Letter: Fair Share Housing Center Decries Rush to Pass Faulty Housing Ordinance Over Strong Community Objections

Jersey City Skyline Affordable Housing Ordinance Passed
Photo by Jersey Digs.

Letter to the Editor from Adam Gordon, Executive Director of Fair Share Housing Center.

The City Council of Jersey City passed a deeply flawed inclusionary zoning ordinance earlier this week against intense community opposition.

Fair Share Housing Center Executive Director Adam Gordon has issued the following statement in response:

We are deeply disappointed that the City Council approved a sham inclusionary zoning bill even after hearing four hours of testimony from more than 60 residents and advocates who were opposed.

These residents, representing all corners of Jersey City, recognize that the ordinance, as currently written, would enable wealthy developers to build large number of luxury homes without providing any affordable housing for working families.

The people of Jersey City, from the NAACP to grassroots organizers, called on the City Council to push the pause button and to work with them on a new proposal to effectively tackle the rising inequality that is pricing families out of Jersey City — yet the Council instead decided to side with politically connected developers.

The fight for a fair and inclusive New Jersey is far from over.

We stand with the thousands of Jersey City residents who have taken to the streets to protest systemic racism and rising inequality, as well as the dozens of advocates who testified last night.

Along with them, we recognize that an illegal and deeply flawed #fauxIZO is not the answer to Jersey City’s rapid gentrification. We will work with them to push for comprehensive legislation that will ensure that people of all races and income levels are able to call this city home.



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  1. I generally love the direction JC has been heading. I remember the days Grove street was a low income haven and crime was high, no entertainment, closed down stores. Now it’s a beautiful, vibrant city.

    It’s the same trend around town as you see more areas become desirable and have more green space, restaurants, safety. Beautiful to watch.

    And it all makes sense. Low income restaurants are generally are burden on local government and neighborhood as they generate close to no tax revenues whether income or sales tax. Not only do they bring little in me for the city, they also eat up a lot of the budget with their “someone pay for me” needs. So it makes sense the city would be more on the side of the revenue generators (developers).

    Gentrification is just another word for supply and demand. As demand has gone up, supply goes down, prices go up. Simple, simple economics. It all makes sense.

    I’m all for supporting the elderly and disabled, if you truly need the support. But take a drive down MLK and you tell me how many perfectly healthy, young people you see roaming around doing nothing but smoking joints and drinking. To those people GFY with your affordable housing.

  2. In 10 years, housing plus the cost of living in jersey city will be unaffordable to anyone making under 150k a year. This is by design, only the rich get to live in cities now and only the rich could pocket an entire city legislature to push out working people (poc).


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