Jersey City’s Riverview Park to Undergo $2 Million Renovation

riverview fisk park jersey city heights
View from the recently opened gazebo in Riverview Fisk Park.

A cliffside park known for its sweeping views of the New York City skyline is about to get an overhaul that will both spruce up the space and significantly improve the infrastructure beneath the greenery.

During the city council’s December 18 meeting, a resolution was passed by an 8-0 vote to award a contract for renovating Riverview-Fisk Park in The Heights. Like much of the area, the park has an extensive history that dates back well over a century; the land was initially given to Jersey City as a gift by the Ogden family whose patriarch, Aaron Ogden, served as both a United States Senator and the Governor of New Jersey during the early 1800s.

Riverview Fisk Park Renovations Jersey City Heights 3
The $2.15 million renovation of Riverview-Fisk Park in Jersey City Heights will begin this spring. Master plan via the City of Jersey City.

To give the historic park a modern revamp, Ridgefield-based Adamo Brothers Construction was awarded a contract that will pump $2.15 million into a variety of improvements. The most notable addition will come in the form of an ornamental fountain to be built in the center of the park, while a long-neglected Bocce court near the cliffside will be completely renovated and include a prefabricated shade structure.

Riverview Fisk Park Renovations Jersey City Heights 1
Riverview-Fisk Park will get a new fountain as part of the renovation. Rendering via the City of Jersey City.

New furnishings including benches and trash cans will be installed throughout Riverview Park and landscaping items that include decorative iron fencing, gates, large caliper trees, and a flagpole will be added. Monuments in the park including a memorial to Henry Hudson will be restored, while railing and fences throughout the space will be cleaned, primed, and painted.

In addition to the surface improvements, the park’s underground will be upgraded as well. New foundations, conduit, water lines, drainage lines, and site grading are part of the project, as is the installation of a new water service line including meters, backflow preventers, ground hydrants, and an irrigation system.

The contract awarded to Adamo Brothers additionally calls for other landscaping work including clearing and grubbing, select tree removal, excavation, new concrete sidewalks and curbs, and splash pad installation. A CIT surface treatment aimed to increase slip resistance on existing concrete surfaces will also be applied as part of the work.

Riverview Fisk Park Renovations Jersey City Heights 2
Riverview-Fisk Park renovation action items. List via City of Jersey City.

The news of the impending Riverview Park renovations comes a few years after its iconic gazebo was completely rebuilt at the cost of $1.2 million following extensive damage it sustained during Hurricane Sandy. Councilman Michael Yun, who represents the area, wrote in a recent Facebook post that locals should expect a groundbreaking for the latest round of renovations to occur in either late February or early March.



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  1. It’s good to live near the king or in this case Stevie Fullflop. Ever since he chose the heights as his residence the changes have been dramatic and the amount of money pumped into the Heights could rival his other precious gem…downtown. It’s good to be the king!

    • Just in time? People have been talking about gentrifcation in the Heights for well over a decade. Everything that happens every day in the Heights isn’t timed for the latest new apartment.

      • While true I’m not sure that’s going to bump up housing values as much as Stevie would want. He’s looking for double digit appreciation. Now a nicely renovated park with nice shiny things…that’s what the NYers want to see! Little Bocce with NYC views

  2. Riverview most definitely needs some major upgrades, however a Bocce Ball Court would not be on my list. Instead I would prefer a vegetable garden/ learning center where kids can actually participate in an activity that doesn’t use an electronic device. Also some sort of bandshell/ performance space which could be privately funded and maintained.

    Also how about publishing the itemized costs of the above features. It would nice to see where our tax dollars are going. And btw who else bid on this project?

    • Good ideas. However, I think that the Bocce court is Steve’s attempt to appease the old Italian man on Sunday afternoon demographic

      • Thanks. That was kind of my point. Are they still around? The old Italians? One would think there is better use of that limited space on a daily basis.

  3. Of course it had to be redone…they just finished those condos on the corner…couldn’t have a messy park there, could we?

  4. there are no mentions of the playground or any changes/improvements to that space ? i don’t see a bocce court getting any action, i would prefer a dog run and a playground improvements done instead

  5. Neither Fulop nor the condo owners have much sway or input over the park rehab. I can’t see that Fulop has pushed, or for that matter accomplished, any big public projects in the Heights in the 6 years he’s been in office. All the new construction is private money. Palisade Lumber sold their 6 large lots because the price was right. The farmer’s market, with their organic produce and artisanal products, has been in the park years before gentrification. Condos in the Heights were already being rehabbed with granite counters and stainless steel appliances before the current wave of gentrification which is just an expansion of that, albeit one one steroids.

    • So just to be clear, you’re saying Fullflop and his council has no power or say in deciding how development occurs around the city and what neighborhoods city funding goes to right?

      • This is the issue: Riverview needs a rehab. Or, would you rather it fall into a further state of disrepair? Public officials have an obligation to maintain parks, infrastructure, etc. What Fulop can’t do, in this case, is exceed his power as an elected official and personally profit from it. He doesn’t get a private garden, he doesn’t get to charge admission, he doesn’t get to put up a Shake Shack concession.

        Off topic but now that you’ve mention it ( i.e., the City Council) the rehab of Reservoir #3 is being funded in large part through the Federal Green Acres program. Only a small part is City money. I’m sure Fulop will glom on to this and be at the ribbon cutting ceremony but this rehab came about through a private group of citizens in the Heights who formed an advocacy group almost 20 years ago.

  6. Very happy to see improvements to Riverview Park, even though there really is not a “river view” from the park. What would be even more appreciated would be repairs to Ogden Avenue (and probably a lot of other streets in the Heights) — and redirecting traffic so that Ogden Avenue through Riverview Park ceases to be a high-speed shortcut to Congress Street!

    • Arthur, I understand how you feel about high speed traffic on Ogden Avenue, however, when I drove through Ogden it was so quiet compared to Nelson Avenue. Noise from the traffic all night long. I can’t remember the last time I had a decent night sleep. I can think of other projects that need attention besides the park being a top priority.

  7. Would be great if they paid attention to the other parks in lower income neighborhoods. Berry Lane Park was brand new and touted by the mayor but has been completely neglected. Trash everywhere and poorly taken care of. Dead trees. Yes they’re building bathrooms (finally after opening in June 2016) and the skate park. But Jersey City can’t even take care of this under 5 year old park and they’re building a brand new one in JSQ and revamping this in the heights. Jersey city needs to learn upkeep. Where’s millions of dollars for Arlington Park? Oh wait… it’s in ward F the forgotten ward, not where the mayor lives.

    • Ward F unfortunately has Jermaine “kickback” Robinson as a councilman who does ABSOLUTELY nothing…ok maybe other than collect kickbacks from developers for yes votes. Ward F has to vote him out next election if you want Ward F to flourish

  8. Very brave at this time to install a Brutalist Style fountain. Is there a reason why they can’t install something closer to the original?

    • Brutalist? As in blocky, angular, monolithic? I don’t see it. But it would fabulous if it were. The above illustration is just a concept but it looks pretty boring and traditional to me.

  9. When will Jersey City work on the reservoir, This is a gem just waiting to happen and could look like a small Central Park. Lever mind all the highrise construction let’s concentrate on our parks, Resident of JC Heights and Union Carpenter

    • Reservoir # 3 looks exactly like a smaller version of Central Park and depending on the time of day and weather conditions it’s like being inside an impressionist painting. It’s even more dramatic now with the Journal Square towers in the background. Work is supposed start soon and full access sometime later this year. (fencing, lighting, trails, restoration of the pump house)


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