New Details on Bayonne Mega-Project Include 4500 Units, Hotel, Retail

Bayonne Military Ocean Terminal Development Gupta Tax Break
Military Ocean Terminal at Bayonne. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

New details have been revealed about what could be coming to part of the former Military Ocean Terminal at Bayonne (MOTBY) site off of Route 440 and, should the latest proposal come to fruition, it would be one of the largest single development projects in Hudson County.

A legal notice issued earlier this month states that Mahalaxmi Bayonne Urban Renewal is looking to use 12 lots in the Harbor Station South Redevelopment Plan Area along Goldsborough Drive to construct a hotel, housing, retail space, and a park. The proposal calls for the “premium” hotel to include 218 rooms while the massive residential portion of the complex would include a whopping 4,500 units. Meanwhile, there would be 80,906 square feet of retail space on the premises.

Right now, the developer is looking for a “general development plan approval,” according to the notice. Mahalaxmi Bayonne Urban Renewal is apparently also seeking approval for an “interim parking scheme” that would temporarily allow for off-site parking should the project move forward.

Few other specifics have been revealed yet about the company’s plans. The notice mentioned that the proposal was expected to be heard by the Bayonne Planning Board during its May 14 meeting, but there was no mention of the matter in the meeting’s agenda.

The MOTBY site was previously used by the United States Army and the United States Navy, while the United States Coast Guard retains a presence in the area. Various parts of the premises have been, are in the process of being, or are slated to be redeveloped. In addition to the Harbor Pointe Apartments, which were completed years ago in a somewhat remote part of the site, the Costco Wholesale location at the Harbor View Marketplace development opened earlier this year and more retail space, industrial space, two buildings with a combined 651 residential units, another building with 97 units, and a Seastreak ferry terminal are on the way.

This part of Bayonne, along with other waterfront locations in Hudson County, is vulnerable to flooding and rising bay levels, but the risk has not stopped the increasing development in the region.



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  1. A *premium hotel* in the ass end of Bayonne. Perfect. Enjoy stunning views of the Pulaski Skyway. Watch the sunset over the Turnpike. Peruse the fine shops of Broadway in search of Euro style luxury goods. Shop for designer fashions at TJ Maxx. Take a boat excursion and perhaps some snorkeling in Newark Bay. End the evening with a gourmet meal at Vinny’s Pizzeria. You’ve seen London. You’ve seen Paris. Now experience the splendid wonders of Bayonne NJ !

  2. A hotel would be good. Needed one for a long time.
    More residential?? way too many being built now. Your going to have to build more schools for all these residential units. More students…going to need more teachers.
    Plus the area ‘vulnerable to flooding’ is going be in question.

    • @Susan good luck with that one! these mayors are just trying to outdo each other for the most development with zero concerns about infrastructure and transportation…as long as developers are lining their pockets and their councilman’s…it’ll be the next guy’s problem.

      Your best bet is to sit back, assuming a homeowner, watch your property appreciate significantly..then cash out and move to a better city. Current renters will be screwed and should be looking to buy if possible otherwise should be looking for cheaper locations. Trying to battle developers and developments is a losing battle

      • ” zero concerns about infrastructure and transportation” Exactly…….. “cash out and move.” Ditto……….. Flood zone ? It’s only going to get worse but there’s a schmuck born every minute willing to move into one because he’s getting a *good deal.*

      • Well true that I’m home owner and its value went up significantly right now.

        Also somebody whom he says he is real estate investor, want me to sell my house but I’m gonna wait and see until all these projects are complete.

      • You are absolutely right. I wondered about those new units downtown when they were building them. Some have open car garages that open air but below ground.
        I said whoever moves in here with a car.must not know about the flood risk. Good luck to them.

  3. Where are the added schools for our already overcrowded system. Where are our upgrades on infrastructure? Anyone live downtown or on prospect lovely when your sewer constantly backs up becuase the system cant handle heavy rainfall. Ohh yea and is this project part of mayor Davis wonderful 25 year tax break? Unreal how this is getting turned into greenpoint Williamsburg Long island city. Nust be nice to have enough money to buy all the building rights you need.

  4. Hotels and cruise ports go hand in hand and do not require an investment in teachers. As for developing the east side of town, it’s long overdue, however affordable units is what is needed in Bayonne!

  5. Hmm well development is good thing but as somebody mentioned, affordable housing also must be considered when they are developing the area. Later, whoever can’t pay rent will be moving out
    Also yes more schools are needed and gotta have a good one for sustainable development

  6. Home owners in this town need to wake up. These crooks are giving away tax abatements to future outsiders while having our homes revaled to raise our taxes. we”re being pissed on & told it’s raining.

  7. I have been renting in Bayonne 5 years. My rent just went up. I used to be able to find a parking spot easily, no more. I used to want to buy here but now with the way things are going, I’ll pass. It will be too crowded and too loud. No thanks.

  8. What do you expect from croocks looking only to get their kick backs from builders. They don’t care about what’s coming next. 167k of davis “overtime” payment was surely a payment from a pissed investor, who made it to town instead of davis, but that did not stop him. Also, 5 out of 6 council members are out of town, despite the law. So what do they do? Change the law; so convenient. Shows davis’ love for people.

  9. love the post by XTC. So true. Like when they call a building “Luxury Apartments” or “The Grand Villas” yet it isn’t the Ritz Carlton or Four Season Hotel and is more like a Motel 6.


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