How to Help Local Businesses Struggling Through COVID-19 Restrictions

Support Jersey City Hoboken New Jersey Restaurants During Covid 19
Downtown Jersey City’s pedestrian plaza during better times. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

There’s no question that the hospitality industry in New Jersey has taken a huge hit from the coronavirus pandemic, as many bars have been forced to close entirely. Heartbreaking stories like McLoone’s restaurant group being forced to lay off 1,000 workers at their 11 restaurants are a gut punch and many of our readers have asked what they can do to support those most impacted during these trying times.

Along the Gold Coast, Jersey City Upfront has compiled a great running list of fundraisers for out-of-work restaurant employees in Jersey City. From a government perspective, the city recently set up a new page this week at where restaurants can register in a directory that lets locals know who is serving take-out and/or delivery to the community.

In Hoboken, the city has partnered with a newly-created organization called Help Main Street to assist local stores and restaurants. The NYC-based group’s website provides a central resource for businesses that are selling gift cards while COVID-19 restrictions are in effect. Any merchant in the country with a gift card program in place can submit their details to the group and get listed on their site, which does not collect any fees for use of the service.

Several Hudson county eateries have helped give back to communities they serve as well, with Ani Ramen distributing free family meals out of their three outposts last Thursday.

Local coffee roasters ModCup have started distributing their cold brew concentrate to ER workers, Jersey City’s police and fire departments, and the city’s command center, but a recent post on their Instagram notes that they have run out of growlers for delivery. Any person or business willing to donate growlers would be appreciated and they can be dropped off outside ModCup’s 25 Senate Place location.

Down the shore, Neptune-based Fulfill Food Bank is partnering with local restaurants to distribute food to people in need and paying $5 stipend per meal to the eateries to help keep their businesses afloat. A few feel-good stories have emerged in that region like a piece from NJ Advance Media about Federico’s Pizza in Belmar, where owners Bryan and Michael Morin took out a $50,000 line of credit to pay their employees for the next two months regardless of what happens with COVID-19 restrictions. They remain open for take-out and delivery orders.

Jersey Digs will be dedicating time each day on our Instagram account to spread messages about resources, fundraisers, new hours, or other developments that the hospitality industry would like to share during these trying times. Send us a DM and we’ll feature you in our stories!

We’ve started a mega-thread with updates regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in New Jersey


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  1. or you know, maybe Fulop can donate from his multi-millions he gets donated from his super PACS…but that would be a kind and compassionate thing to do. why would anyone think of doing that?

  2. While it’s devastating situation, shouldn’t be looking for citizens to pay. Most people are struggling themselves with job uncertainty, health fears, and so on. The state and government have to step in and they seem to be. We’ll see what this stimulus package will do.

    Landlords should be required to freeze rents and banks to freeze mortgage payments until things clear up. Maybe the hundred and thousands of millionaires and billionaires in the area can chip in some.

  3. or you know, maybe we could deport the illegal aliens who have been mooching off Medicaid and Charity Care (and every other government benefit they can get their paws on) back to wherever they came from and make those countries pay back the moochers costs of their medical treatment. Revenue + less stress on our Med system. Win-win. Fixed it.

  4. or maybe the government should get rid of the programs? immigrants had no problems succeeding in this country prior to these programs a century ago. easy to blame the people, but they’re taking advantage of a system that’s in place (as are many Americans) . get rid of the system if you want to see a change. your idea or my idea are both hard to implement, even though it seems it should be easy.

  5. immigrants are always the easy targets while many are productive part of society. While it’s not the most popular I think at this point a tax on the Uber rich is a necessity. If your worth $100 million or $10 billion, you have more money than you know what to do with. Jeff Bezos buying $200 million properties while our economy is falling apart. His company amazon pays no taxes.

    There is something wrong with that. Needs to be fixed. Much more effective than attacking immigrants.

  6. Immigrants are various groups of people who are here legally. Illegal aliens are not. Big difference. Duh.

    Puerto Ricans pay no federal income tax as well. Something quite wrong with that especially in light of how dysfunctional and corrupt the government is there. Congress should revoke their status as soon as possible and let them fend for themselves.

    Ending birthright citizenship (same as in Europe) would also go a long way toward eliminating the moochers.

  7. Let me rephrase what I said to make you happy (seems like you need it) . in my statement, by immigrants, I meant illegal immigrants.


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