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Ppg Industries Sues Jersey City Canal Crossing Development

PPG Industries Sues Jersey City Over Canal Crossing Site

The lawsuit claims developers of neighboring parcels "have met secretly with JCRA to reach an agreement [that would] appoint Hampshire and Boraie as Redeveloper of certain PPG Properties."
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125 Monitor Street Jersey City 2

Jersey City Getting Tough Over Neglected 125 Monitor Street Site

The current owner of the Bergen-Lafayette property, who was sued for fraud earlier this year, was arrested in May after a bench warrant was issued against him over an unsafe structure citation.
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125 monitor street jersey city

Lawsuit Seeks to Void Sale of 125 Monitor Street in Jersey City

The former owners of the prominent Bergen-Lafayette property claim that the new owners engaged in a conspiracy to deflate the parcel’s value before selling it to a straw buyer at a below-market price.
678 690 Grand Street Bergen Lafayette Jersey City 1

Extension Granted, Renderings Revealed for 684 Grand Street in Jersey City

A mixed-use project could still be built on a triangular lot in the city’s Bergen-Lafayette neighborhood.
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Van Horne Woodward Street Rentals Jersey City 2

170-Unit Project Approved Across from Berry Lane Park

A two-building development that includes affordable housing has been green-lit for a property that overlooks Berry Lane Park.
Morris Hotel Communipaw Avenue Bergen Lafayette Jersey City

Will a Hotel Come to NJ Transit-Owned Property in Jersey City?

A developer reached an agreement with the Jersey City Redevelopment Agency to build a hotel on NJ Transit-owned property near Liberty State Park.
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306 Johnston Avenue Jersey City

Eight Apartments Could Come to Narrow Jersey City Lot

A small tract on Johnston Avenue in Bergen-Lafayette is where a developer is seeking to construct a new five-story building.
292 Mlk Drive Jersey City

HBO Prepares to Film ‘The Plot Against America’ on Jersey City’s MLK Drive

The network is planning to film at a Jersey City storefront as part of an upcoming series.
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573 577 Jackson Avenue Jersey City

28-Unit Building Planned Next to a Jersey City Police Station

The officers of the Jersey City Police Department’s West District could soon have new neighbors. A building with over two dozen apartments could be built next door.
327 Communipaw Avenue Bergen Lafayette Jersey City

Proposed 16-Unit Bergen-Lafayette Project Reaches Approvals Process

A developer wants to construct a five-story building with one “affordable” unit on Communipaw Avenue in Jersey City.