25 Water Street New York

Work From Home Trend Gets Literal – Former Offices Are Being Turned Residential at...

New Jersey and the surrounding region has emerged as one of the top spots where office buildings are being repurposed.
Package Theft Jersey City Statistics

Jersey City Ranks Second in U.S. for Worst Package Theft

Jersey City’s rate of "porch piracy" is the second highest in the country, according to this study.
New Jersey Crime Rate

New Jersey Leads Nation With Lowest Violent Crime

A new report that aims to rank the safest states in the country gives New Jersey high marks across the board.
Steel Pier Atlantic City

This New Jersey City Was Just Ranked the 2nd Most Affordable Beach Town in...

According to a recent analysis, this New Jersey city was named one of the top destinations for affordable waterfront living.
New Jersey Home Prices

Study Says New Jersey Home Sale Prices Have Jumped Almost 18% in Two Years

Average home sale prices in New Jersey rose at the eighth best clip along the East Coast, and this Jersey Shore county saw the biggest appreciation.
New Jersey Rental Market Report

Study Says North Jersey is America’s Toughest Rental Market This Year

If you think finding a place to rent in the Garden State has become impossible lately, one recent analysis of New Jersey’s rental properties feels your pain.
Move Out Of New Jersey

New Jersey Ranking Very High for Outbound Moves

This time it’s North American Moving Services, who determined that New Jersey had the third-highest move-out rate in the country.
Branch Brook Park Cherry Blossoms Newark

Study Claims Newark, Jersey City Have Some of the Worst Green Space in U.S.

According to the study, Jersey City finished dead last in terms of having the lowest number of parks per capita in the country.
North New Jersey Rental Market

Report Says North Jersey is 5th Most Competitive Rental Market in U.S.

A new study claims that North Jersey is one of the hottest rental markets in the country.
Deal Nj Priciest Zip Code

These New Jersey Towns Rank Among Top 100 For Priciest Homes in U.S.

These New Jersey towns all sported some of the highest median sale prices in the country, with the average house in all four spots hovering around $2 million.