Developer Seeks to Build 35 Apartments on Jersey City’s Storms Avenue

78 Storms Avenue Jersey City 2
Site of proposed development: 78 Storms Avenue, Jersey City. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

At first, when walking along Storms Avenue between Monticello Avenue and Howard Place near McGinley Square in Jersey City, it appears that the street is like any other residential street in the neighborhood, with houses, apartment buildings, and a church lining the block. However, tucked away behind a row of homes is a structure somewhat out of the ordinary. Situated at the end of a driveway in the middle of the block at 78 Storms Avenue, a warehouse can currently be found, but possibly not for much longer.

The property where the roughly 12,000-square-foot facility stands was acquired for $1.8 million last year by a company called VRAJ Columbia, LLC. The firm, which is registered out of a house in Paramus, is now planning to replace the warehouse with a six-story multi-family building.

The proposed development is slated to tower 66 feet over the neighborhood and include 35 residential units, according to a legal notice. Although 36 spaces would be provided on the property for bicycle parking, only 19 spots would be included for cars.

A community meeting regarding the project was held last month at the Church of Incarnation, according to a Facebook event listing, which includes a rendering of the project. The listing mentions that 20 of the units are expected to include two bedrooms while 10 are slated to contain one bedroom. Studios would make up the remaining five units.

78 Storms Avenue Jersey City 1
A preliminary rendering of the proposed project via Facebook.

The next meeting regarding the proposed development is the one that could decide whether or not the plans are able to move forward. Since VRAJ Columbia, LLC has applied for Preliminary and Final Site Plan approval with variances ranging from use to height, the Jersey City Zoning Board of Adjustment will vote on the matter. The board is scheduled to hear the application during its meeting on Thursday, March 28, at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Jersey City Zoning Board of Adjustment and other commissions are subject to change.



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  1. Maybe it’s me but this would fall in the “common sense” category. That street is a small residential block with the 2 to 3 story buildings. It’s not a major road…if these developers applied a little more common sense then they wouldn’t have to constantly battle local residents about their developments. Everyone wants to make more money I get it, yes they want more units…but it has to be appropriate for the block.

    We had to smack around the developer trying to build in the junction multiple times and now another one. We’re not afraid, BRING IT! We’ll fight this one too!!

    • Yeah because a 9 story building behind it and an 8 story being built behind it as well are out of character … No… There were meetings about this, and people were positive about this development…

        • The junction one had an issue with parking and I also wasn’t there… Plus they weren’t rejected, they asked them to change a few things and to come back. That’s normal… This one has parking. Also people that live near it are for it…

          • I mean that’s like saying a girl didn’t reject me for a date…she just said she needed to wash her hair. They put their proposal in front of the committee and it got rejected Dikembe Mutombo style with the finger wagging (e.g. if you don’t change anything then no development). So now he has to come back and work with the community…which is where it all started.

            But Junction developer was never interested in working with the community, he just wanted his plans approved so he could turn around and flip the property to another developer…now he’ll just probably sell..


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