Three-Tower Version of Newark’s ‘Halo’ Project Approved, New Renderings Released

Halo Tower 289 301 Washington Street Newark 1
Approved design for The Halo, Newark. Rendering via INOA Architecture.

A company looking to bring a complex with three high-rise towers to a property at the edge of Downtown Newark can now move forward with its plans.

The second version of “The Halo,” a massive development being proposed for 289-301 Washington Street, was approved last week by the Newark Central Planning Board.

Halo Tower 289 301 Washington Street Newark 3
Second version of the design for The Halo, Newark. Rendering via INOA Architecture.
Halo Tower 289 301 Washington Street Newark 9
The six-story base of The Halo, Newark. Rendering via INOA Architecture.

The project by 289-301 Washington Street Urban Renewal, LLC is now slated to bring a 38-story tower, a 42-story tower, and a 46-story tower to the Central Ward. The towers would include a total of 949 residential rental units atop a six-story podium base, with site plans from INOA Architecture showing that automated parking, terraces, “garden level amenities,” and “skylounge amenities” such as rooftop pools are also in the works.

“I want my building to be the pride of Newark,” developer Moshe Glatzer told Jersey Digs.

Halo Tower 289 301 Washington Street Newark 7
Rooftop amenities at The Halo, Newark. Rendering via INOA Architecture.

Glatzer said that multiple community meetings regarding the project are expected to take place and noted that unlike other new developments that are targeted toward people who commute outside of Newark for work, The Halo is intended to serve people from a variety of incomes who are employed in the state’s largest city.

“We want a design that will work for every local in Newark, not just for people who travel and want to save money on New York City,” Glatzer said, adding that “we want people that actually contribute to the community.”

Halo Tower 289 301 Washington Street Newark 4
The Halo, Newark. Rendering via INOA Architecture.

The proposed pricing of the units has not yet been announced, but Glatzer mentioned that it is anticipated that the development would fully comply with Newark’s 20 percent inclusionary zoning ordinance and hire local residents.

“Our goal is to give every individual who comes to our building, regardless of income, the same service and the same accessibility to everything,” Glatzer stated.

The previous 40-story version of The Halo that was announced in 2018 would have included two towers with a total of 594 residential units.

Hudson Meridian Construction Group, which was recently involved in the Ocean Drive development in Coney Island, Brooklyn, will be the construction managers for the current version of The Halo, according to Vice President of Operations Vytas Sipas.

Halo Tower 289 301 Washington Street Newark 2
The Halo will rise in Newark’s Central Ward. Rendering via INOA Architecture.

Should these plans end up coming to fruition, The Halo’s 46-story tower would be the tallest building in Newark. Although there have been proposals for taller buildings over the years, the National Newark Building on Broad Street has been the city’s highest edifice for close to a century.

The first phase of this complex could be completed near the end of 2023, Glatzer said.


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  1. I think we are entering a new phase of redevelopment in the city… I suspect this project received a revision because of the huge amount of apartments under construction near Penn Station thanks to 777 McCarter and two huge projects in the Ironbound that were held up thanks to the challenges to the new zoning laws… I believe those three projects have, together, around 1400 units under construction at the moment. If these three turn out successful, especially after the pandemic starts to become a thing of the past, this project and many other will move from the realm of hypothetical to reality.

    We should really be focusing on what is going on in the Penn Station region, it holds the key to Newark’s developmental future.

  2. If built, this project will be one of the most architecturally-significant developments in the city, and one of the most aesthetically-pleasing Downtown. My only critique of the project is that the base gives it the feel of a fortress. Ground-level retail, of the desirable variety, would give the project a welcoming feeling.
    Engaging the same construction manager as the Ocean Drive project in Coney Island, certainly gives this project added credibility. Ocean Drive was a game-changer for Coney Island, as the Halo can be for Downtown.

  3. I love it. It actually looks like a three tallest buildings in the Soma proposal.

    I’m sure the Architects were inspired by the Soma rbh Towers. Maybe they are unofficially part of Soma.

  4. Architecturally, this is simply stunning. They could have easily gone with the tower equivalent of the Bayonne Box. Not too often one can label a new building elegant and graceful in the NYC metro area.

  5. It was honestly bound to happen, too many abandoned buildings and businesses in downtown Newark & plus all of the inflation. “Pride of Newark”, that is until… all buildings began to look like this! This is a step in the right direction, but only if the job markets offer more than the amount of rent as it is all increasing.


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