Jersey City Dining Favorites Talde and Taphaus Abruptly Close

Talde Closed Jersey City 2
Talde, 8 Erie Street, Jersey City. Photo by Caren Lissner/Jersey Digs.

With little fanfare, two popular Jersey City downtown dining spots closed in the last few weeks — one so suddenly that people were still stopping by on Saturday night, as it was a stop on a Pride bar crawl.

Talde, the Asian fusion spot on the corner of Erie and Bay streets, posted on Instagram on Tuesday, August 13, “After four years, effective today, it’s time to say goodbye. Jersey City, it’s been a pleasure.”

Chef Dale Talde, known for competing on Top Chef, told the Record of Hackensack that he had been distanced from the day-to-day operations and may open a new Talde in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Restaurant Manager Zac Denham told the news outlet, “2019 has proven to be a very competitive year for Talde and Miss Wong’s [a bar inside Talde] in downtown Jersey City, and while we had a very loyal customer base, it was not enough to sustain us long-term.”

Few saw it coming. Kenia Ozoria of Union City, a former server at the restaurant, was passing by on Saturday and said, “I worked Monday night. My friend sent me the Instagram post on Tuesday.”

She said she felt bad for her co-workers who suddenly lost their jobs, but also the clientele. “It’s the loss of a job, but I feel like culturally, people had a good time,” she said.

Other customers agreed. Jason, a Jersey City resident who stopped by with his partner because it was stop #2 on the annual JC Pride Bar Crawl, said, “It was really good. The food was good there.”

A sign on the door advised bar crawlers that stop #2 had been moved to Headroom at 150 Bay Street due to the closure.

Talde Closed Jersey City 1
Talde was no longer a stop on the JC Pride Bar Crawl. Photo by Caren Lissner/Jersey Digs.

According to the Record, Talde’s partners bought a majority of the shares a year into the business, and were behind the decision to close. Talde said he’s been busy preparing to open his Cantonese restaurant in Tarrytown in September.

Meanwhile, a popular meeting spot on the Hudson River, Taphaus at 2 Second Street, also closed recently. The restaurant afforded panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline.

Taphaus Closed Jersey City
Taphaus will be replaced by a bar and eatery named Lokal. Photo by Caren Lissner/Jersey Digs.

The last social media post, on July 30, said, “Come taco with us on this hot Tuesday!” and gave no hint of closing.

No one was in the corner eatery on Saturday night, but signs on all sides said it would be replaced by Lokal eatery and bar, “coming soon.”



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  1. Talde was ok, but I guess for downtown JC standards it’s a Michelin star restaurant. As much as they hype the JC restaurant scene it’s pretty blah overall. Dullboy fell apart after new management as did 3rd and vine. Mathews menu barely changed since opening 2-3 yrs ago. They’re not all bad, but it’s not great either. Overall pretty awful pizza besides Razza. About a million Italian restaurants again ok. I went to kitchen step on a Friday night and the bartender was wearing a dry fit gym shirt slinging subpar drinks. Just lazy and uninspiring places. But the burbanites love it with their chain store pallets.

    Cellar 335 and Razza are the 2 standouts for me and the 2 I could see surviving in a place like Manhattan. Every time I go out in NYC it’s a quick reminder of why I prefer not to spend my hard earned money in JC. If Talde truly closed because of “stiff competition” that’s pretty sad for a chef whose claim to fame is being on Top Chef. I think there is more to the story like the business’s partnership falling apart

  2. I’ve got to disagree with you re Kitchen Step. On all of my visits there it has been consistently excellent. You are correct that a lot of JC restaurants are overrated.

  3. One of the best places for lite fare to open recently is Bread and Salt on Palisade Ave (formerly Crackhead Way). Serves a variety of flatbread pizza and numerous well made sides. Corgi, the gin and whiskey distillery, makes insanely good cocktails. The happy hour, all night Thursday, is the best drink bargain anywhere at 8 bucks a shake- plus you get a stiff 2 ounces (43proof) each pour. A lady friend of mine remarked that each drink would cost at least $20, if not more in NYC. As they are not allowed to bring in any other liquor products they make all their mixers on site and it’s very exotic and heady stuff. If beer is your thing ( how could it not be?) I highly recommend NJ Beer Co on Tonnelle Ave. Experimental, hoppy, bold, sour, sweet (oatmeal raisin stout) and potent they’ve got it all.

    • I have to check out Bread and Salt, heard great things and agree on corgi…even though it’s in the middle of no where and most times i’ve visited service was pretty bad…not in a rude way, just not really friendly…very indifferent and generally the staff miserable. Which I guess I can understand if you’re having nights making close to no tips. But drinks are best in town.

      All you mentioned are outside of downtown where it’s supposed to be the haven. It’s where chicpea takes her glamour shots in her overly tight spandex and the other million JC food bloggers,the wannabe experts and celebutards take their “foodie” snaps in hopes of future free meals.

      • Love Corgi. The staff got me pretty stoned last spring when they were testing new concoctions for their current menu which is very, very good. I like the fact that it is the anti-Newark Ave scene- which is fine if you like that sort of thing but it’s not me. Same for the pretentious twaddle of Chickpea. Read two paragraphs a year ago and that was enough.

        Also on Palisade Ave Busy Bee, vegan fare, opened on Sunday. And Corto farm-to-table Italian is quite good. B & S is good early in the week mid -evening when it’s not too crowded.

        So closer to Newark Ave I occasionally go to Shadman, Pakistani fare and Departed Soles Brewery for refreshments. But for really incredible food, and possibly the best restaurant in JC, go all the up Newark and make a left at Summit and you will find Korai Kitchen- truly a gem in a sea of mediocrity. Been going there for about a year and the reviews have been off the charts and deservedly so.

  4. Downtown rents are tough… seems like the more successful places are a little off the beaten path. In addition to the others mentioned The Hutton is a consistent standout with incredible food. Surprised all the foodies haven’t caught on yet.


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