The Oldest Existing Ellis Island Ferry Could Be Your Trendy New Digs!


ellis island ferry for sale hoboken house boat

If you’ve completely had it with city life but still aren’t quite ready to break-up with NYC (AND you have a couple million dollars lying around), we’re thrilled to tell you that you have one more option. The oldest existing Ellis Island Ferry, which recently spent time docked in Hoboken before a dispute forced it to move along, is now a houseboat that can now be yours for $1.25 million. It’s ridiculous looking, but the restoration job is quite impressive and earns points for originality.

ellis island ferry for sale hoboken fireplace

For example, in keeping with the marine theme, dock rope is used as drapes. Also, much of the original wood floors and wood ceiling beams are still intact. And there’s certainly no shortage of deck space, which wraps around facing the Manhattan skyline. Bed space is creatively sprinkled throughout, including one sexy bed area right behind the steering wheel.

ellis island ferry for sale hoboken dining

ellis island ferry for sale hoboken living

The MacKenzie-Childs Yankee Ferry (rolls right off the tongue!) takes its name from its recent owners, Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs, who bought the boat in 2003 and are responsible for the bulk of its transition into a residence. It was built in 1907 and served in both World Wars. In between the two, however, it was acquired by the US Immigration services to be used at Ellis Island from 1921 until 1929. Then it changed careers and became a tour boat, until 1990 when it was purchased by a private owner who began the restoration.

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ellis island ferry for sale hoboken bedroom

The living space is large and sprawling, containing the original wooden benches that would make hosting company a real riot. The kitchen is minimal, with just a small stovetop, sink, and microwave. The master bedroom has its own ceiling mural, while much of the walls are adorned with nautical paraphernalia.

ellis island ferry for sale hoboken utility

So if you’re having a massive midlife crisis, or are simply looking to reenact twisted romantic fantasies inspired by the movie Titanic, this ferry turned houseboat could be perfect for you!

Listing: MacKenzie-Childs Yankee Ferry
Price: $1.25 million
Agent/Broker: Michael R. Franklin / Franklin Ruttan

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