City of Newark Plans to Sell Two Properties for $159K to Developer

398 406 Chancellor Avenue Newark To Be Sold
398-406 Chancellor Avenue in the South Ward, Newark. Image via Google Maps/Street View.

Properties in Newark’s South and West Wards could be sold by the city’s municipal government in order to make way for new development projects.

The Newark Municipal Council unanimously voted on June 10 to adopt a resolution allowing for the private sale of two tracts for a total of $159,200 to Headway, LLC. The parcels that are part of this deal are 398-406 Chancellor Avenue in the South Ward and 556-558 Sanford Avenue in the West Ward.

556 558 Sanford Avenue Newark To Be Sold
556-558 Sanford Avenue in the West Ward, Newark. Image via Google Maps/Street View.

The street that the latter property is on is referred to on street signs and is commonly known as “Sanford Avenue,” but is listed as “Sandford Avenue” in the resolution and in the municipal tax filing system.

The resolution states that “the redeveloper has proposed to the City’s Department of Economic and Housing Development to develop the properties for market rate rental housing,” noting that a 50-unit “multi-function residential complex” and a six-unit “permanent housing building” are planned.

Although the resolution did not specify which building would be constructed at which location, the South Ward property is nearly twice the size of the West Ward site and is not situated on a corridor lined with single-family houses. Located between I-78 and Weequahic High School, the South Ward tract has long sat vacant, but once contained a Shell station. The premises have served as a makeshift parking lot for nearby businesses over the years. Meanwhile, the West Ward property consists of a vacant lot that sits between houses.

Few details are known about Headway, LLC, but the resolution shows that the company is registered out of a house in the Somerset County community of North Plainfield. The home in question is owned by Loucilia and Nivah Garcis, according to tax records.

The resolution also states in part that “based upon the City’s review of the proposal and other such information, the City has determined that the redeveloper possesses the proper qualifications and requisite financial resources and capacity to acquire the properties and to develop it.”

This news comes less than a month after the Newark Municipal Council approved the sale of 158-164 Chancellor Avenue in order to allow for the construction of a 75-unit development.



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  1. Typical, another “Developer” gets to tear down some beautiful old houses, in 20 years it will be another dreary strip mall, with some crummy housing made from particle board. Another clapboard crap development. Someone in city hall is lining thier pockets, so much for the American dream. They should fix those old houses up and preserve them, it could be a community art center, village garden for growing vegetables and a small therapy center for people with little resources. What a shame.
    Doesnt anybody care about old american architecture and wholsome communities anymore? I see this type of greed and destruction of our past, and communities more and more. Isn’t there anybody with a couple of million dollars that actually wants to do the right thing? Sad

  2. Did you actually read the article? The lots are vacant, so nobody is tearing down anything. Also, do you realize that more supply of housing is needed to meet the demand for housing? Where else should be housing be built, if not on vacant lots?

  3. Just another drug spot getting ready to be built ohhh fresh dope yessss … about time i want in on the trap house

  4. I see a couple of comments that add value to the discussion, and still others from the Idiot Parade of those with blind animus towards anything Newark…cheers Kelly.
    That being said, if the development on Chancellor Ave comes to fruition, it’s long overdue. Depending on the building height, it absolutely can support a 50-unit development. This stretch of Chancellor had larger apartment buildings, on the site of the current laundromat between Leslie & Wainwright, for many years.
    Like others have mentioned, the Chancellor Ave development would provide badly-needed (hopefully market-rate) housing, in this southwestern corner of the Weequahic section. It also would rid the neighborhood of a vacant lot, and add more ratables to the City’s tax coffers.


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