373-Unit Journal Square Estates Development Approved in Jersey City

Journal Square Estates 3085 Jfk Blvd Jersey City 1
Approved: Journal Square Estates at 3085 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Journal Square, Jersey City. Rendering by MVMK Architecture.

One of the city’s fastest-growing neighborhoods looks like it will be adding another high-rise to its ranks as a plan to redevelop a long-vacant car dealership has been greenlit by officials.

During their May 18 meeting, Jersey City’s planning board approved a scheme to revitalize a 29,000-square-foot property at 3085 John F. Kennedy Boulevard. Situated at the road’s intersection with Route 139, the one-story building currently on the land has not been in use for at least a decade despite the surrounding area seeing significant development.

Journal Square Estates 3085 Jfk Blvd Jersey City 6
The residential development will be two towers built in two phases. Rendering by MVMK Architecture.

A local company dubbed Journal Square Estates LLC is looking to change all that by constructing two 12-story buildings on the site that include a total of 373 residential units. The development, designed by Hoboken-based MVMK Architecture, would rise 130 feet at the tallest point and sport an exterior that utilizes a mix of aluminum composite, rust-colored laminate panels, and cast stone.

Journal Square Estates 3085 Jfk Blvd Jersey City 5
Journal Square Estates will bring 373 units and retail to the neighborhood. Rendering by MVMK Architecture.

The living spaces in the development break down as 197 studios, 161 one-bedrooms, five two-bedrooms, and ten three-bedrooms. Select units will feature balconies, but the project will not set aside any affordable housing component.

The development would be built in two phases and the property has been subdivided to facilitate the phasing of the project. The first portion is set to include 183 units while the second phase would bring the remaining 190 residential units.

Journal Square Estates 3085 Jfk Blvd Jersey City 2
Future retail frontage. Rendering by MVMK Architecture.

The future Journal Square Estates includes 72 basement parking spaces, with 36 to be built during each phase of the project. The entire development includes bicycle storage for 97 bikes between the two properties and each phase of the project is slated to feature a 678-square-foot storefront that faces Kennedy Boulevard.

Journal Square Estates 3085 Jfk Blvd Jersey City 4
The development will include recreational and green rooftop space. Rendering by MVMK Architecture.

Amenities at the development include a children’s room in each building set to span about 1,300 square feet each. Other perks include a 2,300-square-foot recreational roof deck plus dog run area and both buildings have a rooftop pool planned plus a green roof. The development will additionally plant several trees and include bioswales on the sidewalk level.

Journal Square Estates 3085 Jfk Blvd Jersey City 3
The development will additionally plant several trees and include bioswales on the sidewalk level. Rendering by MVMK Architecture.

The development falls within the Journal Square 2060 Redevelopment Plan and was granted minor variances related to the project’s green roof elements, the minimum first-floor ceiling height, and the width of the drive of the parking entrance. A timeline for the groundbreaking of the project’s first phase has not been announced.


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  1. Not one of MVMK better designs. I was hoping for something that would complement the Pep Boys cheese grater building at Cottage St. Is the orange brickwork with the white grid supposed to have some kind of *dialogue* with the ugly ass St John’s complex across the street?

  2. Mayor Fulop wants us all to ride bikes and take busses. That’s why he spent so much money on bike lanes that largely go unused. This is his way of forcing the issue. Too bad for those of us who actually need a car, just like it’s too bad if you don’t fall into the “luxury” rent category. No soup for you. Keep it in mind on election day.

  3. Why don’t we raze half of all buildings in JC and turn them all into parking lots? This way, everybody would get 1:1 parking. Seems to make sense.

  4. It is right next to two highways. Yes, people want to hear trucks 24h/day and breathe in vehicular exhaust. How does govt allow these places to be built?

  5. As usual these days, Jersey City will yet add more buildings without any affordable housing units. If you don’t have affordable housing units it means that the city is becoming more and more unaffordable. So when jobs that pay much less than the price of apartments are going for in this town, why bother to move, or stay here? The rich culture that immigrants and the working class once brought to this city will be lost over time. Very sad. But when studio apartments begin going for over $2000 a month, or close to that, it certainly won’t be worth the price of a one room apartment. Good luck to the future of this city.

  6. Brian is Absolutely Correct!! It’s APPALLING!!!!
    It is definitely speaking in volume and Saying a lot SILENTLY??? Appealing to what audience… ### Financially Discriminating with accepted PROFILING.

    The Devil is a LIAR!

  7. All I can say is that you Joe say that “more supply of housing helps everybody”, but how is this so when so many hundreds, if not thousands, of people can’t afford the price that these apartments will be going for? People are being priced out of Jersey City, which has now been put on the list as the 5th most expensive city to live in here in America. Do the people who have lived here for years, raised their kids here, and help build up this city with the taxes they paid, not have the same right to live here? Don’t know what reality you live in, where you think that a studio apartment, which is small to begin with, is worth close to 2000 a month. Most people in America can’t afford this, but I guess according to you, they don’t matter. So how does this help everyone?


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