16-Unit Mixed-Use Project Proposed for Jersey City Corner

656 Grand Street Jersey City
656 Grand Street in Jersey City had long been home to a social club called Abre Latas. It could soon become home to a new five-story mixed-use project. Image via Google Maps/Street View.

A virtual hearing this month could determine whether a mixed-use building will be allowed to be constructed on a Jersey City corner.

The Jersey City Planning Board is scheduled to discuss a proposal for 656 and 658 Grand Street during a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, August 11 at 5:30 p.m. Marin Boulevard-based Mecca Realty Properties II, Inc., which owns the two properties at the corner of Grand and State Streets, is planning a five-story building on the premises.

656 Grand Street Jersey City Rendering
Rendering of the planned project. Image courtesy. of Architectura via the application.

The developer’s application shows that 16 residential units and 1,989 square feet of retail space are envisioned. A dozen units would contain one bedroom while the remaining four would include two bedrooms. Two of the units would be considered “affordable housing,” according to the application.

Site plans from Architectura also show that 284 square feet of “garden/outdoor amenity” space could come to the ground floor while 2,244 square feet would come to the roof.

Mecca Realty Properties II, Inc.’s proposal does not include parking. The site is half a mile away from the nearest light rail station, though the 81 bus to Exchange Place and Bayonne stops a few yards away.

The property at 656 Grand Street has contained a social club called Abre Latas over the years. The application describes the site’s use as “warehouse/garage” and notes that demolition is proposed. The neighboring lot of 658 Grand Street is an undeveloped parcel that has been used for parking.

Both parcels lie in the shadow of the old warehouse at 660 Grand Street, which has included a venue for local artists and has been the subject of two development proposals over the last three years.

Note to readers: The dates that applications are scheduled to be heard by the Jersey City Planning Board and other commissions are subject to change.



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  1. Would love to actually see a more realistic rendering of actual street, but still very exciting news since this sits next door to the 660 which is already in midst of construction.

  2. Fantastic news for the area, specially local businesses and helping transform the Junction to a retail hub rather than the current Junkie-tion

  3. First of all lets get the story straight this was the Home Abre Latas Social Club 656 grand st .since 1996 until Feb 2020 until that the owner wanted 1000.00 more of rent a month becoming 2800.00 a mt.And when he bought this property it was not a garage or warehouse he lie to city so he would only pay 4000.a yr in taxes any one can look it up is public record is nice to take from the poor for your own gain.The Abre latas serve this community since 1996 we couldnt afford that amount of rent he ask for..We had no other choice but to leave .But we.ask the.commissioners to postpone this decision until is investigated we have alot of senior homeowners who have lost there home because they couldn’t pay there taxes but people with $$$ can get away with anything. We paid all utilties including water he never wanted to fix or do repairs on building.We would raise money and ask for donations or supplies to repair this place. He states there will be 2 unit for low income of course he will say that cause then he qualifies for a tax abatement ON OUR count of the rest of tax payers that will be.paying them.Please check how many other properties.are put as warehouses or garages and that is not reporting rental income.he has been making more than 20000 from us and paying the city.4000.00yr. The rest went to his pocket.!!!!!

  4. This is the corner where ABRE LATA is located he is stating it’s a warehouse which is a lie he has never reported the rent he collected from them everything was paid by the renters. The things that had to be fixed was done by the renters, also this place was a place of family and friends that helped out its hispanic community in any which way possible it’s ashame that it has never been recognized as a such. The mayor should be ashamed of himself, I guess since it’s not a yuppie place it doesn’t need to be recognized as SUCH A BIG PART of the HISPANIC COMMUNITY. People let your voices be heard to the mayor and how disappointed you are of him that our Hispanic community is being chased out and pushed aside.

  5. Looks more like a hang out place.
    Do they wanted to pay Zero dollar for rent?omg
    The owner get to choose what is best for his investment, seems like a wise decision to me.

  6. Dear Mr Nork I guess you never took out the time to meet us or you must be new to the city.we never wanted free rent thats not what this article is about .is about this person cheating the city from paying the proper taxes and declaring that this property Was a warehouse so he can get away by paying less taxes .just like he did to all the tenants in 660 grand that after they paid rent for yrs were also kick out he never had the building register as apts and after these artist fix there units were taken out.but he also got away stating it was a warehouse for your information until the tenants reported him .most of us were born n raise in JC and we had alot of seminars n programs to educate the residents maybe you call it a.hangout but it was a place for seniors to play dominoes and have a place to have a meal never judge a book by the cover because some day we maybe serving you in a time in need.we are property owners while some of us struggle to pay our taxes other get away with with cheating the City.

  7. Looks like a garage or warehouse to me. Seems like some entitled people want a sweetheart deal because they deserve low cost or, preferably, free shit.


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