Scaled Back 107 New York Avenue Project Heads to Jersey City’s Zoning Board

107 New York Avenue The Heights Jersey City
Site of proposed redevelopment: 107 New York Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

A prominent warehouse near the entrance to The Heights has caused much community debate over the last year and following significant changes, a final version of the proposed development could move forward later early next month.

A three-story brick building spanning an entire block at 107 New York Avenue has been the subject of redevelopment talks for quite some time. A community meeting held last year presented plans to adaptively reuse the existing building and expand the structure upward to nine stories as part of a development that included 96 apartments plus three separate retail spaces.

An 18-story, 128-unit project was initially pitched for the site and both versions of the development faced significant opposition from those in the community. In September, Jersey Digs exclusively reported on a third version that downsized the proposed project to six stories, and that version is now set to be heard by the city’s zoning board later this week.

107 New York Ave Jersey City Development Rendering
The latest version of the project would rise six-stories and includes 75 residential units. Rendering by MVMK Architecture.

The final version of 107 New York Avenue would still adaptively reuse and expand the existing warehouse into a modern development set to rise 67 feet at the highest point. 75 total residences would be included, breaking down as five studios, 56 units designated as either one bedroom or one-bedroom plus den, 20 two-bedroom units or two-bedroom plus den, and four four-bedroom apartments.

The development, designed by Hoboken-based MVMK Architecture, includes a 17,000-square-foot parking garage with 76 spaces built into the plan. However, the final proposal completely eliminates all the retail space that was included in previous versions.

107 New York Avenue is owned by a company called MJSM LLC, which is registered out of the same address. Jersey Digs has traced ownership of the company to Brooklyn residents Moshe and Dalia Scaba and they will be asking for several variances for the project to move forward. They include exceptions for use, maximum height, maximum stories, minimum driveway aisle width, and maximum curb cut.

The city’s zoning board is set to hear the application for 107 New York Avenue during their March 5 meeting, which takes place at 280 Grove Street inside City Hall at 6:30 p.m.



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  1. I really hope this gets approved, it’s a good looking project that will improve the look and feel of the neighborhood, without being overbearing. The upper floors are setback sufficiently to not feel tall, and let’s face it, it’s just 6 floors not that nasty ugly tall original proposal.

  2. Robert. You know they hate anything or everything that’s presented there… They enjoy demending the impossible and ensure no one develops or builds there … Unfortunately most people they supposedly represent, don’t agree when them. But you know what they say, a few will destroy for the rest …


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