‘Monticello Triangle’ Project Could Rise Over McGinley Square

Monticello Triangle Mcginley Square Jersey City Exterior
Proposed mixed-use complex: Monticello Triangle, McGinley Square, Jersey City. Rendering courtesy Marchetto Higgins Stieve.

The neighborhood in Jersey City where Wards B, C, and F meet may be known as McGinley Square, but a triangle within this community is what developers are focusing on.

Monticello Triangle Mcginley Square Jersey City Aerial
Monticello Triangle, McGinley Square. Rendering courtesy Marchetto Higgins Stieve.

For decades, several buildings occupied the parcels stretching south from the corner of Monticello and Fairmount Avenues to Fairview Avenue, including a four-story apartment building and multiple structures that were two or three stories tall. However, over the years, many of the buildings that were once home to local residents along with businesses like Hudson Furniture & Appliances, the Fairmount Mill, and Milly’s Unisex Beauty Center fell into disrepair.

Then, within the past two years, all of the structures on the premises were torn down, leaving a large and empty triangle-shaped lot in the middle of the neighborhood. However, the tracts might not remain vacant for long.

The entire site, which officially consists of 4-12 Fairview Avenue, 221-227 Fairmount Avenue, and 220-238 Monticello Avenue, is owned by a company that is planning a major redevelopment. Monticello Equity Properties, LLC is looking to construct a 10-story mixed-use complex that would take up nearly the entire triangle. The project, which is currently being referred to as “Monticello Triangle,” would be among the largest in the vicinity if approved and completed.

Monticello Triangle Mcginley Square Jersey City Site Plan
Proposed site plan. Map courtesy Marchetto Higgins Stieve.

In an interview with Jersey Digs, project architect Dean Marchetto with Marchetto Higgins Stieve stated that the development is set to include 199 residential units along with a parking garage, a 2,065-square-foot gym, self-storage space, and an outdoor terrace for residents. In addition, a triangular public plaza and two retail spaces are included in the proposal, with one of the retail spaces being 5,275 square feet and the other being 4,435 square feet.

”They could be combined because they are right next to each other,” Marchetto explained, adding that “the retail space opens up to that triangular plaza so if a restaurant were to come, they would have outdoor seating there.”

Monticello Triangle Mcginley Square Jersey City Retail
Retail space. Rendering courtesy Marchetto Higgins Stieve.

Renderings of Monticello Triangle show that there would also be a lobby and lounge area along with a concierge and 10 of the apartments.

Monticello Triangle Mcginley Square Jersey City Residential
Residential space. Rendering courtesy Marchetto Higgins Stieve.

Although it was initially slated to be heard by the Jersey City Planning Board in the spring, Marchetto said that the design of the underground parking garage portion of the proposal is being amended. The updated plans are expected to go before the board in the near future.


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  1. Yes! Monticello really needs this! Have been waiting for this to be built. It is what Monticello needs! This is an block of huge empty lots and burned down houses which were knocked down. A prime location with transportation including the path minutes walk… this development is what would put Bergen Hill/McGinley square back on the map.

  2. Incorrect. The neighborhood does not need this. It is out of scale and not commensurate with what the neighborhood looks like. The city does not need anymore homogeneous buildings that throw scale off and are catered to incomes above what current local residents can afford. Stop the gentrification of Jersey City.

    • I live and own my house around the corner from this structure. It is not “out of scale”, its actually as of right within the development zone. Monticello is a prime location that was forgotten about.
      This building is smaller then the Beacon and same size as the old folks home a block away.
      And by the way, this developer is placing 20% of this entire development for affordable housing, without ANY tax relief from the city!
      The neighborhood FULLY supports and are behind this development. 100%!

    • I don’t know how to tell you this Dan but gentrification of Jersey City started long ago. So you would be happy with all of the communities between I-78 and the Hudson River (Grove Street, Exchange Place, Newport-Pavonia, Hamilton Park) that have already completed gentrification but it should not happen to our community in McGinley Square? They get to live in clean safe communities with great retail and services but we don’t? They get great supermarkets and transportation but we don’t? Do realize that a vast number of the people who live in and own their own homes in McGinley Square are of color. They will reap the rewards of this gentrification just like those from Hamilton Park and Downtown. They will experience more equity in their homes and profits should they sell. I don’t know about you but I would welcome a Trader Joes in my neighborhood as I would equally welcome a place to buy my catfish and crawfish.

  3. I own a home right near by and a fully support this decision. This area is filled with drug dealers and riff raff. this will bring a new light a forgotten about neighborhood. Please invest in Monticello. Let’s clean it up and make it a beautiful and SAFE place to be !

  4. Great development. Now you can only hope that they will finally put a plan together to increase capacity for a ” humane” commute to NYC. It is a disgrace.

  5. For the record, this area is the Jackson Hill Redevelopment Area and within the Jackson Hill Main Street Special Improvement District. McGinley Square is a separate SID. All within Ward F. If anyone has any questions regarding the district and activities/projects with the 2.5 mile district feel free to contact the Jackson Hill Office located at 99 Monticello Avenue (201) 984-0560 or email [email protected]. Thanks, Have a Good One!

  6. This story is really inaccurate. This project started well before my grandson graduated grammar school 2013.. The businesses were open and running, the buildings were all occupied and the little park was maintained. Once those buildings were acquired, THEN the buildings sat there and rotted for years and the park became overgrown. Years after that, the buildings were all demolished. These guys caused this mess years ago or whoever bought the site before them. Get your facts straight. I know this is way late, but I stumbled across this searching for something else.

  7. Can’t wait to see it. I live across where the development will take place and I am looking forward for the project to be executed.


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