12-Story Buildings Could Rise Where Car Dealership Once Operated in Jersey City

Journal Square Estates 3085 Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Nj 0002
Site of proposed development: 3085 John F. Kennedy Boulevard at Route 139 in Journal Square, Jersey City. Photo via the application.

Despite countless projects being proposed and constructed nearby over the last decade, one Jersey City property that is passed by thousands of commuters on a daily basis has yet to see redevelopment. However, changes could soon be in store for the old car dealership site next to where John F. Kennedy Boulevard crosses Route 139 north of Journal Square.

The property in question, 3085 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, is the subject of an application by Journal Square Estates, LLC that calls for the construction of two 12-story buildings on the premises with a total of 373 residential units.

The project would be built in two phases, according to the development application. Phase I would reportedly include 183 units while the second phase would bring the remaining 190 residential units. Six dozen parking spaces and 1,356 square feet of retail space are also planned, the document states.

Journal Square Estates 3085 Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Nj 0001
Elevations via the application.

Nearly 200 of the units would be studios while more than 160 would each include one bedroom. There would also be a handful of two-bedroom and three-bedroom units, but the application indicates that no “affordable housing units” would be created.

A separate subdivision application has also been filed by Journal Square Estates, LLC. Ravi Adusumilli is identified in an affidavit of ownership that was released by Jersey City’s municipal government as the development firm’s managing member.

Journal Square Estates 3085 Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Nj 0000
Elevations via the application.

The site was previously home to Metropolitan Volkswagen and A.C. Chevrolet, and while the sign for the latter dealership remained atop the former business, it has been many years since any cars have been sold there.

In the time since, six-story developments called The Caprice and The Monte Carlo have been constructed next door, a five-story building has been built behind the site on the other side of Skillman Avenue, a 99-unit mixed-use development has been planned next to the nearby Grandview Terrace complex, and multiple high-rise projects have been proposed farther south.

Journal Square Estates 3085 Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Nj 0003
Elevations via the application.

Journal Square Estates, LLC’s applications were initially scheduled to go before the Jersey City Planning Board on May 4, but the agenda for the meeting on that date says that these matters have been carried to the May 18 meeting.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Jersey City Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.


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  1. Great! That area is a wasteland. Needs to be activated by people, tenants, pedestrians, and retail. Too bad there’s no retail in this. The taller the better in this area.

  2. Once again no fucking Affordable housing it’s a fucking shame all these people out there who struggle to get by I see the people in jersey city and it’s sad I give to the homeless to the needy I myself live in journal Sq. But to see that all you selfish pricks care about is the money is a fucking shame I hope this shit doesn’t even follow through it looks like a fucking eyesore already just like what your planning to do with the pepboys placing that ugly ass building on that corner ruining the view of our two most recent buildings in jsq..

  3. “All you selfish pricks” as he continues his rant about how he hates development in an area that has been completely neglected for decades. An area that was once thriving with tourists and locals frequenting restaurants, mom and pop shops, cafes…etc. that over time became a ghost land as business dried up and buildings began to decay. Beautiful buildings got replaces with monstrosities like “Pep Boys”. So who really is the selfish one?

    Are you expecting developers to build affordable housing so they make zero money? Or is it simply you selfishly want the area to stay in its dysfunctional state to keep rents low? Have you even looked at the 2060 JSQ Redevelopment Plan? How much affordable housing does it require?

    Your diatribe is riddled with hypocrisy and misinformation. So you think the new building going up on JFK and Cottage is an eyesore compared to the current Pep Boys? Just want to make sure we’re all on the same page here.

  4. I think it would be cool if they could make a companion building to match the Pep Boys Cheese Grater tower on Cottage St. Maybe do a square podium with curvilinear design on top.


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