Rendering Released of Proposed 30-Story Journal Square Mixed-Use Tower

2958 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Tower Rendering 4
Proposed design of new Journal Square Tower at 2958 John F. Kennedy Boulevard. Rendering courtesy Minervini Vandermark Melia Kelly.

Newly released plans illustrate a company’s proposal to construct a high-rise tower at the site of a Journal Square tire and auto repair business.

A rendering from Minervini Vandermark Melia Kelly that was released by Jersey City’s municipal government shows what the mixed-use building that is being proposed for the Pep Boys premises at 2958 John F. Kennedy Boulevard and both 71 and 73 Cottage Street in Ward C could look like.

2958 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Tower Aerial 1
Site of proposed development at the southeast corner of JFK Boulevard and Cottage Street, Journal Square, Jersey City. Aerial image via the City of Jersey City.

The development is now expected to be 30 stories tall and include “186 residential dwelling units, 22,058 square feet of office space, a 115-room hotel, 8,260-square-foot restaurant, 10,088-square-foot banquet hall, and 4,631 square feet of café/retail space,” according to a traffic impact study from Stonefield Engineering & Design, LLC that was updated on March 29.

2958 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Tower Elevation 2
JFK Boulevard elevation by Minervini Vandermark Melia Kelly.

The developer’s application lists that 100 parking spaces would be provided and that no “affordable housing units” would be created.

2958 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Tower Elevation Rear 3
Rear elevation by Minervini Vandermark Melia Kelly.

Minervini Vandermark Melia Kelly’s architectural documents indicate that there would be office uses on the fifth and sixth floors, hotel uses on the seventh through 11th floors, residential uses on the 12th through 28th floors, a 29th-floor banquet hall, a 30th-floor restaurant, and a “restaurant upper viewing room,” “resident amenity lounge,” and enclosed deck area on the roof.

The Jersey City Planning Board is scheduled to discuss the matter during its Zoom meeting on Tuesday, April 20, at 5:30 p.m., according to a notice of hearing. Preliminary and final major site plan approval with deviations such as height and setback are reportedly being sought by applicant Journal Square Tower, LLC.

2958 John F Kennedy Blvd Jersey City Tower Street View 5
Street view of development site at the southeast corner of JFK Boulevard and Cottage Street, Journal Square, Jersey City. Image via the City of Jersey City.

The plans for these properties were initially slated to go before the board on March 23. At the time, it was unclear exactly how many stories this building was expected to include, with some documents stating that there would be 28 or 29 floors and others noting that there would be 31 stories.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Jersey City Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.

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  1. Kind of weird looking but at least it’s a not super tall version of a Bayonne Box. Those narrow windows remind me of slots in medieval castles that were used for pouring boiling oil down on to the invading barbarians. 30th floor restaurant, and I assume a bar, sounds like a good idea. Plus 5,000 SF of hopefully proper retail……..on Cottage St. What’s not to like.

  2. Finally, some interesting architecture for the neighborhood. And it’s potentially replacing one of the bigger eyesores to boot!

  3. Finally some really interesting and innovative design! MVMK are rock stars in Architecture…let’s show Dubai that USA can do it also.

  4. Ostentatious? I don’t see it. I see an architect with with not a large budget creatively using simple materials, aluminum cladding and custom windows, to design an eye catching building that is a far cry from the ubiquitous right angle box.

    As for the silly twats from the anti-everything contingent affordable housing is not a requirement for the JSQ 2060 Redevelopment Plan.

  5. So amazing to read these posts! People there will be NO AFFORDABLE HOUSING. I guess that is just fine for all of you. That way the Members of the Bourgeois won’t have to look at the “riff-raff.”
    Sad this is what our political “leaders and society have become!”

  6. I totally agree w/XTC, while it’s clearly on a budget and not groundbreaking architecture, it’s different without being tacky that it’s refreshing to me. It’s also going to fill that parcel perfectly, this will be great for the area.

    Robby P, thanks so much for that article, fascinating to read and very affirming see data supporting YIMBYism in general 🙂 Housing supply is key and we are so far behind the ball on that in this country, causing unaffordable prices. It would be cute if it weren’t so harmful that the NIMBYs still don’t acknowledge that reality staring them in the face.

  7. Happy to see this development in journal square! I be more stuck on wanting to see affordable housing if this building was replacing existing buildings that would displace residents but that’s not the case here. It’s replacing a pep boys shop and providing the area with new residents that will be patrons to local businesses and restaurants!

  8. Mark, this will take like 2 years or more to build. Do you really think demand won’t return to pre-pandemic levels by then?

  9. A nice attractive development for Jersey City. Unlike my city of Newark, where things never happen even after the project are supposedly approved and financed , I’m pretty sure this will become a reality. Jersey City never disappoints when it comes to Redevelopment.

  10. Joe, Having lived through these boom and bust cycles several times within my lifetime, I honestly don’t think the demand won’t return in two years. More like ten. As housing becomes cheaper in Manhattan, many people will look there first. The last cycle of building in Jersey City has not had the desired effect. When Journal Squared is offering 4 months of free rent, you’ve got a problem.

  11. You may be right about demand, we will have to see as there’s no way to know at this time (same goes for commercial real estate although that situation seems a bit more dire than residential).

    However JSQ is certainly not the only neighborhood offering 4 months free. Brooklyn is the same way and I would imagine it’s a citywide (nationwide?) phenomenon considering the pandemic.

  12. Off topic but 4 months free rent at Journal Squared!?!? Whoooooa…

    I was just looking at Journal Square the other day at It was way above what I would be willing to pay, but I do appreciate the convivences of a washer and dryer and being next door to the PATH. However, if I had known there were giving away 4 free months, I would have gave it a closer look! They’re doing a really poor job of advertising the rent concessions.

    On topic – it’s always funny to me the fake concern some have about whether a private developer can fill their building. How many times have we seen people question if there is demand for a new “luxury” building. Why does it matter if a private developer makes a profit or not. They’re risking their own capital with the assumption they will make a profit. Let them build, and worst case scenario there will be some wicked rent concessions being offered in a downturn and a ratable boost to the city.

    Even if the property remains vacant, that just means the city will collect more in property tax revenue/PILOT payments than it would cost to service the building. Honestly, we should be demanding more height and density in our new developments. It’s contributing millions to the city due to property taxes and a “luxury” apartment or condo is consuming very little in city or JCBOE public school services. It’s a huge net benefit to the city’s finances so more services can be offered without raising taxes.

    I swear that there is a contingent here that would like to return to 1980s Jersey City before all the development.

    No thanks.

  13. Two years from now when this building is completed they will have no problem filling it up. Rental units, office space, hotel, retail, banquet hall, restaurant- all on a prime location will serve as a catalyst for even more development and upgrades to JSQ. The Loew’s Theatre restoration will be in full swing along with numerous other large scale projects. Rent is down about 14% in NYC but that will not last very long. To say is “cheaper” there is absurd. I have friends who temporarily left NY but hate the suburbs and hate working from home and can’t wait to get back to their former lives. Tourists and office workers will eventually come back. The Commodore Hotel and Office building on 42St, scheduled for completion in 2025, will have room for 2.5 million SF of space. That’s just one project in the re-zoned East Side. Roaring 20s? We’ll see, but I wouldn’t bet against NY blowing up again and JC getting the spillover. As some NY millionaire recently said about Florida, “The problem with moving to Florida is that you’ve got to live in Florida.”


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