With Development Everywhere, Harrison Is Ready for Its Closeup

Harrison Riverbend District Newark Skyline
Harrison Riverbend District. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

The numerous residential complexes that have been rising around the Harrison PATH station, whose state-of-the-art redevelopment was completed in June of this year, have created entire new communities. Forged in a formerly industrial area and buoyed by views of the New York skyline and the Passaic River, luxury complexes like One Harrison, with its 257 apartments, and Cobalt Lofts, with 280 apartments and duplex lofts, are thriving. And with the walkability of the Riverbend District in which many of the new buildings are located, the area has caught the attention of The New York Times.

Historic Bank Building Harrison Nj
Historic bank building, Harrison. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

On October 23, The Times showed some love to the 1.2-square-mile city between Jersey City and Newark, giving it ink in an article entitled, “Harrison, N.J.: The next Hoboken?”
While it did take Hoboken (also a square mile) many years to become the current Hoboken — attracting and keeping a mix of young professionals and growing families to join its born-and-raised residents — does Harrison have similar potential, albeit with more parking?

New Harrison Nj Path Train Station
Completely redeveloped Harrison PATH train station. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.
Red Bull Arena Harrison Nj
Red Bull Arena. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

The Times quotes a mix of new Harrison residents, including advertising executive Steve Defontes, 45, who commutes by PATH to Manhattan. He moved into a one-bedroom apartment near the train station in December and says he’s paying half what he’d pay for a building with similar amenities in Manhattan. “My street is tree-lined, and it’s so nice and quiet. I’m not sure if a lot of people have caught on to it yet that this is a really good place to live,” he says.

Downtown Harrison Nj
Downtown Harrison. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

The story also quotes Arvind Garg, 38, a financial data analyst who works in New York. He and his wife bought a newly built two-family home in 2017 for $630,000. Now, they have a two-year-old daughter.

West Hudson County Trust Company Harrison
Historical architecture spotted, The West Hudson County Trust Company, Harrison. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

“It’s a nice community,” Garg says. “It’s closer to the city and my work [than his previous home in New Brunswick] and there’s plenty of parking.”

Harrison Public Library
Harrison Public Library. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

The story notes that (like Hoboken, Jersey City, and Newark) Harrison is one of 31 school districts in the state with publicly funded pre-school. It also notes the 20-minute PATH train ride to Manhattan.

Drone Photo Harrison New Jersey
Harrison, New Jersey. Photo by Darrell Simmons/Jersey Digs.

To read the rest of The Times story, click here.

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  1. >does Harrison have similar potential, albeit with more parking?

    theres barely parking now and they keep building more condos. Traffic is already insane in this town. Takes you 20 minutes to go a mile. Greedy people in power that led to this that dont care about those already in town.

  2. Where do these people live that there is no traffic and plenty of parking in Harrison? Talk about a fluff piece. Getting out of the Riverbend district to get into Kearny for shopping or gym can take 15-20 minutes just to move a mile or so.

    And where exactly are you walking to in the Riverbend district? It’s all massive apartment complexes with empty streets and no character.

    Don’t forget the abandoned Harrison Yards project sitting next to the unfinished train station.

    • You are right, it takes me 15 minutes to get out of my driveway in the morning. I’ve lived here all my life in that part of town , while they are building beautiful places to live, the only way to get around is to walk, and there isn’t much to do here yet, just eat & drink.

  3. Here is the problem with Harrison. The people bitch and moan, even in the face of this tremendous growth. Be happy, smile, the town looks better than ever.


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