51-Story, 39-Story, and 33-Story Towers Envisioned for Jersey City’s Pier 6

High Rises Planned Pier 6 Downtown Jersey City
New information about plans for a development project on Pier Six in Jersey City’s Newport neighborhood has been revealed. Image via New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP).

New information about plans for a development project on a pier in Jersey City has been revealed.

In a May 4 letter to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Urban Growth and Redevelopment Bureau Chief Christopher Jones, Riker Danzig attorney Jaan Haus described a proposed 1,998-unit “Newport Sixth Street Redevelopment Project” with three high-rise buildings.

Pier Six Development Jersey City Waterfront
Aerial view of the site. Image via NJDEP.

Haus wrote that “the westerly building will have two … 33-story towers, the central building will have two towers (one 33-story and one 39-story tower), and the easternmost building will have a single 51-story tower,” adding that “several townhouse units will wrap around the integrated parking garage spaces.”

The latest proposal also involves adding over half a mile to the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway “around the three waterward sides of the project site,” according to the letter.

This document was included in an upland waterfront development individual permit application, a copy of which was obtained by Jersey Digs from the NJDEP. The application for the property was prepared by Dredsner Robin for the Newport Associates Development Company.

Pier Six Development Jersey City Plan
Site plan. Image credit Arquitectonica via NJDEP.

The property in question is 2 Sixth Street, which is located just east of the high-rise office tower at 480 Washington Boulevard near Avalon Cove. The application’s introduction mentioned that “1,009 enclosed vehicle parking spaces” are envisioned for the premises.

Jersey Digs first reported earlier this year that an application has been filed with the municipal government showing that five residential towers were in the works for this site along the Hudson River, which is referred to as Pier 6 in a view corridor diagram from Arquitectonica.

In his letter to the NJDEP, Haus noted that “the project site was originally constructed as a pier with a low water timber relieving platform by the Pennsylvania Railroad well over a century ago.”

Haus stated that in 2007, the NJDEP issued a permit for a development with open space, 17 townhouses, two 10-story office buildings, and two 48-story residential buildings, each with 409 units. However, those plans have not come to fruition.

Municipal tax filings show that 2 Sixth Street is owned by Newport Centre, which is registered out of the same address on West 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan as LeFrak. Additionally, Arquitectonica’s Pier 6 diagram listed that it had been prepared for the LeFrak Organization while the applicant in the NJDEP application provided a LeFrak email address.

A spokesperson for the NJDEP told Jersey Digs in mid-August that this application was under review.



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  1. Right? Do we need more population density? Do we need more commuters on the trains/ferries? Do we need more stress on our infrastructure?

    Why don’t these developers speak to urban planners and actually come up with something the existing population in JC can use?

    Less is definitely more!!!

  2. Newport Green is way too small to serve even a fraction of the people residing around it. Also, most of the park is locked up most of the time. It’s pretty to look at …from beyond the gates.

  3. Enough of those towers already, do we need more people and traffic in Jersey City? Look what you have done to this town, it’s already overpopulated. Make more green parks not concrete monsters.There are 1000s of apts for rent available since Covid 19 hit us, haven’t you learned a lesson already? What a bunch of BS.

  4. Do you people understand how capitalism actually works? No private owner of a piece of land worth millions would just build a park on this pier in order to “rival Hoboken’s” or because you think “infrastructure” is “stressed”. Would you just give away your valuable land so “the existing population” could have it or use it for free? If after these bindings are built there is demand for an additional ferry, then that could be implemented. Also, are you now there judges of how many people a City should hold or how dense it should be? NIMBYism for sure. Covid will be a blink in the timeline of this City, and it’ll likely be 5 years or more until this all fully built. I wonder if Manhattan had all this NIMBYism over the hundreds of years it was built. Probably so since it seems people don’t understand that change happens and capitalism drives progress.


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