Building on Downtown Newark’s Halsey Street Could Undergo Expansion

87 89 Halsey Street Newark
87-89 Halsey Street, Newark. Image via Google Maps/Street View.

Major changes could be coming to a mixed-use building located across the street from Prudential’s new office tower in Downtown Newark.

A developer named XSH6, LLC submitted an application to the municipal government that calls for vertically expanding the building at 87-89 Halsey Street and constructing a new building at an adjacent site around 12 Linden Street. Two stories would be added to the existing building, each of which would include six apartments. The new structure would contain three one-bedroom residential units.

87 89 Halsey Street Expansion Rendering
Halsey Street side. Rendering by Brick Studios via the application.

“The first and second floors and the mezzanine level of the building to be constructed at 12 Linden Street will have a red brick facade with black window trim,” the application states. “The red brick facade and proposed window trim for the first and second floors and the mezzanine level are intended to complement the existing structure commonly known as 87-89 Halsey Street and the neighboring building to the right of 12 Linden Street. The third and fourth floors of the newly constructed building at 12 Linden Street will be constructed to match the addition being added to the existing building known as 87-89 Halsey Street.”

Halsey And Linden Streets Newark
Corner detail. Rendering by Brick Studios via the application.

The facade of the ground floor of 87-89 Halsey Street recently underwent modifications. In addition to commercial space, the building currently includes 18 residential units, according to the application.

Halsey And Linden Streets Newark Development
Linden Street elevation. Image by Brick Studios via the application.

XSH6, LLC listed a Hanini Group email address in its application. The LLC is registered out of 87 Halsey Street, the same address used by the Hanini Group. Site plans illustrating the proposed project that were recently released by the municipal government were designed by Brick Studios, which is also based out of 87 Halsey Street.

87 89 Halsey Street Expansion Rendering 2
Linden Street side. Rendering by Brick Studios via the application.

The agenda for the Newark Landmarks and Historic Preservation Commission’s July 1 meeting shows that this application was on the agenda after just being received on June 26. A proposal involving Metropolitan Building property on Washington Street that was submitted by another firm associated with the Hanini Group was also on the agenda for the July 1 meeting.

Jersey Digs reached out to the City of Newark on July 19 to inquire whether both projects were approved, but our request has not been returned.



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  1. As long as it doesn’t involve the land banking Yankel Tauber of Ramsey NJ. Him and his group own many vacant properties in the downtown area and they don’t maintain them at all. 607 Broad St. which is the old Griffith building in particular has graffiti on the second story side roof area that can be seen from blocks away. They gain access to their by climbing the scaffolding in front of the building. The lights under the scaffolding don’t work because they had the electricity cut off to save a few dollars, though the light bulbs are still intact. Also, Cottage Street Orbit of Tempe Arizona which is a Prudential subsidiary is just as bad. They own all of the vacant properties on Broad St between Central and New St. 601 Broad St. has the huge amount of graffiti near the side of the roof area that is visible from a great distance and they also don’t maintain their properties. They are using a Tempe Arizona address for some reason. I reside in the area and am sick of looking at the graffiti eyesores on them properties. If you own it you should at least try to keep it clean and graffiti free. Code Enforcement has been notified about the situation.


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