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Military Park Newark Management Changes Hands

Biederman Ends Involvement in Newark’s Military Park

The company most associated with Manhattan’s Bryant Park no longer has a role in the operation of Military Park in Downtown Newark.
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burg military park newark reopens for season

Former Burg Space in Newark Remains Empty, But Could a New Restaurant Take Its...

The Downtown Newark burger joint, which was owned by the same people as Maritime Parc, has permanently closed.
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new jersey war memorial monuments

A Memorial Day Look At New Jersey’s War Memorials And Battle Monuments

The Garden State’s municipalities are filled with monuments dedicated to battles fought in the state and internationally by its residents.
burg military park newark reopens for season

Food, Drinks, & Entertainment Return To BURG At Military Park

BURG, the popular burger restaurant in Newark's Military Park, reopens for its first full season with a slew of new menu items.
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newark portal project shared studios military park

Gold Shipping Container in Newark is Part of a Global Art Initiative

A gold painted shipping container has landed in the middle of Military Park in Downtown Newark. Dubbed a 'portal' the container is part of a global art initiative by Shared Studios.