Jersey City Made the Curbed Cup Finals, Time to Win it All!


curbed cup 2016 finals jersey city

Jersey City made it to the final round! We now go head to head with the Financial District.

First, let’s give credit where it’s due, the Financial District had a quite a year as well, with the long-awaited opening of the Oculus, a new WTC PATH station that us Jerseyans are fully appreciating, as well as a slew of other projects.

But enough about them, it’s Jersey City’s time to shine. Let’s tear down the artificial state imposed barrier separating us and claim our standing in the NYC metro area.

Could a New Jersey city beat out a Manhattan neighborhood to win Curbed’s NYC neighborhood of the year? We think so.

Unlike the previous competitions, this round voting runs until January 2. As of this posting, it’s neck-and-neck with Jersey City up 53% to 47%. Time to pull together and win this thing, let’s vote!

Vote for Jersey City here!


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