Contemporary Mosque Breaks Ground in Jersey City

Mosque 530 Montgomery Street Jersey City 2
Image courtesy of GRO Architects.

In a reversal of the trend sweeping through Hudson county that has seen religious buildings converted into residential developments, a modern house of worship will be constructed from the ground-up on a Downtown parcel.

Approved back in 2018, the Muslim Federation of New Jersey will soon have a new home at 530 Montgomery Street. The two-story building at the property was demolished earlier this year and ground was broken last month on the new facility, which is designed by New York-based GRO Architects.

Mosque Beaks Ground 530 Montgomery Street Jersey City
Image courtesy of GRO Architects.

The future mosque is located on a corner lot, which the designers say allowed them to position the building as an object of aesthetic impact along one of the city’s major thoroughfares. The spirit behind the layout strives to visually bring parishioners through the façade to upper prayer spaces, as well as to traditional prayer space orientated towards Mecca.

Mosque 530 Montgomery Street Jersey City
Image courtesy of GRO Architects.

The two-story mosque will rise 56 feet and include over 18,000-square feet of space in the building’s interior. An existing strip mall next to the mosque will remain, as will 62 parking spaces in a surface lot that will be shared with the mosque.

Widened sidewalks, landscaping enhancements, and other improvements are also planned for the project, which should start rising at the property over the coming months.



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  1. The address is 530 Montgomery, not 350 Montgomery. These renderings look great and will be a vast improvement over what was there before and of course a hole in the ground which exists there now. It definitely will be a statement piece building setting a new tone in a developing area which is great. I had always hoped that the dumpy strip mall next to it would be demolished and replaced with a high-rise with a height similar to the Beacon a few doors up the road.

  2. I’m not going to get religious since I would say the same thing if it were a church or a synagogue…that’s just not the right location. I’ve seen the work being done at this location and was hoping it would be a nice building with some good retail space as this dead zone is slowly connecting downtown to mcginley square. But a mosque? Really?? On this major strip on a corner lot…why? How did this ever get approved?

  3. Great location, that neighborhood was built, like so much of downtown by South Asians, and minorities.

    If you are a salty white, go back and fix your monocultural shittholes. laced with oxycontin and high taxes.

  4. its so refreshing to see that the white trash of jersey are confined to the internet but at city hall meetings they don’t have the balls to speak up.

    i love it.

    stay behind the keyboard you rejects of society and goodluck with the mosque my bros.

  5. This is a drop-dead gorgeous building, and it’s refreshing to see something more culturally significant occupying such a prominent location in the community. JC continues to truly distinguish itself with the diversity of development projects going on and planned.

    I completely agree with antiwhite and as a white person myself I’m ashamed to read some of the comments above. The Muslim and immigrant community is a large, critical part of the JC community and deserves respect like all the rest of us. One of JC’s biggest strengths is its diversity, and this is a great example of that which will make our community stronger and more vibrant than it already is.

  6. It’s being built because mere dogma is not enough for the religious fanatics. ( which is true of all organized religion).They need a physical space to insure complete mind control over the ignorant third world masses, in this case “bros” if you prefer.

    The building is anything but “drop dead gorgeous.” Post modern rubbish is more like it. Give it six months and that lovely white facade will be covered in JC soot and dirt.

    TH, Stop with sanctimonious “I’m ashamed, blah, blah, blah.” Go try and build a church or synagogue or church of Satan in Saudi Arabia. The Head Chopping Committee will be at your doorway in no time flat.

  7. We’ll have to agree to disagree on the design. The geometric patterns on the facade, and inside walls seen through the glass cutout, are beautiful IMO.

    Also, you do realize that attitudes like yours are literally used in ISIS and other extremists’ propaganda to radicalize followers against the West by telling them we hate them? In addition they are simply bigoted views, I hate to break it to you, and I will repeat that I am ashamed of/have no tolerance for that BS.

    Preaching & practicing tolerance and acceptance here in the US (aka the ideals of our Founding Fathers) is the only way to disable Islamic extremists in the long term. You should be welcoming this community as well as this break from luxury residential development, for the good of JC overall (and I say this as an atheist).

  8. @TH- As someone who has actually lived in an Islamic enclave for three years I would say you’re easily impressed by a cookie cutter computer generated design. It’s probably a bit of a novelty for you. I would have to say that I think the Persians (Iranians) employ the most sophisticated and beautiful use of color of anyone on the planet. To me this looks like Islam geometric lite.

    My opinion on organized religion (actually try reading my comment) that it is a form of mind control has nothing to do with bigotry. Freedom of speech is also a tenet of our Founding Fathers, in case you haven’t heard. What you and “antiwhite” are really saying is that I don’t like your comment and want to censor you.

    As far “Whites” not respecting or hating Muslims is patently ridiculous. No one is more responsible for atrocities against Muslims than Muslims themselves. The two strains of Muslims (Shia and Sunni) have been hacking, stoning, burning and blowing each up each other up for the past 1500 years. The West is not entirely innocent -especially the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 between France and England dividing up Iraq and making the mid-East the
    mess it is today…….. however, their bad reputation starts with themselves.

  9. I like how TH is siding with someone whose name is “anti white”. So you’re against bigotry but ok with racism?

    It’s not just Muslims, I also don’t like the fact that Jehovah’s witnesses occupy the beautiful Stanley Theater in JSQ which is a SHAME. This location is not appropriate for a mosque, church, or synagogue. Just as the Hasidic Jews got rejected from building a temple on MLK…this should have been rejected too.

  10. This area connecting downtown Jersey City to Mcginley square has been a quiet and peaceful neighborhood of mostly Pakistani Muslim families since the 1980’s. No one knows about this part of Jersey City because we are non-violent and we are quiet people. Very few crime happens in this part of Jersey City. We like to mind our own business. We place lots of importance to Religion and Family and Education. Most of us are born and raised here in Jersey City. Our parents came to Jersey City in the 1980’s. This city is ours and we have every right to build a Mosque a place of peaceful loving worship to the One Creator. Everyone is welcomed in this Mosque once it’s completed just one request please take off your shoes. The Imam (leader) here is Pakistani Sunni Muslim but that doesn’t mean other Muslims can’t pray here. All Muslims regardless of race can come and pray in this new Mosque.


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