Developer Wants to Bring 10-Story Building to Broadway in Bayonne

281 289 Broadway Bayonne Development Rendering 1
Developers are envisioning 100 residential units, close to 2,420 square feet of ground-floor retail space, and 102 parking spaces for a series of lots at 281-289 Broadway in Bayonne. Rendering courtesy of Melamed Architect PC.

Four adjacent properties along Bayonne’s main drag could become the site of a ten-story building if a development firm gets its way.

Bayonne Equities BII Urban Renewal, LLC filed plans with the municipal government calling for a mixed-use complex to be built at 281, 283-287, and 289 Broadway along with 9-11 West 12th Street.

281 289 Broadway Bayonne Development Rendering 2
Rendering courtesy of Melamed Architect PC.

A statement submitted by the company’s attorney last month to the City of Bayonne shows that developers are envisioning 100 residential units, close to 2,420 square feet of ground-floor retail space, and 102 parking spaces with a “mechanical/stacked parking system.” The building would be nearly 145 feet tall.

“The proposed building will replace aging and obsolete structures with a modern mixed-use building,” the statement claims. “It will greatly improve the neighborhood aesthetic and inject vibrancy and activity into downtown Broadway, building on the success of multi-family residential developments to the south and north of this project.”

281 289 Broadway Bayonne Development Rendering 3
Rooftop amenity level. Rendering courtesy of Melamed Architect PC.

There would also be an “amenity level” atop the residential portion of the building that would include a 1,557-square-foot fitness center, a spa, a business center, a playroom for children, a lounge, a kitchenette, and an outdoor terrace, according to site plans from Melamed Architect PC that were released online by Dynamic Engineering.

The site is located a few blocks from the 8th Street stop on the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail and includes a parking area, a two-story building that has included businesses such as Prestige Car Wash and Yanet Flower Shop, and a three-story building that used to contain New Chicken Station.

A May environmental report from Dresdner Robin shows that the two existing buildings include a total of six residential units.

Bayonne Equities BII Urban Renewal, LLC is looking to receive preliminary and final major site plan approval with a bulk height variance. The company’s disclosure statement associated Dimitris Vattes’ Kapi Holdings 2, LLC and Lior Darel’s FTF Partners, LLC with the firm. All three LLCs are based in Astoria, Queens, according to the application.

The matter is scheduled to go before the Bayonne Planning Board during its meeting on Tuesday, October 13 at 6:00 p.m., according to a public notice.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Bayonne Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.


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  1. Good luck! People are leaving the NY Metro area for the suburbs. Numerous luxury towers in Downtown Jersey City are down 10-20% in their occupancy. But, the cheap money keeps flowing and the City of Payonne keeps handing out tax abatements like Halloween candy.

  2. 15,000+ vacant apartments in NYC. City landlords are offering 2-3 months free rent to entice renters. Rents are down over 6% in NYC. Not a good climate to keep sticking new, high density buildings in the ground.

    How about building more townhomes and/or 1 & 2 family homes to bring in homeowners vs renters?

  3. good to see you Shirley! -versusreality

    People aren’t even moving into the new development on Broadway in midtown. Why do they think it’s a good idea to build more? It’s obvious that “build and they will come” doesn’t always apply.

  4. Versus – good to hear from you!

    Completely agree with your assessment. I think all of this building is spurred by the historically low interest rates, the Opportunity Zones in the new tax code, and the local government offering generous tax breaks. The stock market is overbought, so investors are putting the money into real estate, with the risk leveraged by the City / local taxpayers.

  5. bingo. 2021 is not looking good, a bubble will pop in the housing market. How long will that popped bubble last? Guessing 2-5 years.

  6. These comments are not based in reality. In reality, suburban sales/rents are plummeting and urban sales/rents are rising. Yes, there was a suburban sales/rent spike during the lockdown, but that’s done. September numbers in NYC and Urban Jersey were much better than in the burbs.

    The pandemic will be done in a few months. Biden will be Prez, there will be a vaccine, and there’s zero reason why a suburb would be more appealing than urban living for those who preferred urban living pre-pandemic. There’s literally no advantage to sprawl over urbanity, and people (genearlly speaking) prefer urbanity. So obviously places like Bayonne and Jersey City will continue to grow, and the sprawly towns will continue to stagnate.

  7. The pandemic has taught us that working from home is viable. Companies do not have to maintain expensive office space. (watch for the coming commercial real estate crisis) People no longer have to live near their jobs. They have begun (and will continue) to migrate to the suburbs for the bigger house, more land, and better schools. Houses in the suburbs sell within days, with bidding wars.

  8. “Absolutely stunning proposal. ”

    Cookie-cutter building that looks like every other residential building stamped out in Hudson and Bergen counties

    People want lower density housing with open space, as another recent article on Jersey Digs indicate. They do not want high rise, high-density housing that looks like it was made on a factory assembly line

  9. Continue to ruin everything for people who already live here… Developers just want the land, they don’t give af about filling these units. They’ll get 20-30 year tax abatements and will renew for another 20 years. Breaking the tax paying residents to maintain the infrastructure, schools, and emergency services. Stop breaking the backs of small town people for greed. We don’t need this. There are plenty of ugly high rises being built. Kindly fuck off.

  10. Lynn, thank you for your service. It’s horrible how veterans are treated in this country. I once met someone from Australia who recently moved to America. When I asked him what shocked him about this country, he said: “How veterans are treated. I see so many of them struggling or homeless. In Australia, there would be mass protests in the streets if we had homeless veterans. Thankfully, that’s not an issue over there. “

  11. Jenna,
    Thank you for the suggestion to Kindly fuck off.
    Speaking for the ownership group I’d like to inform you of the following –
    We are part of the community and we contribute to the community in Bayonne and will continue to do so for years to come .
    We believe in our community and believe in the need to grow our community and make sure it gets better for us and for the next generations to come after us.
    And we kindly Decline you offer to fuck off.
    Good to hear from you .

  12. “We believe in our community”

    Your LLC’s are based in Astoria, Queens. Bayonne is NOT your community, unless it has ceded to NYC recently . Is your tax abatement 20, 25, or 30 years? Bayonne property owners are leveraging your risk and paying full price for city services that you will receive the benefit of.

  13. my LLC can be registered to my office or in this case ,to my lawyers office address.
    but lets me ask you a question or two now
    when was the last time you invested in Bayonne ?
    when was the last time you created hundred or so new jobs ?
    when was the last time a venture you created had people come over to Bayonne, shopping in Bayonne, supporting the local shops and restaurants ?
    never ?
    is it don’t call me Shirley or should we change it to -don’t ask me to do anything but let me voice my 2 cents on everyone who does something positive ?

  14. I’m one of the Bayonne property owners paying for your tax abatement. That is my investment in this town that spends taxpayer money like a drunken sailor.

    Have a nice day, Liar.

  15. Lior, one more thing. Since projects like yours get financial assistance from Bayonne taxpayers in the form of a tax abatement, you better believe we will stick our two cents in every time a developer comes along with a proposal. How about constructing your building without the abatement?

  16. I have buildings in Bayonne that has no abatement .
    My name is lior and not liar and I’ll be happy to help you with your spelling .
    The abetment you are referring to helps bring in more jobs to Bayonne , more people to move in to Bayonne , spend money in the shops in Bayonne , help improve the community life in Bayonne and more. No one wants to ruin this beautiful city , we want to make it better and make the community prosper. I am committed to do this in Bayonne . Are you ? If the answer is yes , great for the city of Bayonne !

  17. Who wants to rent one of these luxury buildings just to look at decrepit buildings, old gas stations and dollar stores. Maybe Bayonne should worry about making the city better for the people who already live here instead of trying to appeal to new overpriced renters.

    They don’t care about improving community life in Bayonne, they only care about making more money for themselves!


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