Penthouse Restaurant Coming to Hoboken’s Riverview Historical Plaza

New River Street Restaurant Hoboken Riverview Historical Plaza Exterior
Riverview Historical Plaza, Hoboken. Photo by Chris Fry/Jersey Digs.

The ownership group behind one of Hoboken’s biggest dining revelations of 2017 is poised to make another big splash this year, as approvals have just been granted for a rooftop restaurant that hopes to bring some culinary diversity to a spot just a stone’s throw away from the city’s PATH station.

At last week’s Planning Board meeting, the green light was given to revamp a penthouse office space at 33-41 Newark Street. The building, known as Riverview Historical Plaza, contains mostly retail tenants and offices, but the property’s top floor, which was constructed around 2003, will soon be transformed into an as yet unnamed rooftop dining experience courtesy of the restaurateurs behind Antique Bar & Bakery.

For those unfamiliar, Antique Bakery had been around for decades and was well-known to locals as a relatively no-frills operation sporting some of the best bread around. Last year, the business at 122 Willow Avenue was revamped into Antique Bar & Bakery and now features local farm-to-table food prepared using classic Italian and French techniques.

The restaurant opened to rave reviews and is run by Executive Chef Paul Gerard, formerly of SoHo House in Manhattan. Antique Bar & Bakery has a menu that changes seasonally and serves chicken, fish, steak, and pasta dishes that are all baked in the building’s 100-year-old, custom-built, coal-fired oven.

Chef Gerard will be moving over to the Newark Street location when the latest endeavor opens, and the new restaurant aims to bring something different to the scene near Hoboken Terminal. Infamous for its concentration of bars and the occasional “Something-con” that locals either love or hate, owner Joseph Castelo told the city’s Planning Board the group’s upcoming restaurant will have no TVs, no loud music, and won’t come anywhere close to a nightclub vibe.

“There’s enough of that in the marketplace, so we are offering a different experience,” Castelo told the board. “We are opening a place for grownups that can have a good meal in an environment that is not too boisterous.”

The space itself has been completely revamped by local architecture firm Minervini Vandermark and will feature an indoor dining area with a brand-new kitchen and seating for just under 40. An existing glass handrail on the roof deck will be replaced with a planter border around the perimeter, providing a buffer for guests to enjoy cocktails and drinks at the outdoor space of almost 1,000 sq. ft.

The Riverview Historical Plaza is just a block from the Hudson River and features some great NYC views, but the food at the upcoming restaurant will be the star. Castelo promises a true restaurant feel that’s food driven, and the eatery will embrace a small plates concept. They will also utilize the property as event space when called for, an amenity that is somewhat lacking in Hoboken. No timeline has been announced yet for the project’s opening.

The restaurant, located in an area where there’s a watering hole seemingly every few feet, is made possible partially due to an overhaul of the city’s liquor license laws. Hoboken’s City Council repealed and modified their “500-foot rule” last year, which had previously barred any establishment from having a liquor license within 500 feet of another business that had one. Instead, the new rules cap the amount of liquor licenses allowed within certain zones, but don’t place any restrictions on how close together they can be.


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  1. That’s great news. We need to entice more great chefs to come to Hoboken, because I can assure you that the demand is there! With the rapidly changing demographics in the area, most people that live in Hoboken either lived or work/worked in Manhattan and are used to a certain quality of dining experience that Hoboken has not been able to keep up with. As the new mayor clamps down on the bro bars and the affects of repealing the 500ft rule really come into play, Hoboken will be a true destination.

    • How exactly does one clamp down on “bro bars”? You can’t exactly stop a certain type of clientele from frequenting certain establishments unless you overhaul the establishments themselves. I assure this mayor does not have the power or means to change the way the inside of these bars operates or what experiences they offer to their clients.

      He should perhaps focus his efforts of the city’s infrastructure and parking issues…

        • Still can’t change who’s inside the bar…just saying, this helps police the streets but it certainly doesn’t stop people from frequenting the inside of a bar. This may clean up street activity but it won’t stop the bars from being attractive to people in their 20’s or “bros”

          • Not interested in getting into an argument on semantics with you. I think the landscape in Hoboken is changing. I think that certain rules and regulations will be strictly enforced and it will hurt the “bro bars” that are showing a lack of interest in public health and safety that was clearly showcased at the most recent Santacon in Dec. I’m not saying that we need to change who is inside of these bars, i’m just hoping that there will be less of these bars that cater to these so called bros!

  2. Hope the concept plan actually works and continues more than a year or so. If not the change in zoning opens the door to yet another loud nightclub in an already crowded area. Any NYC views from this location will be blocked whatever hotel design is approved for the Post Office parking lot development across the street.

  3. Excellent news, glad to see Hoboken getting a new destination that doesn’t involve beer pong and keg stands. Antique Bar and Bakery is slowly changing the scene and hope more will follow! Good to see the town slowly growing up!

    Now if we can only get rid of santa-con and St Patties debacles.


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