Tony Boloney’s Opening Soon in Jersey City, Long Branch Coming Next

Tony Boloney's 363 Grove Street Jersey City 2
Opening soon: Tony Boloney’s, 363 Grove Street, Jersey City. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

A New Jersey pizzeria that’s become nationally known for their outside-the-box pies and sandwiches will be kicking off 2019 with an expansion, as they will be opening two new outposts in the next three months.

The self-described “Pizza, Subs, and Bad A$$ Grub” is from Tony Boloney’s, who opened their first location on Oriental Avenue in Atlantic City back in 2009. Owner Mike Hauke was serving his unique creations in the shadow of what is now the Ocean Resort Casino when he won LIVE with Kelly and Michael’s Truckin’ Amazing Cook-Off in 2013. He used the prize money to open the restaurant’s second location on 1st Street in Hoboken the following year.

Since then, Tony Boloney’s taco pizza, available as a special every Tuesday, has gotten them lots of press. Slices of the pie include homemade tortillas stuffed with carne asada brisket, mezcal-marinated steak, and chicken, which are then stacked on top of a pizza with guacamole in the middle.

Tony Boloney's 363 Grove Street Jersey City 4
Taco Pizza. Photo via Tony Boloney’s Facebook.

Tony Boloney’s will soon be bringing their taco pizzas and many more to 363 Grove Street in Jersey City. Scheduled to start serving on March 15, the restaurant will open every day at 11 a.m., closing at 11 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday with late night hours until 2 a.m. on Thursday and 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday.

The menu at Tony Boloney’s in indeed massive, including subs, burritos, salads, wings, nachos, pasta bowls, mozzarella sticks, soups, and various appetizers. They also make and sell their own unique mozzarella in varieties like truffle, chipotle, Vietnamese, or Harissa (a North African spice).

Tony Boloney's 363 Grove Street Jersey City 3
Subs. Photo via Tony Boloney’s Facebook.

Some of their more inimitable pizza concoctions include a “Devour Ramen” pie made up of a ramen noodle crust, shoyu broth, pickled soy boiled egg, rayu, tougarashi, nori flakes, toasted sesame seeds, spicy chili oil, and scallions. The restaurant’s newest food craze creation is a pizza made of spaghetti with a cheese sauce base that creates a crispy golden crust.

Other colorfully named highlights include a “Jewish Cowboy,” which is made up of Passover-style barbeque brisket, smoked mozzarella, beet horseradish, and parsley, while a “S#itfaced” pie includes beer battered chicken breast with a homemade honey stout sauce. In addition, Tony Boloney’s has a seasonal pizza menu featuring a New England clam chowder pie with a bread crumb crust and a “Pumpkin Butta” pizza with truffle roasted pumpkin, havarti, ricotta, and toasted pumpkin seeds.

Tony Boloney's 363 Grove Street Jersey City 1
Unique slices. Photo via Tony Boloney’s Facebook.

The restaurant is good news for those who are gluten-free, as they have an extensive selection of pizza, subs, fries, nachos, pasta bowls, and soups that use vegan dough, vegan bread, and vegan nut-free cheese. One option is a “Veatball that Mama Never Made” pie made up of eggplant-based “meatballs,” breadcrumbs, marinara, and vegan mozzarella.

After Jersey City, Tony Boloney’s will be opening their next location later this spring on May 15 when they bring an outpost to Long Branch inside the Pier Village development.



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  1. Aye….Fuhgeddaboudit…

    With Ashford and now Tony Baloney…HoBroken making it’s presence felt in Chilltown. We already have HobokenGirl blogger covering everything Jersey City….When is Carlos Bakery opening their JC outpost? Then maybe we can have a Sinatra statue right by Grove PATH. Start spreading the news….

      • While I generally agree it’s great all the progress in JC…the migration of Hoboken businesses and mentality to JC is questionable. It has that Jersey Shore (the show) feel that we really don’t want in JC. What will follow is influx of frat boys and projectile vomiting and kegerators on Newark Ave. Even their bloggers are infiltrating…why would someone named Hoboken Girl…be reporting on JC? They’re coming…

    • They’re coming…it’s a common pie in Hobroken where the bros pound slices of s***faced pie after a long night of beer pong and flip cups so they can re-energize for the fist fight to follow. It’s not very common in JC yet but our fellow Hobokenites should be unveiling this Spring when they will surely be pounding beers at the Ashford…I’m sure Hoboken Girl will have full coverage

      • Well then the hungry man Ho bros need an extra special pie. That would be the Meathead Special- two S#itfaces sandwiched together on top of one another.

  2. Tony Baloney is cool. Maybe he can make a Pier for “Pier Village”…they will need some dough to make that happen… then it could be Tony Baloneys Pier… in Pier Village admission one slice and a smile.

  3. Gonna be tough ‘for em. Bella’s Pizza can’t be beat. And for the price that’s reasonable and food consistently GOOD with a lot of creative variety


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