Mack-Cali Submits Plans for 68-Story Tower in Downtown Jersey City

Mack Cali Harborside 8 And 9 Jersey City 2
Proposed new tower by Mack-Cali. Rendering via Mack-Cali’s quarterly report.

In another sign that the vertical building boom happening along the Hudson River’s west bank isn’t slowing down, one of Jersey City’s most prominent companies is looking to replace part of a parking lot with a sky-high development that would be one of the tallest in the state.

Earlier this month, a corporation named Plaza VIII & IX Associates LLC applied to the city’s planning department seeking approvals for a new project. The company is a subsidiary of Mack-Cali’s Roseland Residential Trust and the parcel they would develop is a 169,000-square-foot surface parking lot located at 242 Hudson Street and 3 Second Street.

The vision for the land is bold, as the development would construct a 68-story building that rises just over 708 feet at the highest point. The mixed-use project, which has been referred to as Harborside 8/9 by Mack-Cali in the past, would feature 680 residential units paired with 18,662-square-feet of commercial space.

Mack Cali Harborside 8 And 9 Jersey City 1
Site of proposed development: 242 Hudson Street and 3 Second Street, Jersey City.

A total of 505 parking spaces would be included in the development, 329 of which would be inside a garage within the building. The remaining 176 would be located on a portion of the surface parking lot set to remain under the plans. Boston-based Elkus Manfredi Architects is listed as the architect of record on the company’s application.

The units inside Harborside 8/9 would break down as 206 studios, 266 one-bedrooms, 183 two-bedrooms, and 25 three-bedrooms. Because the property falls within the East Waterfront District of the Harsimus Cove Redevelopment Plan, no affordable units are included in the proposed project, as none are required to be.

A revision to the layout of the nearby Lutze Biergarten is included in the plans, which appears to be the first building of three that are envisioned at the site. Per the application, only 21% of the lot will be covered by the proposed building and conceptual renderings from Mack-Cali’s recent reports show three structures of similar height rising on the land.

Mack Cali Harborside 8 And 9 Jersey City 3
Currently called Harborside 8 and 9. Rendering via Mack-Cali’s quarterly report.

The proposed building’s impact on the skyline would be significant. Including structures either built or currently under construction, this development would be the sixth tallest in the state behind Atlantic City’s Ocean Resort Casino. If you include the recently-approved Avalon Tower and the currently-stalled 30 Journal Square, Mack-Cali’s latest proposal would still rank as the eighth tallest in New Jersey.

Back in February, Jersey City’s planning board approved Mack-Cali’s application to subdivide the land and that reality indicates that this proposed high-rise might not be the last one that emerges at the property. Mack-Cali submitted plans for the tower to the city on October 1, but a date hasn’t been set for the planning board to hear the application.

Towers, towers, towers:


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  1. Here comes the hack again as the dweeb Mike Demarco continues destroying downtown. I’m sure it’ll be another vanilla building with subpar retail. Any small businesses in the area should be worried since the hack likes take out any local competition. Isn’t he suing JC now? Trying to push food trucks away so more people go to his failing District Kitchen. Hey Mike…how about you actually build stuff that attracts people? Maybe take some lessons from Urby..

  2. After many years, JC has finally cleaned up a lot of the street crime only to let in the real CRIMINALS ( developers ) to completely destroy what was once a beautiful downtain by building huge skyscrapers with no parking and infrastructure to support the enormous traffic. Why are the members of the Land Use Board allowing this happen ? The reasons are quite obvious!!!!

  3. I actually really like this design, it will be a great addition to the skyline especially with that height.

    Re: “destroying” downtown, how is keeping a surface parking lot a better option? The sooner we build up these lots the better. Walking around this area specifically with all those huge lots has a really strange feel, and they do nothing to contribute to the tax base or the overall urban vibrancy. It would be awesome if they would make some of the existing lots into a big public park or something, but they are privately owned land after all. Most of the future residents in this area won’t likely have cars and they’re providing 500+ parking spaces, so not sure what else you want from them.

    • I’m not against development just development by hacks like Mike Demarco and Mack Cali.

      I think Urby was great addition

    • How is a 68 story skyscraper going to have a positive impact on a downtown surrounded by beautiful 3-4 story brownstones. And as far as addding to the tax ratables. Wait until they have to spend hundreds of millions to build new schools and police stations and fire stations. There is not one positive aspect to building huge skyscrapers except to make the developers even richer

  4. Not sure what’s being built here. All those buildings in the illustration, which have no details to begin with, all look holograms of some sort ghost like structure.

  5. The Jersey City govt. is on a rampage against its residents. And in bed with Mack Cali. Stop building. Leave the waterfront open.

    Leave us alone.

  6. Fantastic news! It is so exciting to finally see JC filling in and becoming a real, urban city. Three major towers essentially replacing a giant empty lot, and turning a dead zone into vibrancy.

    There should be no more empty lots near the water. This is a good start.

  7. What REALLY needs to happen, should these towers be approved, is to have minimal if any at all tax abatements… I am tired of paying taxes for these developers where they pay none… if they do NOT get a tax abatement, they will still build because there is money in it… the city should just stop rolling over and giving abatements to all these already stinking rich developers who contribute zero to infrastructure etc through zero tax policies!

    • just so you know, a tax abatement doesn’t mean they pay $0 in taxes. They pay a set amount per year so they can plan for their tax obligations. The amount is not zero, and actually the city gets a higher percentage of PILOT payments than they do from taxes!

  8. While I am not a huge fan of any more density in downtown Jersey City, I don’t understand what the deal is on flaming DeMarco. I don’t know him at all, but from what I read about him, he’s a pretty inspiring guy. Born and raised in Jersey City under modest circumstances. Went to Pace for college, got an accounting degree and passed the CPA. Then went to get an MBA. Ultimately became very successful. It seems to me the guy is self made, unlike lets’ say Jamie LeFrak. DeMarco is a Jersey City born and bred success story. I may not like all of his decisions, but I admire his accomplishments and work ethic. It’s ok, to have a difference of opinion, but I don’t think it has to be personal.

    • I don’t care where he was born and raised or how successful he is. When you try and push food Trucks out of their area to advance your own business you’re a scumbag. When you try and move the Katyn statue because it’s “gruesome” when it’s such an important structure for the polish community which have been in JC way longer than him…and for a lifelong JCer as you say to disrespect the’re scum. On top of that he builds garbage and tries to be cool when he’s not.

      If you create a cool vibe with quality offerings, people will come. You won’t have to eliminate competition to benefit your subpar brand.

      • I am not offended by the moving of the food trucks. The first food truck that I was aware of was the Harvest Cart which was parked on 8th Street in front of Hamilton Park. Their food was amazing. But they were unfortunately booted from the area. Now there are legions of trucks. I don’t know DeMarco enough to say whether he’s trying to act cool. I don’t know where that comes from. I get the sense he works non-stop. I do think there’s too much development downtown now. And I think putting up all these stratospheric high rises with no green space is a bad idea. I am also surprised he would build now as the real estate market and the over all economy is teetering on crashing. I just think that when addressing an issue, one should stick to the issue and not make it personal. DeMarco is doing a job of keeping his stock holder’s happy. That’s what he gets paid to do. Focusing on the JC quality of life is the way to go. Attacking him personally is not.

        • Well he’s a terrible businessman and developer which explains why he continues to build in a slowing market. They actually had a pretty terrible Q2 so I don’t think his shareholders are that happy. And last time I checked I believe their shares were down about 7% since last earnings.


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