In a BonRenter World, Cashless Security Deposits Are an Amenity That Stands Out

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BonRenter is upending the real estate industry’s analog approach to tenant security deposits.

Bonds are not new, but BonRenter is upending the real estate industry’s analog approach to tenant security deposits. A simple and secure alternative: BonRenter guarantees security deposits, giving buildings bonafide renters every time and genuine peace of mind. Backed by Bondex Insurance Company — an industry leader providing insurance solutions for thousands across the tri-state area for more than a decade — BonRenter is as good as (and actually easier than) money in the bank.

BonRenter is designed to be a part of the building’s application process, streamlining the tenant leasing experience and saving landlords time, money, and, let’s face it, the paper-pushing hassle of it all. Seamless integration is supported by exceptional customer service, so the good-as-cash BonRenter product is both a fully automated technology and a boots-on-the-ground operation.

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Ideal for landlords with 50 units or more, BonRenter doesn’t cost the landlord a dime and renters are charged a small upfront one-time fee. The bond covers the apartment for the entire lease term, and claims are settled easily and within 30 days.

The smooth and cashless exchange is a win-win for property managers, landlords, and renters, completely eliminating the back office work on security deposits and the financial strain of coming up with a cash deposit. BonRenter facilitates a fluid landlord/tenant agreement for faster turnaround, plus it is certainly a highly marketable amenity, sure to attract more savvy renters.

With an established insurance company behind the scenes and a team in the field with decades of industry experience, BonRenter is uniquely qualified to bring this product to market. Once a building signs on, BonRenter provides a full education with comprehensive training for personnel and dedicated customer service via phone and email. And everything is under one roof. Even in the unfortunate event of an eviction and/or litigation, BonRenter gets you paid quickly.

BonRenter is a great complement to any leasing scenario. Whether you’re about to engage in a lease-up, or looking at upcoming turnover, BonRenter helps facilitate your leasing process, saves your tenants money, and removes the burden of managing security deposit accounts.

For more information or to  set up a meeting to discuss if BonRenter is right for you, please call 833-325-3477 or email us at [email protected]


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