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jersey city skyline statue of liberty

Jersey City Wins Curbed Cup 2016, Crowned ‘NYC Neighborhood of the Year’

Well, it’s official! Jersey City won the 2016 Curbed Cup, taking the title of NYC neighborhood of the year. This marks the first time a neighborhood *outside* of NYC won the competition.
curbed cup 2016 finals jersey city

Jersey City Made the Curbed Cup Finals, Time to Win it All!

Jersey City made it to the final round! We now go head-to-head with the Financial District. Could a New Jersey city win Curbed’s NYC neighborhood of the year? We think so. Voting ends January 2, let's win this thing!
curbed cup 2016 final four jersey city

Curbed Cup: Jersey City Made the Final Four! Now It’s Crunch Time, Let’s Vote!

We're down to the final four and Jersey City is still in the running to become Curbed's neighborhood of the year. For our second to last showdown, we're up against Brooklyn's Prospect Heights. Vote now so we can advance to the final round!