James Beard Semifinalist Brings Bread and Salt to The Heights

Bread And Salt 435 Palisade Avenue The Heights Jersey City 1
Now in soft open mode: Bread and Salt, 435 Palisade Avenue, The Heights, Jersey City. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

Just a few months after Pizza Vita closed and told us they had sold their business to a “fantastic restauranteur” who would be a great fit for the neighborhood, an acclaimed baker has moved in and is beginning to bring the space back to life.

Those walking by the 435 Palisade Avenue storefront may have noticed the phrase “Bread and Salt” stenciled on one of the doors in recent days. That business belongs to James Beard Award semifinalist Rick Easton, who opened a bakery in Pittsburgh with the same name back in late 2014. A New York Times profile praised the centuries-old Italian baking tradition used by the business that utilized organic flour, natural fermentation, and a 100% stone-milled, high-extraction wheat flour crop that Easton developed with a local farmer.

Despite the accolades, Bread and Salt sadly closed in early 2016 after a pipe burst at their building and never reopened. Easton announced shortly thereafter that he was moving to New York City and he emerged a few months later cooking pizzas out of Berg’n in Brooklyn.

Bread And Salt 435 Palisade Avenue The Heights Jersey City 2
Bread and Salt pizza. Photo via Bread and Salt Instagram.

Easton has now headed west to space just off Riverview Park, announcing last week in an Instagram post that he’s looking to hire bakers, cooks, and counter people for the new project. The space has already soft-opened in the evenings and is serving limited food options that will be expanded as a grand opening gets closer.

The current menu at Bread and Salt includes several varieties of Roman-style pizza including rossa (which is sauce only), salami, mushroom and sausage, rosemary potato, and zucchini. Other menu items like meatballs, sausage, salads, and fava and dandelions are featured as well as sandwiches utilizing the bakery’s famous bread including a mortadella, praga ham, or prosciutto cotto and stracchino.

Bread and Salt currently open daily at 5 p.m. during their soft opening and can be followed on Instagram at the handle @breadandsaltbakery for updates on their full launch.



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  1. Much nicer feel to the interior than the former Pizza Vita. Glad the new owner had the good sense to get rid of the horrible high gloss orange walls and dopey ass photo mural of NYC getting attack by giant flying saucer pizzas. This is a much more inviting, appealing and companionable room.

  2. tried a bunch of pizzas last week there – excellent. The sides were fantastic as well, interesting combination of ingredients/flavors, definitely worth checking out

  3. sorry but don’t waste your money. went in asked for two slices of pizza Rossa, (expecting it to be a regular slice of pizza). paid close to 7.00 received two very thin slices of pizza bread (I mean paper thin) and a ton of sauce slapped on it. THATS IT! no cheese! then they drizzled some olive oil on it, put the slices on top of one another and put in this tiny tiny box. trust me people, don’t waste ur money on this, its not worth it. Just sauce on bread…. what is that! go to Ginos or Pizza Masters for a real slice of pizza that u can actually afford.

    • So I had 3 slices last week- one each of salami, zucchini with mint, and potato- all for $10. The salami slice was amazing, nothing like your standard pepperoni. The zucchini was a a bit plain and the chef agreed with me in that it needed a a bit of a kick. The potato slice was as simple as it gets, no sauce just oil and pepper.
      I felt it needed some red onions on top. The pizza Rossa looked liked not much of anything and I didn’t even consider ordering it. If you’re going for a shitload of toppings of commercial products and good value for your buck go with Pizza Masters. A better comparison might be Lo Fidelity further down Palisade Ave which also serves homemade square slices of Detroit style pizza. I forget their price point but everything was super salty the last 2 times I tried it. Bottom line, given the new demographic of the Heights, I don’t think price is going to be an issue for people paying $4000/ month for a 3 bedroom rental on Palisade Ave.

      • Exactly, these people who naturally assume their properties value will increase 25% per . Then cry when good restaurant fare cost more.

        • To be fair to Tina the pizza Rossa was kind of nothing. I think she was expecting something more substantial. Some stuff at Bread and Salt was really great other things just average. They are still in soft mode opening so we’ll see what shakes out. The prices shouldn’t be an issue as long as everything is uniformly good.


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