Genesis Companies and East Orange Housing Authority Celebrate Completion of Vista Village Apartments

Vista Village East Orange
An official ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrated the completion of Vista Village in East Orange. Photo courtesy Berlin Rosen.

Genesis Companies recently announced the completion of its refurbishment of Vista Village Apartments.

Located at 70 South Burnet Street in East Orange, New Jersey, the 180-unit property provides affordable residential accommodation for seniors and adults with disabilities. Several units were converted to meet the needs of residents with disabilities.

The building’s renovations included system updates, full-unit kitchen and bathroom remodels, new windows, flooring, and more. They were undertaken in partnership with the East Orange Housing Authority (EOHA).

The nine-story former public housing development was approved for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) program. All residential units in the project will be subsidized through the Project-Based Section 8 program.

“Across the tri-state region affordability remains a critical issue, particularly with residents who require additional services and support. This public-private partnership provides a framework for future developments,” said Karim Hutson, Founder and Managing Partner at Genesis Companies. “We are proud that this maintains the long-term affordability of the Vista Village Apartments and furthers our mission of keeping urban communities accessible for everyone, including New Jersey’s senior and adults with disabilities populations.”

“This redevelopment, part of our ‘Building Homes, Changing Lives’ program, will greatly enhance the quality of life for the property’s residents and provide services that are too often overlooked,” said Wilbert Gill, Executive Director of the East Orange Housing Authority. “As we continue to create new solutions to maintain affordability for all our residents, partnerships with companies like Genesis Companies are more important than ever.”

The partnership between Genesis Companies and East Orange Housing Authority works to ensure long-term affordable accommodation is available for those in need. ETC Companies partnered with Genesis as the project’s general contractor while DMR Architects served as the architect of record for the project.

Financing for the project’s restoration was originated by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency, Low-Income Housing Tax Credit equity from the sale of 4% tax credits, Replacement House Factor, Public/Housing Capital Funds, seller note from building owner, the East Orange Housing Authority, and construction and permanent financing in the form of a Citibank, N.A. term loan originated through a conduit tax-exempt bond structure with the Agency.

Genesis Companies is a full-service real estate development firm founded in 2004 which specializes in financing, developing, and operating mixed-income and mixed-use residential projects.


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  1. You would like to apply for an application? on here? i dont think so!…You would need to call City Hall, the city department of housing and or go online to apply.. there is also a new construction on Halsted St for the same purpose. We are in this together and the Mayor and team making sure everyone is included in the progress of East Orange and note that some of the new construction will have income level rental available as well… JUST ASK and you will get HELP.

  2. I am a paraplegic I am disabled they said I would never walk again I am a East orange resident , I have convictions a record. If this project is going to use section 8 it disqualifies me. Why do you tought the use of section 8 as if it’s a good thing when the very same section 8 denies you housing because you’ve had past drug convictions. This law is racis and prejudice aimed at black men to knock us out the box. My quest how could I as a disabled convicted felon get into a place I’m basically homeless staying from place to place or sleeping in my car and I can walk help me to understand

  3. I hope you very careful who you have move in . I’m not on section 8. But my neighbors are. I never seen a bunch of nasty people in my life. Drop bags of garbage out the windows and leave all kind of garbage in the hallway. Section 8 tenants. Wow…

  4. Its sad how the help is there for these people but lot of landlords dont want section 8 tenants as most of them are home most of the time, smoking weeds, the kids run all day and night in the hallway, they keep lots of garbage in the apartment then litter the hallway…they always making noise and destroy the property they live in. Very sad but of course there are good ones but the majority speak high volumes and then discrimination comes in but the reality is the reality. when they move out you have so much repairs,… BLACK OR WHITE OR INDIAN OR CHINESE But that is the reality. They are usually socially disable and have no idea how to live normal decent life even if you are poor. Learn the positive things from around you and the worst is THEY HANG OUT AND LOITERING IS AT THE WORST LIKE THE CITY BUILDING ON SOUTH MUNN… THE POLICE HAVE TO BE THERE TWENTY FOUR SEVEN… SAD…SAD…


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