Mixed-Income ‘Fairview Apartments’ Plus Community Center Could Rise in Jersey City

43 49 Fairview Avenue Jersey City
43-49 Fairview Avenue, Jersey City. Image via Google Maps.

Just days after a controversial inclusionary zoning ordinance was passed into law, plans from a real estate developer envisioning a 92-unit project with significant affordable housing on a property near McGinley Square could move forward.

The Community Builders, a New York nonprofit that owns and manages more than 11,000 apartments throughout the country, is hoping to revitalize irregularly shaped properties at 43-49 Fairview Avenue and 209 Monticello Avenue. Their plan will both tear down and preserve some historic buildings at the site, which the YMCA once used for recreational programs.

43 49 Fairview Avenue Jersey City Existing Site
Existing buildings at the site. Image courtesy of Inglese Architecture & Engineering.

To move forward, The Community Builders is seeking authorization to demolish a gymnasium and a racquetball building that date to 1920 and 1950, respectively. The nonprofit’s plan would keep a two-story pool building on the land intact while constructing a nine-story mid-rise dubbed Fairview Apartments on a current parking area.

Fairview Apartments 43 49 Fairview Avenure Jersey City Rendering
Rendering. Image courtesy of Inglese Architecture & Engineering.

The new structure, designed by Inglese Architecture & Engineering and set to rise just under 100 feet, would include 92 units. 55% of them, or 50 apartments, would be set aside as affordable housing for residents earning up to 60% of Area Median Income, while the remainder would have market-rate rents.

Amenities in the building’s plans include a laundry room, play area, bicycle storage space with room for 46 bikes, a gym, a 1,750-square foot recreation room, and a 1,176-square foot outdoor terrace on the building’s roof. Fairview Apartments would include 37 surface parking spaces in a lot to be entered from Monticello Avenue.

Community Center Renovated Pool Building
The renovated pool house building would become a community center. Image courtesy of Inglese Architecture & Engineering.

The project’s second phase deals with the restoration of the YMCA’s former pool building, which would reopen the facility to the public in a reimagined form. The plan calls for a historic refurbishment and repurposing into a 3,404-square foot community center by filling the pool in with a new concrete floor. A kitchen and movable bar would be featured at the space, which would restore skylights and windows at the currently unused property.

Fairview Apartments Jersey City Site Plan
Site plan. Image courtesy of Inglese Architecture & Engineering.

The Community Builders will be seeking variances for use (multi-family where single-family is allowed) and building height to move forward on their project, which is heading before Jersey City’s Historic Preservation Committee on October 26. The planning board is then scheduled to hear two separate applications from the company regarding the development during their November 4 meeting.


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  1. The pool building is almost too nice to be a community center. And if a “movable bar” is included in the plan they need to make space for a weed room, needle exchange, and shoot up room as well.

  2. +1 for weed room, sounds pretty nice and we’re pretty close to legalization.

    That stretch on Fairview is pretty run down so if they are willing to invest in that area let’s make it happen!

    I agree the pool concept could use a little more thought and a better concept. Community center sounds like a dead space that will be barely used. Turn into a food hall or a some sort of market. Or some sort of athletic facility…there are hundreds of better ideas than a community center. That just sounds like the developer put zero thought into it and just said…put something with “community” in it so they don’t complain

  3. Actually if I had my druthers, I make the pool building into a library/ bookstore. It rather reminds me of the old Rizzoli bookstore on 5th Ave. A better use of the space would be to build out the balconies several feet and excavate the pool to make room for another level. Could be art studios or whatever. Filling it with concrete is not just douchey looking but stupid.

  4. Hello,I’m just wondering why if the built is going to have close to 100 units,why only a 53 parking spots in an area that’s already crowded with cars and where is not so easy to get a parking spot,why not built a few more floors and even built a few extra parking spots and even a pu pic one.

  5. I agree with Carlos re the parking spaces. Parking is really tough around here and it seems the new developments are offering insufficient parking, if any. Hopefully, they will reopen Bergen Ave. if this goes up. Love the pool building. I always thought the pool was in the Y. Who knew? It’s great.


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