NYC’s Bobwhite Counter Opening Jersey City Outpost

Bobwhite Counter 100 Warren Street Jersey City 3
Coming soon: NYC’s Bobwhite Counter, 100 Warren Street at Portside Towers, Jersey City. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

A spot selling some of the best fried chicken in the East Village and arguably all of New York just announced that their latest expansion will take them to one of the larger developments in Paulus Hook.

Late last week, Bobwhite Counter announced on their Instagram that they will officially be opening inside Portside Towers at the storefront along 100 Warren Street. Formerly occupied by Simple Sam’s Food and Wine, a banner announcing the eatery’s arrival has already been put up on the windows of the space.

For those wondering if anybody named Bob White is involved in the business, that would be a no. A bobwhite is another name for a quail and the restaurant first opened in 2012 at 94 Avenue C in Manhattan as the brainchild of owner and chef Keedick Coulter.

Hailing from Roanoke, Virginia, a review in the New York Times detailed Coulter’s process of drenching his chicken in sweet tea and leaving it to brine overnight. The bird is then dredged in milk, flour, salt, pepper, and spices before being pressure fried to perfection.

Bobwhite Counter 100 Warren Street Jersey City 2
Fried chicken sandwich. Photo via Bobwhite Counter Facebook.

In addition to the Avenue C spot, Bobwhite Counter has been serving out of two Urbanspace public markets on Lexington and Park avenues. New York-centric blog Gothamist thinks their fried chicken is the best in New York.

Plates at Bobwhite Counter include combinations of thighs, wings, drumsticks, or boneless tenders, and the restaurant features a fried catfish platter as well. Their sandwiches and biscuit choices run from a buffalo chicken option, a cheddar bacon version, or a pimento cheese variety. Sides like mac and cheese, collard greens, and coleslaw round out the menu.

Bobwhite Counter 100 Warren Street Jersey City 1
The catfish platter. Photo via Bobwhite Counter Facebook.

Bobwhite Counter is the latest in a long line of restaurants from New York that have been crossing the Hudson River as of late. During this year’s second half, Jersey City locations of DomoDomo, The Boil, Yaso Tangbao, and Melt Shop have either opened or are slated to open soon (and that’s not even mentioning the likely Artichoke Pizza outpost that’s supposedly still in the works).

A spokesperson for Bobwhite Counter said they don’t yet have any timeline for the opening of their Warren Street space, which will be their second brick-and-mortar location when it’s up and running.



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  1. Great to see developers keep importing from NYC rather than supporting local talent and businesses. It’s the Fulop way!

    • Wrong again. This is MUCH BETTER than your local ingredient “New American” overpriced haughty cuisine that our city is flooded with.

      We need more digestible (literally), affordable, FUN restaurants you can go in and out of here in Downtown rather than dropping $110 on a dinner for two that most likely will be forgettable.

      This also has nothing to do with Mayor Fulop. They took over the deplorable, unsanitary Simple Sams which was a health code nightmare ran by terrible people who ripped off locals at every turn. Bob White Counter has like only 3 locations which patrons love and is successful.

      You should be routing for successful businesses who can pay their rents and in lieu, property taxes. Not faux trendy places you hang your hat on.

  2. With the number of restaurants closing in JC…some of them 4-star quality….it’s surprising that anymore on coming in.

    As it is, Democrat Fulop’s grand idea of making Newark Ave into some type of oasis for food is turning into a haven for panhandlers and vacant stores, with the newest inclusions being government-subsedized health-related establishments, from dental offices and physical therapy establishments, to pediatric doctors’ offices, with landlords taking the best offers they can get. The newest “food” establishment will be some type of candy store, east of Jersey Ave., an idea which caused at least one bankruptcy out on the West Coast.

    However, bars and excessive drinking is quite popular on Newark Ave these days, as visible on Friday and Saturday nights, along with the police activity, and the “empties” left in the street the next morning.

    • You sound like a blast to hang out with. I’m glad your type are fading fast here in JC.

      Maybe one day Downtown JC will return to its desolate, underdeveloped, fishing pier roots with NO ECONOMY that you pine for.


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