Developer Buys Jersey City Unleashed Site, Plans High-Rise

619 Marin Boulevard Jersey City 3
Site of proposed development: 619 Marin Boulevard, Jersey City. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

Another development proposal has emerged near the city’s border with Hoboken and unlike many projects in Jersey City’s Downtown, this one would include a significant affordable housing component.

Hoboken-based Pegasus Partners recently purchased several parcels of land that mostly make up the current home of Jersey City Unleashed, a pet resort and spa facility. The properties fall within the Jersey Avenue Light Rail Redevelopment Plan and are just a stone’s throw from the St. Lucy’s Church expansion project, but they aren’t surrounded by much else.

In contrast, both the Newport Redevelopment Plan to the east and the Jersey Avenue Park Redevelopment Plan to the west have been massively successful in sparking new development in those neighborhoods. To facilitate their project, Pegasus has already submitted a request to the city looking to amend the Jersey Avenue Light Rail Plan in a way that would relax height and density limits in exchange for adding affordable housing requirements.

619 Marin Boulevard Jersey City 2
Concept for 619 Marin Boulevard, Jersey City. Rendering via MVMK Architecture + Design.

Specifically, the changes would affect Block 7103, or 619 Marin Boulevard’s land. For lots ranging from 30,000 to 50,009 square feet in size, the new regulations would cap development height at 265 feet and limit density to 625 units per acre. Per the ordinance, any project utilizing those changes would be required to designate 20% of their living spaces as affordable housing and of those units, at least 50% would have to be set aside for low-income households.

619 Marin Boulevard Jersey City South View
South view. Rendering via MVMK Architecture + Design.

The income restriction on the affordable housing units would last 30 years under the changes, which were passed on first reading by the Jersey City Council at their June 26 meeting. The ordinance will now head to the planning board for review during their July 23 meeting and if they sign off on the modifications, the council would need to approve the changes on second reading later this summer, possibly at their August 14 meeting.

619 Marin Boulevard Jersey City Lobby Entrance
Lobby entrance. Rendering via MVMK Architecture + Design.

Those moves would clear the way for Pegasus to submit a site application to the city’s planning board detailing their plans, which they recently revealed to Jersey Digs. Designed by MVMK Architecture, the development would include 452 rental units, 226 parking spaces, and retail space on the ground floor that hopes to activate the streetscape. The property would include amenity space, a rooftop deck, and likely utilize some LED features and green building techniques.

619 Marin Boulevard Jersey City 1
Concept for 619 Marin Boulevard, Jersey City. Rendering via MVMK Architecture + Design.

Pegasus Partners’ Managing Director Hany Ahmed said that the company is trying to get ahead of Jersey City’s proposed affordable housing ordinances with the development, as they prefer to move forward now due to the economics of the project. The company won’t ask the city for any abatement to move forward with construction, which would make it the first Downtown project in recent memory that includes affordable housing without being granted a tax break.

If all goes according to plan and the changes to the redevelopment scheme are approved later this summer, Pegasus is hopeful that they will gain planning board approvals during this year’s fourth quarter. The company said they could then potentially break ground at 619 Marin Boulevard sometime during the first quarter of 2020.



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  1. It amazes me how this area of JC is growing so rapidly when there are much better located neighborhoods for redevelopment, like Journal Square. This area is severely lacking transit options, but in the far-off theory that a light rail line could extend into this area from the current line that separates Hoboken and JC it could become quite convenient.

    I’m glad to see the neighborhood grow and incorporate affordable housing though. Right now this area is pretty seedy and needs a clean sweep, especially around the homeless shelter.

    • They are building in Journal square also. I think this area definitely has its potentials. It’s not that far away from Hoboken and the light rail possibilities. It’s on our water front and adds to our Skyline. I think this area needed to be redeveloped for a long time… This is the face of Jersey City when entering from Hoboken, and should represent the city proudly. That said, I think there is a HUGE need for a new school in that area! This area was never designed to be a huge residential area and therefore, it lacks the basics. Developers needs to understand that in order for more business and interest in this area, they need to add the basics in the neighborhood. Such as libraries, schools, parks, and etc.

  2. Beautiful structure, definitely would add to the new st. Lucy development and new shelter. Area is definitely on the up and up…

  3. Does anyone on the planning board give any consideration to the traffic. Its already congested a good part of the day in that area. There is also plans for 2 buildings across the street. Where Mecca Trucking is. All this will just add more traffic and gridlock to the area. All about money and greed. Absentee landlords will collect money from the rentals in their mansions far away from the crowded streets of Jersey City.

    • This area has always and will allows be congested. No buildings or lack of will change that… This area is right by the Holland tunnel, which always has traffic and this is the main way into Hoboken… So honestly, I don’t think that’s a reason not to build. The area though, needs the basics as I mentioned in another comment.


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