Newark Restaurant Owned by Jay-Z’s Mother Sells Liquor License

Diamondz N Da Ruff 54 Clay Street Newark
Diamondz N Da Ruff, 54 Clay Street, Newark. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

While Jay-Z may not be from Newark, the rapper and businessman who was raised in Brooklyn and Trenton does have ties to New Jersey’s largest city. His mother, Gloria Carter, co-owns the Diamondz N Da Ruff Cafe & Lounge at the corner of Clay and Spring Streets in Newark’s Lower Broadway neighborhood. The restaurant, which opened in 2014, has served breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner and includes a small stage. Beyoncé and Jay-Z even attended the grand opening celebration, causing the cafe to understandably receive plenty of media attention.

However, it appears that changes are in store for the business. Yelp currently lists that Diamondz N Da Ruff has closed its doors, while the memory is full at the phone number associated with the cafe. A legal notice issued last month shows that an LLC has applied to the Newark Alcoholic Beverage Control Board in order to gain control of Diamondz N Da Ruff’s plenary retail alcohol consumption license.

A separate legal notice shows that the LLC that is buying the liquor license, The City Lounge & Restaurant, LLC, will use it for a business called The City at 223-225 Washington Street in Downtown Newark. That space, located near Bank Street, was previously occupied by Famous Restaurant. Elijah Ingram of Irvington is listed as the applicant from The City.

The transition of Diamondz N Da Ruff’s liquor license comes amid other changes in this part of Lower Broadway. Next door to the cafe’s building, a Taco Bell is being constructed where a small shopping plaza used to stand. Meanwhile, across Spring Street from the building, construction is underway on a new 84-unit mixed-use development.


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  1. How is it that Jersey City is expanding with plenty of high raises luxury apartments and Newark cannot keep a restaurant, own by JC mom, opened. Newark Mayor have to realize that the city is very filthy. Sanitation department is not accomplishing it’s core mission. The sidewalks and streets have to be kept clean. This can not be a world class city until the Mayor put pressure on the homeowners, business owners and his own sanitation department to clean up the city.

  2. Very true . I grew up in Newark as well as countless others. Newark has hundreds of famous people who was born and bred there bt moved outward. Joe pesci. Chris Christi Dionne Warwick queen latifa .John Amos .Michael b Jordan .Shaquel o Neal. Taye diggs,lauren hill wacleff Jon. Essex counties Merl streep. They have so many stars thy should start a walk of fame . Bt the city has no creative idea how to do such celebrate such greatness Doesnt Make u wonder why talent leaves ., And gt famous ..

  3. People, the city of Newark have to focus on the simple task: keep the city clean! That’s what Giuliani did in New York City. You cannot attracts businesses if your city is dirty and filthy. Let’s start to ticket homeowners and storefronts to clean the the front of their property!

  4. Giuliani cleaned up New York City, but he was a Republican. The mayor that preceded him was mayor Democrat mayor Dinkins, which presided over the worst period of moral debauchery & racial tension in New York City’s history.
    His incompetence was so great that New Yorkers actually decided to try a Republican!!
    However, that will never happen in Newark because newark’s demographics are completely different from New York’s.

    New York is only 25% black while Newark is 52% black. New York is 20% White of which 60% or wealthy Elites and the rest are blue collar Irish,Polish,E. European and Italian ethnics.
    Newark’s so-called 20% whites are actually Spanish,Portuguese & other light skinned Puerto Rican Hispanics who vote Democrat.

    • Nothing at all, it fits whatever ill-conceived narrative he’s trying to push. Leadership doesn’t align itself to one particular party or the other. It is closely tied to competence, which is lacking in Newark’s political leaders right now.


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