning board during their April 6 meeting, which begins at 5:30 p.m. and will be held virtually on Zoom. It can be accessed by the public at this link or at the webinar ID 894 1105 4619.

LeFrak’s presence along the Jersey City waterfront is large and the company’s The Beach project is slated to wrap construction later this year. They won approvals just weeks ago to construct a facility nearby dubbed Newport Pier Park despite controversy that erupted over a since-removed section that was slated to be accessible only to residents of their buildings.

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  1. It would have been cool to have the original office proposal, but bring it on! Hopefully we see more detailed renders soon but the designs look tasteful and like they could turn out very nice.

  2. Boring boxes with way too much parking and a big missed opportunity on adding retail to the extended street side. A strip of waterfront restaurants and stores would be great. They have the space for it too if they remove some of the excessive parking.

    That said, I’m still a fan of development. Just wish this was more inspired (but it’s LeFrak so…)

  3. I agree with Boxes–a strip of waterfront restaurants and stores would be great. The neighborhood needs more real restaurants like Komegashi Too (as opposed to more fast casual places).

  4. Those of you complaining about so much parking would rather half these 2000+ residents on the already overcrowded PATH trains? In fact, Newport has lost a ton of free parking since LeFrak has gone on their latest building spree.

    I’d be scared living in a high-rise built on a pier. They should have landfilled the area as they did one block north in the 90’s which allowed them to build 4 towers on it.

  5. “I’d be scared living in a high-rise built on a pier.” Yes, because an award winning firm based in Miami like Arquitectonica is clueless when it comes to building hi-rises on waterfront settings.

    As for the possible rise in sea level the first floor by code has to be 13 ft high as mentioned in the requirement for the nearby Ellipse.

    Kudos to Lefrak for bringing in a high end Architect to design these buildings. They may be a bit boxy but considering this is the JC waterfront this is a huge upgrade.

  6. Agree with some of the others on here. Awesome development, but definitely a missed opportunity to add in some commercial components such as a nice restaurant/shops in an amazing setting. With all the new, and certainly not cheap, units in this area, I’m surprised at the lack of upscale shops and restaurants along the water. Would love to one day see something like Brickell City Center from Miami come to the area. Perhaps a replacement for Newport??

  7. There are as it is right now frightening scenes of overcrowding (Internet posted) in the Path train stations in downtown Jersey City at rush hours, also I do not see affordable housing, the ones found by lottery offers just few opportunities, and your earnings have to be very low.

  8. @DF- When you say you would like to see *nice shops/ restaurants* why don’t you open said amenities? I assume it’s because you don’t have the funding to do so and even if you did what guarantee do you have that it would be successful? Sure, everybody wants fabulous shit as long as they don’t have to pay for it. If new retail was easy and cost effective to do I’m sure Lefrak would have guys banging down his door every day to get a piece of the action.

  9. @XTC What’s got you so disgruntled lmao? And what do you mean by people ‘not wanting to pay for it’? Are you implying I’d want free stuff from those businesses? You sound like one of those disgruntled, offended maga supporters, except in this case your argument is even more stretched and convoluted…
    If you think about what I said in my comment, I’d like to see the SPACE to accommodate these businesses in this new development, plus all the others in the area. Of course I don’t have the money, or expertise to open up such a place. But I’d still like to it happen from someone else. Sorry that offends you and makes it seem like I want free stuff.

  10. “Of course I don’t have the money, or expertise to open up such a place. But I’d still like to it happen from someone else” – Lol, I nearly spit out my coffee……….Hilarious.

    Bro, the best one could hope for is that Lefrak hires a firm like Architectonica to design these buildings. And that’s not nothing. **Nice** retail ain’t going to happen. The fact that it’s an **amazing** location is irrelevant. Lefrak doesn’t give a rat’s ass about alleviating congestion on the PATH train by building two garages that can accommodate 1,000 cars. They’re doing it
    it because they can use that SPACE to make a bundle on parking fees.

    If you must know, I have no real political affiliation. However, Trump is right about China (they’re screwing our brains out), Europe/ NATO (moochers), Immigration/ border control (more moochers). Have a nice day!

  11. Edit: They’re doing it because they can use that SPACE to make a bundle on parking fees. And cars, unlike tenants, don’t bitch or complain about nothing !! Lol.

  12. I never said it was necessarily feasible. I just think it would be cool to see that type of development take place. What’s got you so offended and pissed off lmao?

    Is it that time of the month? That ‘My Pillow’ not working well for you?

    Maga trash logic – Someone doesn’t have expertise or enough capital to open up and run a successful upscale business, so they shouldn’t be allowed to want those businesses in their neighborhood. Makes total sense. No one cares about your political beliefs on here btw…


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