Scaled Back 107 New York Avenue Project Heads to Jersey City’s Zoning Board Tomorrow

107 New York Avenue The Heights Jersey City
Site of proposed redevelopment: 107 New York Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

The possible revitalization of a warehouse near the entrance to The Heights has caused much community debate since being first proposed, but a downsized version looks like it will finally be heard by the zoning board later this week.

Plans to adaptively reuse a three-story brick building spanning over half an acre at 107 New York Avenue first emerged during a contentious community meeting held last March. Those plans were looking to expand the structure upward to nine stories as part of a project that then included 96 apartments plus three separate retail spaces.

Last September, Jersey Digs exclusively reported on a smaller version of the project that would have a setback expansion atop the block-long warehouse rising 67 feet at the highest point. That proposal has been settled on by property owners MJSM LLC, a company that’s registered out of 107 New York Avenue but can been traced to two individuals in Brooklyn.

107 New York Avenue Jersey City Heads Back For Approvals
Rendering of the currently proposed six-story project. Courtesy of MVMK Architecture.

Drawn up by Hoboken-based MVMK Architecture, the currently proposed six-story structure would utilize brick that matches the current building on the expansion, which would sport black frame windows and an aluminum cornice. The project includes 75 total residences breaking down as five studios, 56 units designated as either one bedroom or one-bedroom plus den, 20 two-bedroom units or two-bedroom plus den, and four four-bedroom apartments.

Many of the development’s apartments would have private balconies or decks, including sizable ones on the fourth floor units due to the setback nature of the upward expansion. A 17,000-square-foot parking garage with 76 spaces for cars and 36 bicycle spots is built into the plan, but the latest proposal completely eliminates all the retail space that was included in previous versions.

Amenities in the proposal include a 1,545-square foot gym on the second floor and a 600-square foot third floor lounge. The roof at 107 New York Avenue calls for an indoor amenity area of over 1,600 square feet surrounded by outdoor lounges and dining areas.

The proposal includes a few environmentally friendly components like a 6,000-square foot green roof and an underground rainwater detention tank to be located in the development’s basement.

The property falls within a R-1 zone that caps height a three stories, so MJSM will be asking for several variances for the project to move forward. They include exceptions for residential use from the current industrial, one for maximum height and another for maximum stories, and two more related to minimum driveway aisle width and maximum curb cut.

After many months of delays, the city’s zoning board is set to hear the application for 107 New York Avenue during a Special Meeting on May 26, which will take place virtually on Zoom. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and can be accessed here or by using the meeting ID 844 4732 5214.



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  1. I really hope this gets approved, it’s a good looking project that will improve the look and feel of the neighborhood, without being overbearing. The upper floors are setback sufficiently to not feel tall, and let’s face it, it’s just 6 floors not that nasty ugly tall original proposal.

  2. Robert. You know they hate anything or everything that’s presented there… They enjoy demending the impossible and ensure no one develops or builds there … Unfortunately most people they supposedly represent, don’t agree when them. But you know what they say, a few will destroy for the rest …

  3. I live and own a home in the heights and I don’t appreciate nor agree with the nice folks at Riverview. It seems they don’t want any development in the Heights and put up any obstacle to potential investors. I don’t understand what’s their mission but I tell them this, live and let live!

  4. Riverview is a tumor in the heights that needs to be removed. This rendering looks million times better than the last. Still too many parking spaces, we need to discourage more cars coming in. But you can’t win them all…approve this bad boy already

  5. I wouldn’t say Riverview is a tumor. Not in the sense that, say, the mafia is a tumor. They’re more like a bucket of crabs. Nobody gets in, nobody gets out. The only power that they wield is that they are somewhat organized but have no real community backing. But they are vocal and that counts for something. Like I always say if you don’t open your mouth you don’t get shit in this world.

  6. I think having a well organized neighborhood organization that’s made up of well rounded individuals…ideally some from different backgrounds who the neighborhood elects as their representatives who speak for the community is fantastic and necessary.

    Unfortunately that’s not RNA…or many neighborhood organizations for that matter who fight any developments and make unreasonable requirements usually backed by members who have no idea what they are talking about. Those are actually detrimental to community growth and unity.

  7. Well, looks like they blew this out the water again… we are destined to have a sh*tty low slung mess of a building there a lot longer. there was a majority yes vote (4:3) but the requirement to pass is 5 yes votes, so here we are again… and again… and again.

  8. Def looks better than previous versions. Seems a bit much on the parking but also, no retail? Seems like the neighborhood could use it


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