50 Apartments and Retail Space Could Come to a McGinley Square Corner

99 Storms Rendering Jersey City Nj 1
Proposed development: 99 Storms Avenue, McGinley Square, Jersey City.

A developer is looking to construct a new building in a Jersey City neighborhood that has already seen multiple development proposals over the last two years.

99 Storms, LLC has plans to build a six-story complex at the corner of Storms and Monticello Avenues in McGinley Square. A public notice shows that the company has filed an application with the Jersey City Planning Board for Preliminary and Final Site Plan approval in order to construct the development at 99 Storms Avenue and neighboring 253 Monticello Avenue. The board is scheduled to hear the application, which includes requests for variances such as exceeding the maximum number of stories and not providing enough parking, during its meeting on Tuesday, July 23, at 5:30 p.m.

If the project is approved and constructed in the way that is currently proposed, the building would not only include 50 apartments but also ground-floor retail space. Five parking spaces for car-sharing vehicles would be provided on the premises, according to the notice. Other details regarding the project, such as the proposed pricing of the units and what amenities would be provided for residents, have not yet been released.

City tax records show that ownership of the 8,892-square-foot site is split between 253 Monticello, LLC and the developer, Storms 99, LLC. Both companies are registered out of their respective addresses, making the owners of the firms unclear. The properties in question each contain a house.

A Facebook listing mentioned that a community meeting regarding a development on the premises was scheduled to be held in March at a nearby church. However, the listing and an associated rendering described plans for an eight-story building with 67 units. The current rendering, above, now has six stories.

Other recent development proposals in this vicinity have included the 199-unit Monticello Triangle complex, the 35-unit plan for 78 Storms Avenue, and an adaptive reuse of an existing building at 108 Storms Avenue.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Jersey City Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.



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  1. 99.9% Hasidic developers from Brooklyn and they own everything in this neighborhood. Expect cheap construction in tiny units to maximize profits. Of course they have a small budget for handouts to politicians like Robinson and building department for approvals and also local cheerleaders like Val who LOVES everything.

    • This is beautiful! The most beautiful of any proposals… And yes in my neighborhood, I clearly support this, as do my fellow neighbors

      • Val, you don’t speak for all your neighbors. I don’t believe we are acquainted at all. You probably don’t have a clue, but parking on Storms between Monticello and Summit is already a nightmare. I guess the flyer that sometimes appears in the mailbox the day of one of these alleged community meetings is the notice we get – if you even get that. That’s a joke.

  2. It’s a beautiful design. Maybe they can even incorporate a small mural on a side if possible and some greenery. I like the look of the murals around the neighborhood, it brings character. Who tf cares if it’s built by someone that is of Jewish or non-jewish descent. Oh yea, only the dazed and confused…

    • It’s not about the religion, it’s about their motivation and standards. If you are clueless to that then I can’t help you

      • Motivations or standards? What? Do you even know the developers here? Or any of the individuals you are referring about or you are grouping all people alike into “them”? For the record, I’ve gone to this development meeting and there were no “Hasidic” people who represented themselves as the owners, should that even matter. Since I don’t understand why would it ever matter who the owner is anyway? It’s what is being presented to the community for the best interests of the community and the neighborhood at large… I, for one, who lives in the neighborhood and pays my share of taxes, think that this beautiful development and added lights, fixed sidewalks, new commercial and other neighborhood additions are far better than an abandoned home surrounded by weeds…

        • @Val that doesn’t mean anything, you like EVERYTHING. There isn’t a development you haven’t thought is beautiful and how great it is for the community. I have no doubt you are a paid cheerleader.

  3. The comments are supposed to be based on the development and not who’s developing them and that’s solely what both of your comments are based on. You’re not mentioning the structure, not your reservations on the look, or even the location but solely who’s behind it. (Which is obvious that you clearly have NO idea what group is behind it.) What are your development ideas? What are your objections on the design or the location? If your ideas are solely on WHO is the developer then we already know where your agenda is.

    • Who’s developing the site is often just as important, if not more so, than the finished product – which in this case is nothing special though it is a nice use of common gray brick and cheapo aluminum cladding. Calling it *stunning* is a bit over the top. I would describe work by Peter Marino or Zaha Hadid as stunning. I for the life me can’t understand why people are so fond of the Juliette balcony rather than a proper cantilevered platform that extends from the building. I don’t see any room for a mural though etching a design into the sidewalk could look pretty great.

      As for who is building something there are issues as to how a property was acquired and financed, are the contractors and subs insured, is lead and asbestos removed according to code, are porto-o -potties provided, are the laborers paid a living wage, etc, etc. At a Hasidic owned renovation where I live I observed the workers had zero protective gear while doing demo work and had no access to bathroom facilities. They were pissing in a tool shed and taking shits god knows where. I’d be surprised if the contractor had workmen’s comp. Someone gets injured, and it happens all the time, the taxpayer pays for the hospital care.

  4. “DazedandConfused”, that’s a fitting name. I like the development, it’s much needed for the area and benefit to the community. I love the retail component, it’s lacking in the community…design is really beautiful. By the way, who cares what their religious background is if they’re investing into our community and making things nicer. It’s an improvement, adding value.

    • Did you go to the meeting where the Hasidic developers were proposing to build 400 sq ft units in Bergen Lafayette? How about the one they wanted to squeeze two additional units on the ground floor and cut into the retail space for more money? They are notorious for cheap construction and greed. Why else would you scam the welfare system when you got millions in the bank?

      So somehow you think this development is different lol. You sound like a NYC transplant.

      I would bet money this is a Hasidic developer, I can just tell with the shady LLC setup to hide their identity. It used to be a giveaway when the address linked to Brooklyn so now they fixed that problem.

  5. How much do you want to bet, and do you have Venmo so I can collect? You sound like someone who knows how to scam the welfare system quite well. So to recap, your biggest concern is a Hasidic Jew building this even though it isn’t a Hasidic Jew?

    I’ll bet as much money as you’ve got to give. Let’s go, I’m ready to wager.

    • Sounds like someone didn’t have time to see the building get approved last night. Or see the developers for themselves so you can sleep better at night. Since your concerns are sourly antisemitic and basing your personal experience on an entire group of people.

      I’ll second that wager NYC Transplant.

      • Lol. @elle. Clearly we knew who actually was there… Luckily this development has been approved. I’ll bring my shovel at ground breaking! Can’t build this fast enough!

        • Just curious. Are any of these things being built on your block Val? Its always the people who love everything who seem to know when all the “meetings” take place.

          • I live 3 blocks away. There were many meetings about this. Many representatives of block associations who posted to thier people and others who were informed in multiple Facebook groups also emails to neighbors and flyers. Plus the development company sent out notices via certified mail to all neighbors within 500 feet I believe. There were 2 meetings and the actual presentation at planning. Besides the notices, this article also came out before the planning approved the structure… And FYI I welcome development on my block… Many abandoned and destroyed homes were already renovated and rebuilt

  6. Val, I guess they just missed me at around 528 feet so I never got a letter, but it wouldn’t be the first time. I did get one for 78 Storms. Whole houses have vanished while I was at work (at less than 200 feet). Surprise! A hole in the ground instead of a house. Since not everybody belongs to groups on Facebook or is someone’s “people,” maybe they have to come up with another way of letting us know these things. There are plenty of people who don’t even get home until after 5:30; I know I don’t, and won’t make it in time to a 5:30 meeting.
    I have paid my fair share of property taxes too. So yeah, I’d be glad to see things fixed up but without having it happen because a luxury building is being built.
    I’d love to know why there is so little parking for such a large building with retail. Where will the residents and customers park? The Monticello Ave. lot? Maybe on your street. There is no room on Storms. I’m sure they will want to park for free anyway.
    I guess it doesn’t really matter what we say anyway – unless we think it’s just the best thing ever.

    • The meetings were at 7pm as I recall. I can’t speak for other people, however I was notified by several sources. And it was the same notifications as 78 Storms. I know, I was at that meeting as well… In terms of parking, parking has been difficult always. However at least most people looking for these apartments are commuters or use lyft etc. That’s why there is a rent a car in the building which allows the residents to use as part of lease… I thought that was creative to try to secure specific clientele that do not bring thier own cars. However, whenever any place becomes more in demand, more people come there, and with more people, there would obviously be more cars. I understand it’s an inconvenience, I pay my share of property taxes also and parking gets worse, however we also get more on our streets such as New cafes, New stores and more life. It’s a trade off. I rather have more life…

  7. Well Val, its obvious we won’t have a meeting of the minds on this one. Hopefully you will get a few of these stunning buildings on your block soon, if you don’t have one already. Enjoy! 🙂


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