Seabra Foods to Open Flagship Store in Newark’s Ferry Plaza

281 Ferry Street Ferry Plaza Newark
Site of future Seabra Foods, 281 Ferry Street, Ferry Plaza, Newark. Image via UBP.

The largest retail space in the Ironbound section of Newark’s East Ward will soon be occupied again.

Seabra Foods will open a location within the Ferry Plaza at 281 Ferry Street, according to a listing from Greenwich, Connecticut-based Urstadt Biddle Properties (UBP). The 63,433- square-foot space was previously occupied by an Acme supermarket, which shut its doors in 2017 after being open for less than two years. Before that, a Pathmark location operated in the plaza, but the supermarket closed when The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company filed for bankruptcy.

Although Seabra Foods is headquartered in Newark and is an affiliate of the city’s Seabra Group, it has locations throughout the east coast, including in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Florida. There are already three stores in the Ironbound along with markets in Harrison, Kearny, and Hillside. The chain specializes in international foods from countries such as Portugal, Brazil, and Spain.

According to a statement from UBP, Seabra’s newest location will be the company’s flagship store and will also include a wholesale club. It is expected to open its doors by the end of 2018.

“Acme struggled to merchandise the store in a manner that met the preferences of the local community, so we reached an agreement with Acme for an early termination of its lease and re-leased the store to Seabra,” UBP said in the statement.

The opening of this Seabra Foods location comes as other supermarkets throughout Newark have opened and closed recently. While Whole Foods Market opened last year on Broad Street and ShopRite opened on Springfield Avenue in 2015, a Key Food location farther west on Springfield Avenue lasted less than a year and closed at the beginning of 2014. The space now contains a Save-A-Lot. Meanwhile, at the corner of South Orange Avenue and Bergen Street, the former Pathmark space is expected to be converted into an LA Fitness gym.


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  1. A new business is always preferred, over a vacant commercial space. Particularly when it serves a purpose for the neighborhood it’s in. It will provide access to fresh food, offer a new buying club and provide employment opportunities for neighborhood residents.
    A win for Newark all around!

  2. I agree with Kim a Shoprite would be key there !!
    they have actually just redone there seabras around the corner on Wilson not too long ago but then again if they take over that location the eliminate any competition & basically monopolize the eastward lol

  3. This totally sucks. The dirty deals that went on to get Seabra’s this property is unbelievable. This goes to show that the politicians in Newark do not care about the residents of the Ironbound section at all and I hope they choke on the money they took to agree to this deal. Yes I am saying that this was a money deal for the Mayor and not the first one. Let’s face it, Seabra’s could not let a ShopRite move it, because they knew they couldn’t handle the competition and they would lose business. And again the Ironbound who supports the City of Newark gets the shaft again.


  5. Shop rite is not better..Kearny shop rite is a dumpster fire..dirty as can be..Seabra’s relates to the community and brings products what family are missing from home…if shop rite wanted the building they could of had for many years ..good for the community and Newark as it continues to grow..Seabra’s has been in the ironbound for 40 years and isn’t going anywhere

  6. What is the benefit of having yet another seabra in the ironbound? We already have five of them! All sell the same things. They have some international food items but are not diversified. All the other products are overpriced when compared to others like Shoprite.
    Seabra has now been consolidated into an Ironbound supermarket monopoly. The deal very fishy to say the least.

  7. I live in Union and the Shoprite is only good when there is a sale going on , they are too expensive for my Family of 5. If Acme and Pathmark couldn’t make it in the Ironbound on Newark what makes anyone think Shoprite can? The Seabra Group has given the immigrant community jobs and their ethnic foods that is why the thrive in Newark. They do well in other communities too, but the have closed stores where they can thrive like Roselle. It’s all in the marketing , supply and demand. Bottomline. That is why corporate companies do the market studies. I wish the Seabra Group all the luck, they are a hard working Family that as entrepreneurs made it work. Cheers to you all.

  8. People. You have to visit the new Seabra’s store in Ferry St. Totally renewed, extremely clean and with a lot of choices. One of the best stores in that area. Go there, and get your own conclusions.

  9. People. You have to visit the new Seabra’s store in Ferry St. Totally renewed, extremely clean and with a lot of choices. One of the best stores in that area. Go there, and get your own conclusions.


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