Hotel and Restaurant Proposed for Downtown Jersey City’s Newark Avenue

201 Newark Avenue Jersey City 2
201 Newark Avenue in Jersey City has operated as a Bank since 1929, now plans are in the works to transform it into The Albion by Landmark, a 100 room Boutique Hotel and Felina Restaurant. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

Roughly a year after a former bank property in Downtown Jersey City was sold for more than $5 million, the company that bought the premises has revealed what it intends to bring to the site.

Landmark Developers is planning a hotel called “The Albion” along with a Felina Restaurant location at 201 Newark Avenue, a parcel located at the corner of Jersey Avenue.

The Albion 201 Newark Avenue Jersey City Rendering
Image courtesy of Landmark Developers.

Newly released renderings show that the company is seeking to complete an adaptive reuse of the old Capital One and Trust Company of New Jersey building in order to facilitate the development of the restaurant. The firm would also conduct several stories worth of new construction around and on top of the longstanding edifice to complete the entire hotel project.

The Albion 201 Newark Avenue Jersey City
Image courtesy of Landmark Developers.

The Albion’s second-floor lobby would be open to the public, according to Landmark. The company says that hotel guests would be able to check in using an app.

Felina 201 Newark Avenue Jersey City Rendering
Image courtesy of Landmark Developers.

A pool, a fitness area, a largely enclosed rooftop, and mechanical parking are also planned as part of the project.

Felina 201 Newark Avenue Jersey City
Image courtesy of Landmark Developers.

The development’s Felina Restaurant would be the second one of its kind in New Jersey. A separate location currently operates out of another former bank in Ridgewood’s downtown.

These plans still need to go through the approvals process.



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  1. Seriously lame design. Also these computer generated illustrations are the design equivalent of fake news. Mediocre, bland, boring, generic, cheap come to mind. Cool? not so much.

  2. Maybe they should start by shoveling their sidewalks. Geeze walked by there today and its the only sidewalk not cleared. Nice neighbors now, imagine once they build this mess.

  3. That’s not preserving the structure. That is horrible. That’s such a beautiful building and they are going to ruin it with that mess. And exactly who is going to go to that location to stay in a hotel? Especially with the hotel industry in a free fall? I hope this does not get approved.

  4. Looks great, happy that area is getting further investment! What do all these people expect? The developer to purchase the place and not develop for profits? Take a basic business course. The hotel seems to be constructed on the adjacent non used parking lot and they are preserving the existing bank building as well. Great idea!

  5. Non-density focused leisure hotels will be fine long-term. For all you haters, pls take a moment to do some research and see what happens to urban historic landmark buildings that have no funding or repurpose plans…sparing you the suspense, they crumble. Take a look at the JC power plant. Literally crumbling from the outside in.

  6. For all you haters, do some research on urban historic landmarks that have no funding and no repurpose strategy….I’ll spare you the suspense. They crumble. Just look at JC power plant sitting idle. It’s literally crumbling from the outside in. The leisure hotel industry will be fine post Covid.

  7. @Dave- In case you didn’t get the memo, this is not about historical preservation of a nondescript old building with a limestone facade and arched windows. It’s about the godawful pile a shit of building it’s being married to. Actually, it looks like the TJ Max at Union Square hooking up with the former Century 21 dept store at the WTC. I’m fine with a hotel being put up and developers making money. Not fine with crap architecture that has become standard issue all over JC.

  8. I have no problem with gentrification in Jersey City. It has done wonders for Jersey City, same as it has for Brooklyn and Queens, but what they’re trying to do to that historic landmark is not gentrification, no that’s called uglyfication.

  9. This is great for downtown Jersey City! This is just what we need to bring our downtown to the next level. I love everything about it!


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