Despite Delays, Gãia & Loki Still Bringing Vegan Eats to Downtown Jersey City

Gãia & Loki Vegan Restaurant 346 Grove Street Jersey City 1
Gãia & Loki planning to open soon at 346 Grove Street, Downtown Jersey City. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

An upcoming restaurant that has been shrouded in a bit of mystery will not open as planned due to construction issues, but that hasn’t stopped them from teasing potential diners with dishes that should make their menu when they launch in the coming months.

Earlier this year, Alex’s Italian Restaurant at 346 Grove Street closed its doors after almost eight years in business. A new endeavor called Gãia & Loki started renovating the space shortly thereafter, quickly putting up new signage on the storefront announcing the endeavor.

Gãia & Loki Vegan Restaurant 346 Grove Street Jersey City 2
Mushroom steak. Photo via Gãia & Loki Instagram.

Firm details about the eatery have been hard to come by, but the plant-based restaurant had intended on opening its doors during the spring season of 2021. That timeline has been pushed back, as a stop-work order has been placed on the exterior of the property.

Gãia & Loki Vegan Restaurant 346 Grove Street Jersey City 3
Ratatouille. Photo via Gãia & Loki Instagram.

Despite the setback, Gãia & Loki recently posted on its social media accounts that it intends to open as quickly as possible. The restaurant has also quietly previewed some of the potential menu via its Instagram account in recent weeks and if the teasers are any indication, Jersey City diners could be in for a treat.

Gãia & Loki Vegan Restaurant 346 Grove Street Jersey City 4
Chickpea burger. Photo via Gãia & Loki Instagram.

Dishes in development at Gãia & Loki include a ratatouille with eggplant, zucchini, sweet peppers, heirloom tomatoes, melted onions, and a basil cashew cream. A chickpea patty burger with grilled tomatoes, garlic hummus, and tahini dressing has been previewed, as has the restaurant’s spin on carrots and peas featuring roasted heirloom carrots, sweet pea puree, sliced scallions, and coconut cream.

Gãia & Loki Vegan Restaurant 346 Grove Street Jersey City 5
Peas and carrots. Photo via Gãia & Loki Instagram.

Gãia & Loki has also posted images of a mushroom steak, a vegan pizza, and a peanut butter tart in the leadup to their opening, which should add a unique dining option along Grove Street. Vegan businesses have been on the rise in Jersey City since Downtown’s Tea NJ opened in 2012, with venues like Rosita’s Yah and Plant Base adding to the landscape.

Gãia & Loki Vegan Restaurant 346 Grove Street Jersey City 6
Peanut butter tart. Photo via Gãia & Loki Instagram.

A formal opening date for Gãia & Loki is still up in the air, but those interested in learning more about the upcoming restaurant can follow them on Instagram at the handle @gaiaandloki_.


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  1. Vegan is such a small percentage of the population, about 0.5% of the US population or 1 in every 200 people, I don’t understand building a business around that. Wouldn’t you want to target the other 99.5% of the people? I get restaurants that offer vegan dishes but to have your whole business riding on it is a bit crazy to me. With the rents around Grove St…this is looking like a tough business to pull off.

  2. You’d be surprised Dazed. It’s growing and doesn’t appear to be a fad. The 0.5 support vegan spots with great tenacity. While on Washington St in Hoboken I saw 3 vegan spots this last weekend…ate at one…food was great. Looking forward to this new restaurant.

  3. I’m not vegan, but I can eat vegan food. I’m an omnivore, not a carnivore.
    Sheesh – it’s awesome to see how foods are being made that do not depend on animals. Live a little!


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