Meeting Will Unveil Plans for a 13-Story Hotel With Penthouse Restaurant in Jersey City

15 Nardone Place Jersey City Development Site
The site of the proposed hotel project, 15 Nardone Place, Jersey City. Image via Google Maps/Street View.

UPDATE: The meeting is tomorrow 8/28/2019 at 15 Nardone Place starting at 6:30 p.m.

While Downtown has seen several hotels break ground or open in recent years, the city’s northernmost neighborhood has mostly stuck to its residential character. One developer is looking to change that in a big way and will be hosting a community meeting tonight to discuss a possible 13-story hotel being pitched for The Heights.

The proposed project would rise from six irregularly shaped lots at 15 Nardone Place that total about 33,000-square feet.

Aloft Rendering Hotel 15 Nardone Place Jersey City
This rendering of the hotel was released on social media ahead of tonight’s meeting. Rending by MVMK Architecture.

Currently occupied by a one-story building and parking lot formerly used as a real estate office, the parcels are owned by Chosen 15 Nardone LLC. That company is registered out of a suburban home in Short Hills and lists an individual named Kotla Srinath as its sole member.

The future vision for the land was drawn up by Hoboken-based Minervini Vandermark and would feature several components in a complex set to rise 13 stories and 144 feet at its highest point.

Hotel Proposed 15 Nardone Place Jersey City
A more detailed view of the planned hotel. Rendering courtesy of MVMK Architecture.

The first and tallest section would include a total of 233 hotel rooms, while the second appears to rise eleven stories and consists of 41 luxury residential units.

The two buildings would share a combined podium set to accommodate lobby spaces, and a storefront for a sidewalk cafe is included in the design.

Penthouse Rooftop Restaurant Proposed Jersey City
Views from the planned penthouse restaurant and bar. Rendering courtesy of MVMK Architecture.

An open-plan penthouse restaurant and bar set to boast “breathtaking panoramic views of the New York City skyline” would top off the development, whose latest renderings display two different hotel brands on the building. The first, Element, is owned by Marriott, while the second, Aloft, is a Starwood chain. It’s not apparent if either company has officially been brought on board to develop the project.

The latest proposal for the property is actually less dense than a previous version, which had included 84 residential units and 305 hotel rooms. Chosen 15 Nardone submitted plans to the city’s zoning board last September for that version, but they were never heard or approved. The original proposal mentioned that the hotel rooms would include standard size versions along with extended stay apartments that include amenity spaces.

Penthouse Rooftop Restaurant Proposed Jersey City 2
Penthouse restaurant. Rendering courtesy of MVMK Architecture.

Last year’s plan included 143 parking spaces, although it’s unclear if that component remains the same. Per local regulations, no affordable housing units are required, and none were included in the first plans for the development.

The previous proposal was seeking variances for use and height and this version will need them as well, as the property is located within an R-1 zone that caps height at three stories.

The community meeting to discuss the plans will be held inside the building at 15 Nardone Place tomorrow August 28th, starting at 6:30 p.m.



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  1. Incredible! Looks amazing! Perfect location with 1/9 and route 7 highways right there and connection to Holland tunnel not far… A rooftop that’s not in waterfront is also great!

  2. Overall like the idea, brings some life into this dead zone. Not sure about the design of the building, seems a little futuristic. The rendering of the penthouse bar looks nice but is it open air? So only used for summer or is there an inside space, rendering looks like mostly open..

    Even though it’s 13 stories in R1 zone I think it’s close enough to JSQ where there are plenty of high rises going up. So a few blocks away from the 70 and 50 story journal squared buildings it doesn’t seem out of place. Like some of the proposals sitting in the middle of Heights which are way out of place.

  3. Visually, very busy. It’s like MVMK is trying find out how much too much is. I like that. Not sold on the brown aluminum cladding, maybe forest green instead. The gradation of dark to light is a very nice effect. The curved/ arched entrance is quite stunning. I’m sick death of the square glass box. Zaha Hadid would approve.
    Also the large glass entrance really opens up the building at street level and humanizes the heaviness of a building. This should be mandatory on all commercial buildings. The penthouse looks light as air, but the glass partitions seem awfully low, in terms of safety.

  4. A much needed hotel Uptown Jersey City and hopefully the prices are reasonable. I own the funeral home a few blocks away and almost every funeral people ask for convenient hotels. Many still choose Secaucus or North Bergen over Downtown JC. This will be right on State Highway 139 which hasn’t had any new significant in decades. Why Journal Square doesn’t have a hotel in the works is a mystery.

  5. It’s an amazing project, badly needed for the area. The developer is trying so hard and I’m sure working with local community. Marriott brand is very reputed brand and will help create good jobs etc. Good luck and hope it gets approved.

  6. It’s a fantastic and fabulous project. Desperately needed for the area. I wish he get approved and he build . Don’t want to see people take approvals and don’t build and sell .

  7. Thanks for choosing journal square for such a great project. It will be an honour to have Marriot here. Next big step to elevate JSQ.

  8. This is going to transform this place to nothing to something. The structure looks amazing, the next big attraction looks like. I can proudly say I live in Marriott neighbourhood. This will help improve this place ‘s economy.

  9. This is fantastic project.I wish he get approved and he build. It’s very hard to find a hotel in this area. Glad that this is coming.

  10. Having a Penthouse restaurant that too backed by Marriott in my neighbourhood is the best thing I could ask for! Hopefully it’s built at the earliest.

  11. Glad to hear this !! Much need project in this town. So far there are good hotels in Hoboken but not one in Jersey city with NY Skyline views. This is really helpful for visitors especially who plan to visit NY and are flying to EWR. Rooftop sounds exciting as we do not have one in here.

  12. Wow! This is such an amazing design! It brings in contemporary taste in the neighborhood. I believe the whole neighborhood quality would be elevated with more nice buildings like this.

  13. It’s so beautiful! I like the facade and the entrance canopy, very innovative! The roof top is fantastic! As a resident of Jersey City, I definitely want to see the roof top bar built. We’ll have some fancy places to hang out and we don’t have to go the Manhattan. I can imagine the view will be breathtaking.

  14. Awesome design, it is just what Jersey City needs, it preserves the neighborhoods materials adding a great and elegant taste with the metal panels. I believe that a project like this will truly become beneficial for the city due to its location. good design from MVMK!

  15. We need more hotels! This is the way to go. It is not only accommodation for visitors, but also a big improvement for the neighborhood. My daughter lives in the neighborhood. I would love to stay there when I go to see my daughter and sip cocktails on the rooftop.

  16. That is exactly what that area needs. It will be a great improvement to the for an under-developed place. I hope we keep getting this kind of projects.

  17. Do designers look around or they just do whatever they want?
    Yes, this neighborhood needs more hotels and shops and activity, but is this the right building? Does it have something to do with the neighborhood? What does this design bring something to the surroundings? In my opinion it is impersonal and could be located here as in any other place in the world. But I imagine that architects know what they do.

  18. So glad to see new modern buildings in this area! Looking forward to hanging out in that roof top! The views have to be amazing!

  19. This will surely be a good improvement to the area. Such projects help restructure the realty value of the locale. This project should definitely receive support.

  20. As well, this is exactly the type of building that could possibly lead to a serious interest in developing the Bergen Arches low line park which would be less than 100ft away.

  21. So glad to see this 😇 it’s definitely a good news for jersey city. Roof top idea looks so cool. Hoping to see this building soon.

  22. actually, this is a terrible location for this. this is right around the corner from a middle school. traffic is gridlocked there in the morning and afternoon. not to mention, traffic is gridlocked on 139 various times of the day. totally out of place in the neighborhood. find a better location, cause this isn’t it.

  23. wow, lots of friends of the design team posting in the comments section. a few of Anar’s friends are posting, for instance. easy to draw up fake support.

  24. Fabulous project! The area will be transformed for the better with property values going up as well as a safer community.

  25. This is Great News. We welcome this project, Hotel and residential units. I reside at 237 Laidlaw Avenue and Hotel Marriott brand is a reputed brand. Good luck.

  26. This is exactly what the community needs. The area is very underdeveloped and does not have many quality hotel options. This is the perfect location because it is right outside the tunnel and a walkable distance to the Journal Square Path Station with an easy commute into the city. This new construction will allow the area to grow and hopefully attract more families (who may not be able to afford living in the city) by making them feel safer and more comfortable, possibly even reducing neighborhood crime.

  27. Will the property be sold by the current owners to a developer or will the current owners develop the property themselves?

  28. This is a welcome development in a part of the neighborhood that has not yet seen the upgrades that have occurred in other parts of the city and even other parts of the Journal Square area. It will raise property values and bring about a big aesthetic improvement, not to mention the additional commerce benefits for local businesses. Just great for the neighborhood.

  29. A marvelous and elegant architectural masterpiece design of Hotel & Residential project is coming to change the face of JC entry point. It’s been long due to develop this particular area for uplifting the neighborhood image as well as the JC. A must go project.

  30. Finally JSQ is catching up with rest of Jersey city! this is the only place which is so under developed compared to rest of the jersey city. Look at New port, Grove street, Hoboken so fancy and JSQ on the other hand. More such projects should be welcomed by the city. Need of the hour in JSQ for a better tomorrow.

  31. This is something. Cant wait to see journal square transforming. strategically located close to NY, Newark airport and well connected to highways. Looks like it has the potential to change the neighbourhood economy.

  32. I live in this locality and there is no decent hotel if I have extra guests or if I want to host a family get together and it is always so annoying to have my guests stay far away. I really like this and would feel proud to have such a nice structure around. This locality is actually as beautiful as downtown considering the amazing skyline view but no initiatives or projects ever took advantage of that. Better late than never!

  33. This looks to be a great project and has got good potential to uplift the neighborhood. We need such projects in this neighborhood. Design and architecture looks marvelous, looking forward for this project.

  34. I have been hearing about hotel project in Journal square for decades. So many planned and all of them didn’t happen. Finally someone is investing in this impressive project and it will be great for our neighborhood. This area looked blighted during night time and the area will become nicer enough for me to walk with my kid

  35. This project is really important for growth in this area. I think it will be great for the people and guests working in Journal Square. Lots of out-of-towners will stay here before commuting to the Big Apple too.

  36. This city needs growth. We need to start bringing in more contemporary structures to the area. This project is very much needed for the city and it will bring in more business more money and more millennials. This is exactly what we need please build it ASAP!

  37. Very exciting to see this project in this block It will improve the safety for those of us who walk by it every day. There will always by some naysayers but I must say bravo councilman Richard for supporting this project. Hope they have retail space for a nice coffee shop. We badly need it here

  38. simply love the rooftop restaurant / party space with Manhattan View. There are good projects coming up near the Path station area and the Heights is getting nice but these blocks on 139 were a dark spot. Good job guys .
    Good to see the city council didn’t turn a blind eye to this area.

  39. Amazing property. Fantastic rooftop restaurant. Can’t wait to stay there when it is constructed. I am glad journal square is getting new look.

  40. 13 stories seem sensible considering Considering st johns towers across this site is 17 or 18 floors. I am sure Marriott will make sure they build a quality building and have enough parking. How come no one thought of building a hotel in Journal square. They choose a spot where traffic is not high and connectivity is excellent

  41. Just amazing architecture and vision❗️
    Wishing venture backers a great success.
    Looking at Chosen’s past track record I expect it will another Midas Touch from Kotlas’. I sincerely expect it to be a significant employment generator when the venture comes to fruition. A win for Jersey City. 👍

  42. Great project. This area needs new development and proposed penthouse bar/restaurant will be a great addition to community. I am living around since 10 years and was waiting for this kind of development.

  43. This is great news! Jersey City needs such a prospective project and it’ll definitely bring more value to the whole area. Also, this is good use of the land, can’t wait to see the development.

  44. The plan looks great. Kudos to the idea. Such projects should be encouraged as they bring a lot of development to the whole area.

  45. Wow..thats awesome and wonderful.
    Great news to the city. Much needed development to the area, it’s will be a good place for visitors to stay and have the glimpse of New York skyline.

    • I assume the people who are commenting for the *first time* are also residents, and indeed, live nearby the proposed hotel. The only difference one group ( the anti development contingent) is organized and the other isn’t.

    • I didn’t go to this meeting, because of known few people who group up against every proposal in Jersey City… I wonder what thier agenda really is, but whatever… This is clearly a good development.

  46. I live in the Heights and always passed this dead zone when walking to Journal Square. This development would be a Godsend to what’s currently a no man’s land. The problem is the NIMBY group and their misguided concerns about parking is much more organized than us younger YIMBY community. I wish they would change nothing about this hotel, but the NIMBYs and unrepresentative neighborhood associations are going to butcher it down until it looks like your run of the mill Days Inn with at least two parking spaces per room.

  47. Right. I’m in McGinley and driving through here I always thought something like this would be great for the area… Literally a perfect spot for this. But people just become an angry mob when talking about any development as if this would do anything to people living there… It’s a hotel… People complained they didn’t want airbnb in residential areas and lobbied for a hotel, when a hotel is proposed, people have a problem with it as well… There is no answer to an angry mob who don’t care for our city to prosper…

    • The answer is very simple. Form a counter group of people who are pro development for these sort of forward looking projects. Look at all the residents who I presume are Indian who commented on this thread and enthusiastically approve of this hotel. If you don’t open your mouth you don’t get nothing in this world. And a small group can indeed affect change. In the words of Margaret Mead it’s the only way it’s ever happened. People do whatever the fuck their told without questioning why. If the Indian contingent wasn’t so exceedingly polite, got organized, along with others, they could have an impact.

      The other way is to implement a referendum. Do a popular vote within a 10 or 15 block radius and find out what the majority want. Zoning regulations should be practical and sensible however, in my view, one size doesn’t fit all. The hotel project is a clear case of an artfully designed upgrade that would replace a dumpy ass piece of crappy real estate.

  48. There is way too much congestion there for this. I’d even question allowing residential there. Additionally it abuts a neighborhood of 2 and 3 story homes, this is totally out of character and it isn’t nimby’s who don’t want it, it doesn’t belong. I’m generally pro development but jersey city is officially out of control and the current administration cares nothing for zoning or sane urban planning. They are simply allowing almost anything to be built anywhere. Also the design of this building is trash, 15 years from now it will just look dated.

  49. I hope this gets built as is. It’s much needed in what’s currently a no man’s land. I walk near this site almost every day on the way to Journal Square.

  50. Did this get approved? What is the latest on the project? I am buying a multifamily property a couple blocks away that i am moving into and would love for this addition to the neighborhood. It’s very much needed like everyone else mentioning in this post. Hope it moved forward!


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