Hoboken Hotspot to Replace Rainbow on Newark Avenue


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After hearing rumors for awhile, we finally have confirmation. It looks like the Rainbow clothing store at 145 Newark Avenue will be closing. The space won’t remain vacant for long, though, as the proprietors of Hoboken hotspot 1 Republik will be taking over the space.

A corporation going by the name 145 Restaurant Inc won approval to transfer a liquor license to the location. According to records, the new establishment will be doing business as 1 Republik/26 Below. It’s possible they are opening a new concept called 26 Below instead of another 1 Republik outpost.

1 republik 26 below jersey city hoboken
1 Republik, Hoboken | via Facebook

1 Republik currently has two locations, one in Hoboken and the other in North Arlington. The popular sports bar is a well-known destination for sporting events. They serve gastropub style food and have a wide selection of craft beers.

One of the owners of 1 Republik, Kenneth Caulfield, also owns Tonic East on 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. Last May, Caulfield opened another restaurant/bar in the East Village called Bar Akuda. According to EV Grieve, the establishment rebranded as The Grayson less than a month later.

No timeline could be determined for Rainbow’s closing or when the new Jersey City spot will open.

This news makes you wonder, is Jersey City becoming an extension of Hoboken? With the Pilsener Haus guys taking over the old Powerhouse Lounge space and now 1 Republik, it’s starting to look that way.

Attempts to reach 1 Republik for comment went unanswered. We’ll update the post if we hear more.

[gmap height=”250px”]143 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302[/gmap]

145 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302


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  1. I think it’s good news. Rainbow didn’t fit in that space any more. Much better for it to be a restaurant/bar. Will attract more people

  2. I don’t see a problem with these editions. Downtown will never be Hoboken’s extension, because it’s already proven to be a way superior kind of place… much nicer vibe. and not nearly so frat-ish.

  3. It’s great that downtown JC is thriving. I’m of a certain age that new sports bars don’t thrill me but I do get it that they attract wealthy millennials. I’m very glad that the new condo I purchased 10 years ago has increased in price and I’m very grateful to be able to retain my home in Central Jersey, just like the wealthy real estate developers do that pretend to be Jersey City residents. It’s all good.

  4. boo.. this place is atrocious and a sad addition to the vibe jersey city has. Their food is as abysmal as the atmosphere. Jersey city.. wtf who approved this?

  5. Noooooooooo residents who’ve lived here for more than 5 minutes don’t need more places for hobroken yuppie frat boy BS! SO gross. And plenty of people who can’t afford fancy clothes shop at rainbow. Downtown is changing only to benefit rich white a holes.

  6. Keeping everything HoBROken out of JC. Keep the annoying 20-25 year olds in Hoboken, keep JC the cool place it turned to. But I guess this is what happens when all the artists, hipster, and gay population move in and fix a place until they get priced out and all the white yuppy families move in. So overtime I can see downtown turning into an extension of Hoboken. But hey, we’ll take those hipsters, artists, and gay community in Bergen Lafayette! Thanks downtown for pricing them out!!

    • No, not all gay couples believe in this. I’m one! ( well, half of a gay couple ). I love JC and I love our 10 year old condo that we bought new. I really don’t partake in the new JC businesses around Newark Ave. We do all of our shopping and eating out around our home in Central Jersey or in Manhattan. I mean, good luck to all of these places and such. But they come and go, come and go. We’re not into the overly pretentious ‘ scene ‘ that JC has become at all.

      • I think that the original poster meant that you guys are part of what contributes to the positive elements of gentrification. I agree. DTJC was so great five years ago when it was a laid back haven for creatives, the gay crowd, and anyone who didn’t want to deal with the testosterone-driven BS that hoboken has to offer every weekend.

        (pass a memo to the DTJC gay community: MOVE TO THE HEIGHTS. we need you guys here.)

        • Thanks Danny that was exactly my point. I also have a summer house in Asbury Park, which you can say IStar the developer has done a lot to change and I would never want to discount their work. But I give more credit to the gay community that moved there and started the revitalization by buying up houses and fixing them which lead to the hipster movement that brought the cool bars and restaurants.

          But the same thing is starting to happen there. Now all the wealthy crowds are hearing about it and the town is slowly changing. Every weekend I hear of a new Hoboken family looking to buy and overtime they will suck all the soul out of the place as they have proven to do over time. Sadly there is no way to stop it, money talks. So just have to get in early, enjoy revitalization period then move onto the next town once the yuppies take over.

  7. …………the Hoboken 1Republik attracts the worst type of people, and now they’re going to flood downtown as well. Yet another place is going to flex the classic, nonsensical, draconian no hat/boots/shorts door rule to ensure that only superficial douches can have fun downtown. As if Porta wasn’t bad enough.

  8. It’s probably going to adapt to the Jersey City crowd, not the other way around. Those guys are good at what they do. They know that their bar won’t get masses of people to come to Jersey City alone. They want the masses already living in Jersey City to want to go to their bar. And we will!! 🙂

  9. Wonderful. Let’s continue to cheer douche parade and its sea of f*ckboys on their journey from hoboken to jc. more beer swilling obnoxious jerk offs screaming at 200″ televisions because “their” team isn’t sportsballing hard enough. how original.


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