60-Room Hotel Proposed Across From Jersey City’s P.S. 11

248 250 Acedemy St Jersey City Hotel Development
A five-story hotel is planned for 248 and 250 Academy Street at Tuers Ave in the Journal Square area of Jersey City. Image via Google Maps/Street View.

A residential corner located just a few blocks from Journal Square could potentially become home to Jersey City’s next hotel.

Gopalji, LLC and DVSRD, LLC are planning to construct a five-story hotel at 248 and 250 Academy Street, both of which fall within the Journal Square 2060 Redevelopment Plan Area. The properties, which are located at the corner of Tuers Avenue, are the subject of a general development application calling for the construction of a hotel with 60 rooms, event space, a lounge, and a roof deck.

250 Academy St Journal Square Jersey City Hotel Rendering
Rendering of the planned hotel at 250 Academy Street in Jersey City. Rendering by GRO Architects.

The proposed hotel would be 59 feet tall. Site plans from Manhattan-based GRO Architects state that one compact car parking space and 13 bicycle parking spaces would be provided.

250 Academy St Journal Square Jersey City Hotel
The five-story, 60-unit hotel was designed by GRO Architects and includes an event space, lounge, and a roof deck. Rendering by GRO Architects.

Both tracts have long contained houses, but they are listed as “vacant structures” in the application. The premises are situated across Tuers Avenue from P.S. 11, the Martin Luther King, Jr. School.

The application associates the LLCs with a house in Edison Township. Municipal tax filings show that 248 Academy Street is owned by Divyesh Mehta while 250 Academy Street is owned by Anantrai, Snehalata, and Divyesh Mehta, all of whom are associated with the same address in Edison Township. Divyesh Mehta is listed as the client in the site plans from GRO Architects.

Journal Square Jersey City Hotel Planned Academy Tuers
Tuers Avenue looking north with Journal Squared Tower in the distance. Rendering by GRO Architects.

The Jersey City Planning Board is scheduled to hear the developers’ application for Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval with deviations during its virtual meeting on Tuesday, June 23. The meeting is expected to take place over Zoom beginning at 5:30 p.m.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Jersey City Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.



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  1. this will be great! ….in 3 years. the spillover from Manhattan tourism will not occur for at least 3 years. this project loses money big time.

  2. the project may lose money but its still jobs and a taxable base for the city.

    But so nice of you to shear your concerns about corporate profits rather than city building.

  3. As someone who lives a close proximity to this location. This is NOT a great idea considering too many residental houses are clustered together near the sites location. Also you have an elementary school just feet away.

  4. The Journal Square PATH is literally a 5 minute walk away. This is the perfect location for intensification. It’s basically the heart of Jersey City. There isn’t much in the ways of hotel rooms for the area.

    As a personally story, I have room mates. When family come to visit, I usually get a room for them in Manhattan by the PATH. I would consider this hotel instead. Per Google Maps I live 9 minute walk to this site. I support this development.

  5. Again you see people focused on current state rather than future. Yes currently this is a little residential area but anyone who has viewed the JSQ redevelopment plan knows this area will not be a little residential neighborhood…actually the complete opposite.

    Even if you don’t read anything…still have to be blind not to see what’s going on in JSQ…just look around you. High rises are going up left and right.

    This hotel makes sense for an area that will one day be the business heart of JC.

  6. This is awesome news! When family comes to visit us, it’s a great option to have accommodations nearby. So convenient!

  7. I don’t know. I’m thinking that the economic fall out from the Covid-19 crisis is only starting to be felt. Here in the same post are stories of the JSQ Zinburger not opening and the Van Reipen Ave. project being shelved.Time will tell.

  8. This is actually on the edge of the Bergen Square Historical district, so some new plans are probably in order.

    As businesses close in Journal Square, the funding for new construction will dry up. It will be years before this neighborhood achieves what you think is going to happen. There are at least 4 new buildings in the direct vicinity with various amounts of empty apartments. This used to be called the Rooming House district. Little of that has actually changed.

  9. You don’t plan for tomorrow, you plan for 20,30,40 years from now.

    They don’t call it the Journal Square 2060 plan for nothing.

    I’m amazed at the opposition about change. Journal Square has seen a lot of positive change over the last 30 years. Much of Jersey City would still be an industrial wasteland if the anti-change people had their way.

    Quality of life has greatly improved in the last decade.

  10. This never was an industrial wasteland. It was a low rise community of private houses.

    I’ve lived here on Bergen Square for 26 years. The quality of life has definitely gone down in the years since I arrived.


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