18-Story Tower Could Bring Nearly 150 Units to Jersey City’s Econo-Car Site

413 Summit Avenue Journal Square Jersey City
Proposed Journal Square development at 407-409 and 413 Summit Avenue, Jersey City. Rendering via Uforma.com.

While Jersey City’s Journal Square has been served by rapid transit rail service for well over a century, the last few years, in particular, have seen countless development proposals for properties within walking distance of the neighborhood’s PATH station. New buildings have been proposed for all sorts of properties in the community, ranging from residential lots to vacant tracts to existing commercial structures. Now, another proposed development that could tower over this area if ultimately constructed is up for approvals.

The latest plan involves 407-409 and 413 Summit Avenue, two neighboring lots that are located between Sip Avenue and Newkirk Street. The site, which contains a garage that has long been used by a vehicle rental business called Econo-Car, was recently acquired in June for $750,000 from a Livingston family. The new owner, 413 Summit Holding, LLC, is registered out of the same Lower Manhattan office as Titanium Realty Group, a company responsible for several other residential development plans in Jersey City.

Under the developer’s proposal, the existing building on the premises would be torn down and replaced with an 18-story building, according to a public notice that was issued late last month. The building is slated to bring 148 residential units to the Journal Square 2060 Redevelopment Plan Area along with 4,865 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. It is expected that most residents of the project would rely on public transportation since an underground parking area is only set to include 16 spaces, though bicycle parking would be available as well.

Renderings and site plans of the development that were posted by Uforma, a firm based out of the same address as Titanium Realty Group, indicate that there would be studios, one-bedroom units, and two-bedroom units, along with a rooftop terrace and amenity space with a bar area.

Meanwhile, a company called LJJ Funds circulated a listing for possible investors for this project earlier this year that mentioned that LJJ had “partnered with Titanium Realty Group to launch a single asset Opportunity Zone Fund, located in the gentrifying area of Journal Square.” The listing described 413 Summit as a $48 million development that could be completed by March 2021.

413 Summit Holding, LLC needs to receive Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval from the Jersey City Planning Board in order to advance the development in its current form. As of when the notice was issued, the board was scheduled to hear the application during its meeting this Tuesday, August 13, at 5:30 p.m.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Jersey City Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.



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  1. Although residential buildings around a transit hub may seem to be logical it doesn’t work if you can’t get on the trains due to overcrowding. Path is investing over 1B to fix the issue but even that is not enough. Go figure.

    • Since this is a transit hub and further expansion for path is on its way, over crowding (during rush hour only) will be handled. However, PATH is by far much better than the MTA. It’s only over crowded when there are issues with services which are being fixed… So we are progressively moving JERSEY CITY forward…

          • Val, just come clean. you’re a transplant who’s cool with a lot of developers. we get it. there’s plenty like you around now.

        • No, I totally agree with X and David, Mr. Val. An overpriced rental car biz where I once had to throw out a couch I got from a family friend because the van I rented was full of bed bugs is totally a better use of this land then housing for 150+ metro residents and maybe some decent retail, fingers crossed.

          I do agree/worry that the Port will never make good on their commitments, though, unaccountable and ungovernable hydra that it is…

  2. Great news, but should be taller. Even with the new and planned towers, Journal Square needs a stronger skyline. High density needs to be around transit hubs.

    • It’s about same size as 87 Newkirk. I actually thinks it’s perfect… They will build bigger on other side Journal Square. Sip down they have been this height and lower…

    • “stronger skyline” ….you sound like a director at DC comics telling the artist to make Gotham City look better. what’s the purpose of a “stronger skyline” ? the skyline looks fine to me. I like looking up and seeing the sky, not towers everywhere. there’s already high density in the area. and the transit can’t even handle it anymore.

  3. @X. I’m part of a community neighborhood association. I get involved within my neighborhood. And yes I have opinions on what goes around in my neighborhood, so I voice them. Going to all meetings takes commitment which gets hard, but I do it because I think it’s important…

  4. People like Val and TH naively believe that because *experts* have done *studies* ( uncontrolled laughing) that the dysfunctional entity known as Port Authority will alleviate all the areas mass transit’s woes. The PA is basically legalized extortion. Where does your money go? What is it used for? What do you get in return? The money goes to pay sky high salaries and pensions. The trains are packed body to body(rather backpack to backpack) not only at rush hour but late at night when the trains run less frequently. Constant delays even with federally mandated PTC. As for a “strong connection” to NY there is in fact NO connection to lower Manhattan on weekends. Customer service is non existent. The escalators shut down at 8pm. JSQ has no proper waiting room or seating for the elderly or disabled due to their anti-bum agenda. The shoddy workmanship done on the plaza is in constant state of repair due the the cracked and broken square granite blocks which are the most expensive flooring components money can buy. The 87 Jackson bus line ? Hasn’t been on time for decades if ever. I’m all in for building upward just glad I’ve never had to take mass transit to a 9 to 5 job.


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