Jersey City’s South House Closes Its Doors

South House Jersey City Closing
Photo courtesy of South House.

A large restaurant that brought southern hospitality to a lively stretch of Downtown has ended their run by thanking the community for its support over the last five years.

South House suddenly announced on Monday that they will not be re-opening their eatery at 149 Newark Avenue. The restaurant made its debut in 2015 as the vision of Texas native David Hohensee, who worked with his sisters to bring a decidedly vintage look to space that sports both a front courtyard and basement lounge.

“it is with a heavy heart that I make this announcement,” wrote Hohensee in a letter explaining the move. “Myself, and my founding right-hand team of rock star sisters, have decided to step away from the daily grind and close South House doors until a new management team is selected to carry the torch.”

It is unclear if South House could potentially re-open under new ownership with the same concept at some point in the future. Hohensee previously owned Hoboken’s Turtle Club venue, which was taken over as a new sushi-forward concept called Saku in 2018.

“I want all of you to know that I am brimming with nostalgia, gratitude and sadness because we will miss each and every one of you,” Hohensee concluded. “We will especially miss our awesome and loyal staff who have helped us achieve our goals and customer brand experience each and every day.”

The closure means the lights will be going out at a prominent restaurant along Newark Avenue’s Pedestrian Plaza, which has had a rollercoaster year. A rash of closings in early 2020 was worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic, although the corridor started to come back to life a bit during the summer months.

The stretch has since seen new arrivals including Grace O’Malley’s, Bang Cookies, Milk & Cereal Bar, Hudson Hound, and the upcoming Tamborim Bar & Grill. There have also been rumblings that a long-delayed renovation of the plaza could start in the coming weeks, perhaps creating some optimism that next year will be kinder to the road than this one was.



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  1. Never actually made it to this place, I remember when they had just opened and tried to go there with friends and was confronted with nasty attitudes from the staff, it was enough to never go back. Which doesn’t scream southern hospitality…might have to import staff from the south if you want real southern hospitality. It seemed to have a hobokenesque vibe to it which all makes sense now since owners had ties to Hoboken.

    Generally it’s good to keep Hoboken out of JC so this seems like a good thing overall for Newark Ave and downtown JC. Now onto the Ashford…

  2. I’ll miss south house. Dave Allison and Steph did an amazing job at that place and the moscow mule was one of th best cocktails I ever had.

  3. Thank God. The Confederacy and its Southern Culture have no business in Jersey City. POC came here to Jersey City in large numbers after WWI to escape this right wing crap, and, unfortunately, found our Conservative pro Wall Street Democratic Party capitalist culture almost as bad. Not as bad, but close on racism and class exploitation, which is why POC here struggle till this day.

    Anything that embraces Southern Culture continues the traditions of Jim Crow, the Antebellum Slave Labor Camp Culture, and the racist fascism of the Conservative Movement in the US.
    We have enough racist right wing Dems, who are born in Jersey City to deal with, and the last thing we need is to give fuel to their terrorist racist fire by giving them a taste of the evil of Southern Culture, which has no place here. Leave it in the South, let it burn and die.

  4. Damn, Tony, that is a lot of hate-weight you are carrying. Dave and his sisters do not deserve that kind of bullshit… way to generalize… what’s your heritage? Were you descended from people that had no business here? Get a grip, man!

  5. Tony spreading the hate not needed, people that work in restaurants are hard working. If they were haters like you they would not have been in business for five years. More if not for Covid.What success have you had running a business please answer.


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