212-Unit Development Could Come to Newark’s Sussex Avenue, Receive Tax Abatement

103 119 Sussex Avenue Newark
Site of proposed development along Sussex Avenue in Newark’s Central Ward. Photo via Google Maps/Street View.

A block in Newark’s University Heights neighborhood where several developments have been constructed or proposed over the last few years could become the site of a mixed-use project with more than 200 apartments.

An ordinance that is being considered by the Newark Municipal Council states that a project with 196 “market rate rental units,” 16 “affordable housing rental units,” and 2,092 square feet each of commercial space and “community space” is planned for 103-109 and 111-119 Sussex Avenue in the Central Ward.

The ordinance, which would grant a 25-year tax abatement to developer Thomas-Carter Village Urban Renewal, LLC, passed on first reading after being introduced on April 7, according to a public notice. Final passage could be granted by councilmembers during the meeting on Wednesday, April 21, at 12:30 p.m.

As part of “the abatement on taxation on improvements,” the developer would reportedly be required to instead pay an annual service charge.

The properties include a parking lot and a five-story former industrial building, but the ordinance does not specify whether the development would make use of the existing structure.

This development is expected to include 66 parking spaces, according to the ordinance. Although there is no public transit service directly in front, Newark Broad Street Station, the Norfolk Street stop on the Newark Light Rail line, and a bus stop on Orange Street are each located within half a mile of the site.

These two tracts are located across the street from New Hope Baptist Church. Municipal tax filings list the church as the owner of 111-119 Sussex Avenue while New Hope Now Community Dev Corp is named as the owner of 103-109 Sussex Avenue.

Thomas-Carter Village Urban Renewal, LLC was incorporated more than two years ago out of Fort Lee, according to state business filings. The ordinance associates the company with the address of The Alpert Group, a Fort Lee-based development firm that has been involved in projects such as the Harvard Printing Apartments in Orange.

Note to readers: The dates that matters are scheduled to be discussed by the Newark Municipal Council and other governing bodies are subject to change.


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  1. The purpose of PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) agreements, is to stimulate development or incentivize developers to invest in areas that otherwise wouldn’t realize any improvements. This area of University Heights, as the introductory sentence to this post stated, is no stranger to development momentum: “…where several developments have been constructed or proposed over the last few years..”
    So, if the momentum and development interest already exist, why the need for a PILOT agreement? I posit that this incompetent, unethical Administration of charlatans, is poised to dole out a favor or two, to presumably politically-connected property owners.
    The post mentions that New Hope Baptist Church, or its affiliate, owns both properties in question. It would be one thing if the church endeavored to satisfy affordable housing demands in the area, and sought a PILOT as a way of making the development work. But this proposal has an abundance of market-rate apartments scheduled, meaning the church and/or its affiliate is seeking to make a profit.
    This area of University Heights doesn’t need artificial inducements, like PILOT agreements, to stimulate development, it’s happening organically. PILOT agreements also deprive the school system of badly needed funds, because these agreements relieve developers of their property tax obligations. School funding comes from property taxes in NJ. So while city coffers may see an increase in revenue, Newark’s schools miss out due to the PILOT terms.
    I would suggest the church pursues this development, with a PILOT agreement, in another area of the city that wouldn’t otherwise see interest from developers, or pay their fair share in taxes, at this location.

  2. Here here, I agree with the above mentioned^.
    Newark needs to stop giving away tax dollars.

    They also should keep the beautiful (but I need of serious repair) existing structure instead of replacing it with a multi colored, cookie cutter apartment building.

  3. I guess until critical mass is reached the city council and mayor’s office will keep doling out these long term tax abatements. I recall when Prudential was constructing Gateway 3 in the early eighties, they asked for and received a tax abatement for it! This is a company that makes millions of dollars in profits on a daily basis, worldwide. And the Newark Fire Department is using apparatus dating to the mid nineties, SMH. While Elizabeth, Paterson and Jersey City are all using up to date fire apparatus. In this issue of Jersey Digs this was the only Newark development, everything else was happening in JC. Newark has to get out of this ghetto centric, entitlement, poverty rut that the administration seems to revel in.

  4. In complete agreement with DeLuisi.

    to joke around, it seems project get built and Hoboken JC first, then approved.😂😂 but in my disappointing city of Newark, you see the same articles recycled on njdigs year after year. How many times am I going to read about Halo and vibe? Riverfront square is now dead. It was complete farce just to get the stadium demolished to increase the land value. Lotus had their project approved by the city of council so they can advertise what was possible on their land! Now the land has been purchased by May, which I believe it’s the same company that runs parking lots! And the cheap rendering / drawing s a complete embarrassment compared to what could have been! I’m starting to believe the jersey and Jersey digs stands for Jersey City. That’s where all the action is. Don’t be surprised if the owners of a Halo property and I’ll turn around and sell the property!


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