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Civic Involvement Jersey City The Ellipse Jared Kofsky

How Can Residents Shape Jersey City’s Development?

Emotions run strong when it comes to new development. From the planning board to the city council, here's a handy guide to getting your voice heard as the future of Jersey City sprouts up around you.
Facade Restoration Jersey City Dixon Projects

Reviving a Crumbling, Yet Historically Significant, Façade in Jersey City

What was originally planned as a façade rebuild, has become a historic integrity triage mission to revive crumbling mortar, falling bricks, and a demolished stoop.
10 Provost Toll Brothers Jersey City Condos

Award-Winning Toll Brothers City Living Ventures Into Downtown Jersey City

From a single Hoboken project to some of New York City’s preeminent addresses, Toll Brothers City Living now sets its sights on Downtown Jersey City.
Apple Tree House Jersey City Open 1

Jersey City’s Storied Apple Tree House Officially Opens

After decades of disrepair and a restoration that spanned four Jersey City administrations, the Apple Tree House is finally open to the public for exhibitions and events.
Artichoke Pizza New Jersey Featured

NYC’s Artichoke Basille’s Pizza Coming to Jersey City, Hoboken, Newark, & More

The famous pizzeria will be opening five outposts in New Jersey next year, including two spots just a quick PATH ride away from their original location.
Ample Hills Creamery Jersey City Urby Opening

Brooklyn’s Favorite Ice Cream Shop Opens in Jersey City on Friday

After much anticipation, Ample Hills Creamery will soon start scooping their craft ice cream in downtown Jersey City.
Beacon Jersey City Haunted

Dinner, Drinks, and Ghost Hunting at The Beacon

Spoiler alert: No ghosts were spotted during the events of this article, but it wouldn’t be hard to believe on All Hallows’ Eve!
111 first street jersey city artisits

The Lost Potential of Jersey City’s 111 1st Street

A decade after its demolition, the site of downtown Jersey City’s once-thriving artists’ community continues to sit undeveloped.
jersey city affordable housing steven fulop

Is Jersey City Doing Enough to Stay Affordable?

Both candidates in the city’s mayoral race discuss affordable housing, what’s currently being done to support it, and what they want to see moving forward.
jersey city bodegas haca greenville2

Bodegas of Jersey City: HACA and Its Mission to Protect the Little Guy

As Greenville's demographics shift, bodega owners and the Hispanic American Commerce Association organize to keep a neighborhood touchstone and a sense of community intact.