Kushner Bullish on Jersey City, Expects Third Journal Squared Tower by 2024

Journal Squared Completion Date Jersey City
Rendering of the completed Journal Squared project. Rendering credit: HWKN.

New York YIMBY recently got an on-the-record interview with Jonathan Kushner of Kushner Real Estate Group, the company behind many projects in Jersey City, the most recent being 485 Marin and the transformative Journal Squared.

Asked about their Journal Squared project and its impact on the surrounding neighborhood, Kushner said they are very happy with the success of the first tower and anticipate continued strong demand in the neighborhood.

Demand for luxury apartments in Journal Square is very high. For example, the first Journal Squared tower, which consists of 538 apartments ranging in size from studios to three bedrooms, was fully leased in less than 10 months.

Fresh off the heels of the first tower’s lease up, KRE broke ground on the second tower which will be the tallest of the three. If all continues to go well, the company hopes to have the third tower finished by 2024.

Last year, we broke ground on the second tower, which will top out at 70 stories, making it the tallest of the three buildings. It’s slated to open in 2021, and we expect to break ground on the third tower that same year. If this cycle continues, the entire development should reach completion by 2024.

Journal Squared Phase 2 Construction Progress Jersey City
Journal Squared under construction. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

And KRE is not stopping there. Kushner revealed in the interview that they’re actively acquiring additional sites in the neighborhood.

KRE is currently under contract for additional sites in the neighborhood with plans to build. We’re constantly looking for new opportunities in the area.

Click over to New York YIMBY to read the full interview: Jonathan Kushner Tells YIMBY Journal Squared’s Three Skyscrapers Will Fully Open By 2024, More

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  1. The good news is these buildings are steps from the PATH station. The bad news is these buildings are steps from the PATH station.

  2. Design is bland and unfortunate. For such a dominating and out-of-scale project visible from far out in the surrounding area, this was a lost opportunity to build something elegant and beautiful.

    • I think just the opposite. The triangular composition of the site plan makes for a harmonious grouping of the three towers. The implementation of the the grid on the facade ,uniform through out, makes for a simple but effective unifying post modern design. Three white skyscrapers at Journal Sq? I’ll take that any day. I don’t know if it’s in the plans but an observation deck or restaurant on the tallest tower would be pretty great.

  3. There goes the neighborhood! God those condos are absolutely hideous. Just what we need too more freakin yuppies jammed packed into the Path train like a can of sardines. There is so much greed in this city it’s disgusting. Fuck you Kushner and your Dad

  4. With all the Building and more people added to JSQ Path Station the System doesn’t work. You can’t add more People to a over burden System .Path has delays,signal problems everyday and Now you want to add 10K more people .Some one needs to wake up and smell the Coffee it’s Burning !!!!


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