The Factory Will Soon Open Its Doors In Bergen-Lafayette

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For those that live in the Bergen-Lafayette area, many have noticed construction ongoing these last two years at 451 Communipaw, on the corner of Berry Lane, next to Berry Lane Park. In the big red building, there have been construction crews going in and out, permits in the window and other goings on. Now, finally, The Factory Restaurant and Bar will soon be opening!

Robert Paulino’s labor of love is finally coming to fruition. Mr. Paulino is a lifelong resident of the area and is the current committee member for that particular Lafayette section. He is also the owner of Mango’s on Linden Ave, giving him experience as a restauranteur/manager.

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He had had his eye on this abandoned former auto-parts warehouse for some time. Three years ago, he decided to make the leap and has been working on revamping and building out the interior. And within the next few weeks, he will finally be opening his doors to the good people of BeLa and Jersey City!

“I just wanted to have a restaurant that everybody in the neighborhood could come to and eat. There isn’t anything like that right around here,” Mr. Paulino explained for his reason to open Factory. “I like steak, so I wanted to have steak.” The restaurant will feature many steak and meat options as well as seafood and other fare as well. When asked about the costs of his plates, he responded, “I’m not trying to get rich. I’m going to have the best prices in town!” He also said that beers would be affordable at $5 each and up. There is also going to be an extensive wine list.

factory 451 communipaw bergen lafayette jersey city

For this particular writer, he had me at “brunch!” “We are going to have brunch here on the weekends, as well.” This area currently has no brunch options within walking distance, so I know that having this a few blocks away is going to make a lot of residents, both new and veterans, happy!

The inside boasts 20’ ceilings with all of the original brick- and beam-work kept. Robert brought in a master metalworker to create dozens of intricate swirls, decorations, doors and artwork to give the place a “Classic Industrial” look.

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There is one large main floor broken into two large rooms. There’s an upstairs loft-style area with more seating as well. There are also going to be TWO outside areas! The first will be right on the corner of Communipaw and Berry Lane, right by the entrance. The other will be out back (where the iron works company used to be) where there will be a tiki bar, you can smoke cigars and eat.

And to assuage the ire of our more delicate residents, Mr. Paulino assures me that it will never be his intention to clear out the tables and turn it into a club late at night. He simply wants to create a family restaurant, with good food at good prices, where friends can drop by after work or come after their tennis match in Berry Lane Park.

factory 451 communipaw jersey city

The opening is slated for the first or second week of June. We’ll keep you posted on opening day celebrations, and in the meantime, more info can be found by visiting their site here.


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  1. bela? sigh. got some b at the F on sunday bro, then went over to blp and played some t. i’m sure the folks in the hood will love this affordable place.

  2. I hope you have armed guards to walk you customers to their cars. The boys in the hood will have a field day.good luck.

  3. The website is not working and there is no phone number listed. Is there a way to find out when it is actually opening?

  4. It’s interesting to read these seemingly negative comments about the obvious gentrified focused upgrades in the area. Its almost as obvious that we are all not well informed on other structures of the same significance within the same radius of the community, which clearly outlines a well planned revitalization process as it was in Soho, Clinton Hill and other areas which faced similar challenges early in their evolutionary phases.

    BeLa? Why not? The community situated south of Houston street in NY wasn’t always colloquially known as Soho nor was the industrialized ports on the waterfront in Brooklyn called Dumbo, the same goes for Noho or Weho in Los Angeles, California.

    It’s quite sad that some of us are quick to speak, yet slow to read.

  5. God bless you Mr. Paulino..I know the decision wasn’t easy however very smart. We have been waiting to spend our money in our community. Thank you so much for choosing to serve your community and bringing a breath of fresh air to Jersey City. My husband and I would love to support on your opening day. Mrs. Melanie Smith

  6. This place needs to be shut down… nasty ass food… and the workers also… bathroom no good at all… shut this place down…

  7. I am upset with the staff at the Factory. I certainly hope that I can meet With Mr Robert Pauline. This is a criminal matter that must be addressed.
    I feel that my kindness has been abused, and I am certainly not happy about that! Mr. Pauline, it is imperative that you contact me about this matter. If not, an appointment would suffice. Date of attendance at the Factory 11/19/17 Wedding Cocktail for Steven & Brook Royster.


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