Jamie Moreng and Mikov Development Group Set Jersey City Records Throughout 2023 in New, Luxury Construction

Jamie Moreng Jersey City
Jamie Moreng (center) of eXp Realty with Yakov Bindler and Michael Ibrahim of Mikov Development Group.

Jersey City realtor Jamie Moreng of eXp Realty has achieved a series of record sales throughout the city by establishing successful partnerships with several local builders/developers. This strategy allows Moreng to set the bar high on for new construction and renovation projects and in turn achieves record sales.

One in particular is the Jersey City-based Mikov Development and Investment Group led by Jacob Byndler and Mike Ibrahim. Since meeting in 2020, the dream team has built upon their mutual goal of providing the Jersey City community with quality new construction and unparalleled service.

With close ties to the local community, Mikov Group continues to deliver homes that enhance Jersey City neighborhoods. Ibrahim was born and raised in Jersey City and has a passion for helping owners build wealth through real estate. Meanwhile, Moreng’s extensive experience navigating the Jersey City market ensures he is perfectly positioned to represent the projects and help buyers discover their new, luxurious homes.

Jamie Moreng Jersey City 2
The team undertakes meticulous analysis of each project’s design.

The design process of Mikov Group’s luxury residences includes embracing client feedback and undertaking meticulous analysis of layouts and finishes. This proactive approach ensures constant improvements with each new project, whether it is securing on-site parking, including extra storage space, or choosing a particular brand of bathroom fittings.

However, Moreng and Mikov Group’s contribution to local communities doesn’t just include the construction and sale of new residences. Mikov Group’s Michael Ibrahim notes, “It’s very important we build with integrity and trust, no shortcuts or cutting corners, where we are hands on with our buyers and constantly adapting each new project to the demands of the buyer pool while supporting the local community”.

The company further supports the local community by working with local contractors and vendors to ensure greater benefit for the wider area as those businesses generate and spend money within the local economy.

Mikov Group Jersey City
Mikov Group, Jersey City

Moreng and Mikov Group have stood out in the Jersey City market by providing high-caliber residences with excellent staging to help people envision living in the homes. Strategic marketing campaigns helped attract buyers who were keen to call Jersey City home. The success of this approach was highlighted through their 2023 accomplishments with record-breaking sales and increased interest in their projects.

For example, a two-family project in West Bergen achieved a record-breaking sale in only 17 days. Moreng secured both sides of the transaction by utilizing professional staging and multiple marketing tactics, including social media, to generate interest in the property.

170 Lexington Ave Jersey City 2
West Bergen unit set a sale record for a two-family home.

The sale was the highest-priced two-family sold in West Bergen and ties as the second highest-priced two-family home throughout Jersey City (outside of Downtown).

The partnership’s success was further showcased with the sale of condominiums in Greenville, Jersey City. Six of the area’s top 10 highest condominium sale prices (excluding Port Liberte) were sold by Moreng. A Mikov Group condo in Greenville achieved the highest sale price for a three-bedroom condominium in the neighborhood. At the same time, unit #1 at 19 Eastern Parkway was the second-highest-priced sale at $665,000.

94 Wilkinson 2 Jersey City 1
Greenville property.
94 Wilkinson 2 Jersey City 2
Greenville property.
19 Eastern Parkway 1 Jersey City 0000
Unit 1 at 19 Eastern Parkway sold for $665,000.
19 Eastern Parkway 1 Jersey City 0003
Bathroom – Unit 1, 19 Eastern Parkway.

Anyone familiar with Moreng and Mikov Group’s sales history wouldn’t be surprised by these achievements. The team previously secured the highest-priced condominium sale in the Journal Square area within the last 2 years (per MLS Hudson County) after only 18 days on market. Unit D of 94 Belmont Avenue sold for $849,000, with the property launch video and expert staging credited for helping cultivate a high amount of interest.

94 Belmont Ave D Jersey City 1
Unit D of 94 Belmont Avenue sold for $849,000.
94 Belmont Ave D Jersey City 2
Roof deck – Unit D, 94 Belmont Avenue.

Moreng recently replicated this accomplishment in McGinley Square. After only 28 days on the market, Moreng secured a cash buyer and the sale made it one of the highest two-family residence sales in McGinley Square.

19 Gardner Ave Jersey City 1
McGinley Square property.

What’s more, Moreng also secured the fourth-highest two-family sale in Jersey City Heights with a property on Leonard Street being purchased for $1,500,000 in October 2023.

19 Leonard St Jersey City 2
Leonard Street property.

When discussing their partnership, Moreng explained how collaborating with Mikov Group is gratifying due to the alignment of their core values and focus on quality construction. He said, “Coming from a hospitality background, the client is always first. Superior quality whether it be the service or the finished product are most important to the values I hold. I want people to remember me for the value I provide & the genuine trust while working together. With Mikov Development’s quality of construction, I can marry my core values in client service & high-level marketing to an amazing product. One of the most rewarding aspects of my job is seeing the home buyer appreciate the product & settle into their new home while looking back on the long development process & collaboration with my developers; from vacant land through solidifying plans & building, to pricing and then marketing. It has been a dream come true.”

Other notable sales include a vacant lot at 10 Brinkerhoff Street which sold with approved plans for a nine-unit development, as well as 46 Gardner Avenue which Moreng sold via a lead from LinkedIn.

2024 and beyond is poised to be an exciting time for Jamie Moreng and Mikov Group with over 20 projects in the pipeline.

Moreng has established himself as a leading new construction agent throughout Jersey City. Backed by eXp Realty, the top-producing brokerage in Jersey City in 2023 by volume, Moreng has the resources to ensure developers achieve sales among the highest prices in Jersey City. He’s always looking to build new partnerships with other developers and investors to bring his market expertise to their projects.

Find out how Jamie Moreng of eXp Realty can assist you with buying or selling in Jersey City at 551.427.7107 or [email protected].


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